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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 4G $649 Delivered @ Amazon AU


S20fe 4g edition for $649 delivered on Amazon. That's 24% off.

Note: This looks like Exynos edition. If wanting a Snapdragon, the Harvey Norman deal in the comments is definitely Snapdragon.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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      That's $100 off another purchase, so the phone is $698.

      • Sell the gift card on classified at 5% off, still cheaper than Amazon :)

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          Hardley normal not favoured here, may be hard to offload

        • +2

          Having to resell something to get a better deal doesn't count mate.

          • +4

            @Jenny Jingle: Even if you don't resell it, the HVN deal appears better (I cannot believe I am saying something positive about HVN).

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    128gb & Mint Green only for those wondering

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      Its Snapdragon

      • +2

        4g version is Exynos. 5g is Snapdragon.

        • There are 2 edition of 4g. 2021 edition would have snap. Not sure if this one is the 2021 though.

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    Feel like this phone is $150 too expensive, given the age and lack of 5G.

    • +1

      Exactly. I wish it were the 5g version. I need a spare S20 FE as I'm not ever buying samsung due to lack of sd card slot from herein.

    • Any good alternatives in the Samsung range?

      • +2

        Oppo find x2 pro outspecs it and often goes for around the $700 price point.

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    Sorry but this is not a good deal, needs to be at least $150-200 less to be compelling considering this is an old model with 4G.

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      Sure, come back next year to check this deal again.

  • Great phone in 2020. Overpriced massively- esp with no 5G.

    Loved it but updated mine (5G) already and it sits sadly as a spare only … A sad end for a great phone :-(

  • Um I got this phone for about that price when it first came out

    • -1

      So? How's that a reason for a neg?

      • +5

        Not a good deal

      • +3

        Because that would be 18mths ago.

        Even worse 18mths ago, I paid $70 more for the 5g version. This is way overpriced for a 18-24mth old phone.

  • I am still happy with my old S10 5G and its battery lasts nearly 2 days. Satisfactory performance too. Samsung makes great phones.

  • 2 year old phone. Just in regards to updates. Samsung only does what 3 now?

  • +1

    This should be the actual spec list of this phone,, in case anyone's interested. Not an amazing price, but the phone will still perform day-to-day tasks just fine. It's not obsolete by any means.

  • +2

    I got the 5G version of this phone when it first came out (about 2 years ago).
    I paid about $600 on one of those JB Telstra plan deals - sign up to a 12 month plan and cancel immediately.

    The phone is still going strong, battery lasts a full day.

  • I have the 5G version of this phone purchased about 18 months ago.

    No complaints - the phone still feels snappy, battery life is decent, and security updates have been good. Going from Android 11 - 12 was hassle-free.

    There should be one more version of Android and another 3 years of security updates.

    The feature set is still decent but I would seriously consider something else at this point in the phone's life.

    The price is also not the best - My partner picked up the 4G/Snapdragon phone for about $600 a year ago.

    • So.did.I, but I only paid $720 direct from Samsung. Not sure how this is a deal. It should be sub $500 by now

  • +2

    Mandatory reminder that this phone does not have a proximity sensor so you might accidentally press buttons or even hang up while calling or with the phone in your pocket.

  • Museum object! Maybe G.H. buys them all as his customers prefer legacy?

  • Is the 5G version a Dual SIM?

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