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[PS5, PS4, XSX] Oddworld: Soulstorm Game (Including Day One Editions for XSX & PS5) $39 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Game is on special for $39.00 including the day one editions for XSX & PS5.
This is my first post so don't get to angry if i have done something wrong or repeated this deal.

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    Great first post, thanks for sharing though it has been this price for quite a while.

    Same on Amazon for past couple weeks: https://www.amazon.com.au/Oddworld-Soulstorm-Day-One-PlaySta...

  • nice find. but day one still available means not selling well?

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      It was free on launch for PS+ users and only recently rolled out to other platforms, coupled with being a quite polarising title that not many will enjoy, I don't expect it's sold well at all.

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      Prolly more to do with the fact that this was a free game on PS Plus last year

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      Oddworld was not a huge franchise. Day one editions only came out for XSX & PS5 consoles. So i just thought with the new consoles being more available someone might be interested in this as i was. I did have to get my local store to transfer a copy as they had none.

  • Stack with the perks deal if you haven't already used it for something else.

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    As someone who absolutely loved the Oddworld Abe titles on PS1, this game seemed to just felt like it missed the mark a fair bit back when it released on PS+. Doesn't really seem worthwhile to me at the $39 price point, but maybe they have fine tuned the gameplay with updates since then and made it a little more exciting to play.

    • Seems to be the state of a lot of games these days unfortunately.

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    Same price that EB Games had in black friday 2021, including the special steelbook edition.

    Just saying.

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    this game sucked, and I was hyped for release and got it on launch. I loved the original Abe games and I played this for like 3 hours before I gave up on it. even the physics aren't consistent, the most basic of requirements for a physics based platforming puzzle game. you can try to solve a room one way and then the next time it simply doesn't work that way anymore. after like the third puzzle like this I quit, if you can't gradually reach the solution through trial and error why even bother?

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