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[NSW, ACT, VIC] 25% off Steelcase Gesture, Series 1, Think Ergonomic Office Chairs + Delivery ($0 SYD/MEL C&C) @ Steelcase


May Madness Is Coming Soon!

Enjoy discounts of 25% or more on our top selling ergonomic chairs and home office furniture. Don't miss the chance to shop our biggest sale since Black Friday. Sign up now for early access to the sale as well as additional discounts on a few special items.

Campaign Mechanics:
Early Access Sale: 15.05.2022 (Starts From 00:00 Local Time)
Register at the Link+ get early access to our May Madness discounts plus exclusive offers up to 30% off.

May Madness Sale (25% Off Gesture, Series 1, + Think): 16.05.2022 to 22.05.2022
Steelcase Gesture: Was $1,441+, Now $1,081+
Steelcase Think: Was $941+, Now $706+
Steelcase Series 1: Was $609, Now $457+

May Madness Extension (20% Off Storewide): 23.05.2022 to 29.05.2022


Click + Collect From Our Sydney/Melbourne Warehouse- Free
Metro Sydney/Melbourne White Glove Service- $105-197
Self-Assembled Delivery To NSW, VIC, and ACT- $199
Delivery outside NSW/VIC/ACT requires custom quote for the time being, unfortunately. Please reach out to our customer service with the exact item you wish to order as well as delivery address for more info.

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  • Anything with a head rest and mesh seat?

    • We don't currently offer mesh seat options, only mesh back on Series 1, Series 2, and Think. That will change this X-mas season with our brand new Karman chair, though:

      • Hi Steelcase, are you allowed to share what the pricing we are looking at for these newer chairs, dont want to miss out if i get another.

        • +2

          The exact pricing has not yet been finalized but it will be on the high end of what we offer.

      • Interesting, is Karman meant to be a replacement/new model of the Leap?

  • Are you supposed to receive an email after registering? I’ve tried entering my email several times but haven’t received anything. Also, does this include the Leap office chair?

    • +1

      No, it should show a confirmation message that you are registered, though. The email will come with the special code just before midnight on Saturday.

      Regarding Leap, that will be included in the week 2 20% off storewide.

  • Is the leap included in this offer?

  • Tried registering twice, nothing happens.

    • Can you PM your email address so I can check if it registered?

  • Just wanted to confirm that the deal applies to the "with arms + with headrest" options as well?

  • 25% off gesture with arms is about $1237. About $50 more than same sale last year, but that's not bad considering worldflation.

    I think my secondhand Leap v1 has just about hit its fart absorption limit.

  • Is this from stock or from China?

    • This is stocked in Australia in our Sydney + Melbourne warehouses.

  • +1

    Is the think chair v1 or v2?

    • Both Think + Leap are v2 models. On our store we only sell the v2, because v1 have been out of production for quite some time.

  • Is there any way I can customise the colour, or it is only limited to black, grey and leather for Leap v2?

    • +1

      We don't currently offer customization options for end-consumers in AU, as our ecommerce operation is still quite new, though we are looking to expand our options in the coming months, (in fact the Leather option is brand new for us and just launched last month). This is because our factories are located overseas and chairs need to be shipped via ocean freight. As such, it can take many months between when an order is made to when it is delivered and ready for customers, especially during the current supply-chain crisis. Everything we sell is stocked in Australia to try and minimize any lead time disruptions.

      • Is there a price error or something..grey Leap is over $100 more expensive than black? Is there any difference apart from colour?

        • The platinum frame option is an upcharge over the black frame option.

          • @SteelcaseAustralia: Thanks, is there a different option for shipping? Finding it's hard to justify paying $200 for shipping. I don't mind waiting..

  • I live in Metro Sydney(postcode 2000), but none of the white glove service are available for series 1, series 2, think, and leap.

    • I just did a test on Series 1 and it let me add in. If you are still having problems can you message [email protected] with your exact address and item you are trying to order and we can test it out. Sometimes there are issues if the address is formatted incorrectly, but those should be rare.

      • Will you have Steelcase think with armrest + headrest during this promotion?

        • The headrests were just ordered and unfortunately won't be in market for a few months. However, we are planning to sell the headrests as standalone items once they become available.

  • gesture, leap or aeron? 165 tall, 50kg?

    • What for?

      But you probably want a Leap.

      • i guess im asking for, review of the slightly smaller “built” people, what their experience is - esp if sitting on it for 8+ hrs a day
        but understand its subjective

  • Is there a guide for maximum weight limit on the chairs? E.g. i'm 190cm tall and 120kg and need a solid build chair. Would Series 1 be ok? Otherwise what would you recommend?

    • +1

      Not sure if Series 1 is capable with a big person but Series 1 have different build quality with other steelcase chair in my opinion. It definitely feels cheaper. Best way is to go to their showroom and try it for yourself.

  • Where can we find the package dimension details for the chair? considering picking it up.

    • +1

      We typically assemble the chairs for you when picked up, so you can take the dimensions from the tech specs on the product pages.

  • Are we supposed to have received the code yet for early access?

    • Sorry, scheduling mix up. It's coming in a couple minutes.

  • Will there be any gesture headrest options available for Melbourne or not (excluding the upholstered version)? I'd like to get a headrest option but if it isn't available I'd settle without vs missing out on this sale altogether - wish a pre order option was available.

    • +1

      Leather w/headrest in stock in both regions. Also we should be allowing delivery from Sydney to Melbourne using the "Standard Shipping" option now. The fabric options are supposed to come in shortly, but we need to wait until Monday to speak with our logistics providers for an updated date.

      • Great, wasn't working before but appears to be.

        Is there any concern with the self assemble and warranty? Pretty sure it's a simple thing but seem to recall it being mentioned that by doing self assemble it can void the warranty?

        • We would still support warranty on any product we send out to customer, however if you damaged the product by installing it improperly or making unauthorized modifications to it that would void the warranty. Additionally, there are some products (Think and our desks), that can only be assembled by installers at the moment, and we disable that shipping option for those products.

      • is it real animal leather or synthetic?
        and is the new black henry and the brown one for the gesture both fabric?

        • Leather is real leather. New Black Henry and Medley Grey Brown are both fabric.

  • What is the return policy when we buy online?

    • +1

      Beware of Steelcase and any refund/warranty claims. I purchased online and regret my purchase based on my experience dealing with customer support. I had to deal with customer service referring terms which were not in their own warranty, and I had to threaten ACCC action and the stress this had caused me to get any serious response.

      If you go to a showroom, worth asking if you have to deal with Steelcase online support, or can just go straight to the showroom for issues.

      • I wonder if Steelcase here is part of the head company or some other third party who obtained the rights to distribute in Australia…would explain the bad service

        • Their customer support is definitely offshore, respond at odd hours compared to Australia time. They also contract their repair services out to a third party (who do repairs on Fridays only, at least that was the case in Melbourne). So seems like they send these contractors parts with instructions on how to repair their chairs.

          • @Nighteyes: Really sounds like Steelcase in Australia is an unrelated company that has purchased the rights to distribute in Australia then. Let's see if the rep comments on this…

            • @Sammyboy: We have a central CS team that coordinates with our local (Steelcase AU) team in Australia. We also have 2 3rd party logistics providers we need to work with to handle warehousing and installation. Unfortunately a lot of those processes are still quite manual as they were built to handle our core B2B business and not a B2C environment which makes things move a lot slower than we would like. The global supply chain issues of the past few years have certainly not helped. It is getting better, and we have invested a lot into expanding and improving our ecommerce presence in Australia, but there have certainly been cases, (as with most businesses), where we have dropped the ball. All we can do is continue to evolve and get better.

  • Do you sell arms and/or headrest separately? I can source a secondhand Think cheap without both.

    • +1

      You would need to contact our customer service for a custom quote on that and lead times would likely be quite long, as we don't normally keep both of those on hand.

  • Hi OP - Any idea if the series 1 or think has Tilt Lock (fixed back recline at specific angle) functionality?
    Seems gesture does? but can't find a lot of info online on the other chairs..

    • Hi, both Series 1 and Think have a comfort dial that allows you to adjust the tension on the back, but don't lock in place.

  • Hi Op - Will Series 2 be on sale during these sales?

    • +1

      In the 2nd week during our 20% off storewide promo, starting 5/23. Please note that we due to overseas shipping delays we will likely only have a limited number of Series 2 available for that promotion, limited to the New Black Henry variants.

      • Will existing models continue to be on sale in week 2

        • It will be 20% off storewide, so they will be on sale, but not at the same rates.

  • Hi OP,

    What is the main difference between Series 2 and Think. Please help me to buy the right one.

    • +1

      Think chair's back feels more soft since it's a mesh finish, and the padding on the seat is a bit thicker (though also firmer). Think has 1 additional comfort dial setting compared with Series 2 for adjusting back tension. From a sustainability standpoint, Think is 95% recyclable and uses up to 28% recycled materials. It is also a bit larger than Series 2.

      Series 2 Chair's back feel a bit firmer, which some people find more supportive. We also currently sell Series 2 with a headrest option, which we don't (yet) have for Think in Australia.

  • Just as an FYI, if you're in WA the quoted postage was $425 for a flat-packed gesture with self assembly so these deals are really only applicable to the eastern states market.

    • I'm probably looking at similar cost then.. I'm in the NT and we don't have a dealer for Steelcase up here.

  • Can't pickup in NSW, shipping for me is $200 …

  • I'm located in NT and want to get one. Do the chairs come assembled or flat packed? I'm reading conflicting information.

    • In Sydney/Melbourne using self pick-up or White Glove local delivery they come pre-assembled, but if we need to ship to NT it would be flat packed.

      • I happen to work in an industry where we have regular freight deliveries from Melbourne so I can get it sent up with our usual freight. If it was delivered locally in Melbourne via standard delivery is it still pre-assembled? Any chance you can share the dimensions so I can work out the freight cost?

        • We don't have a box for it to ship fully assembled in AU at this time, so it would be flat packed. Depending on where it needs to be dropped off though we can potentially deliver it via the local installers in the flat pack in the box. Can you send an email to [email protected] with both the exact item you are looking to order as well as the delivery address in Melbourne and we can help figure that out for you?

  • Can't pick up the gesture in leather in melbourne…says $200 shipping for pick up

    • Can you send a DM with a screenshot of what you see on the /cart/ and/or shipping page? It should be available for free self pickup in Melbourne.

  • Anyway to backorder an OOS colour / remove arm rests (the one in stock has arm rests)

    • It depends on which item exactly and how far out it is from arriving. Send an email to [email protected] and we will see what we can do.

      • Could you confirm if leap and series 2 will be on sale tomorrow?

        • Also looking at leap with headrest and arms (MAYVIP25, MAYSPECIALS, MAYMADNESS) don't appear to be valid codes.

          • @hoey888: It's MAYEXTENSION i think but it's 20% off for Leap

  • OP, is there early access to next weeks sale? or just starting Monday?

  • Is there anyway to get a grey leap chair with headrest in Melbourne during this sale? I don't particularly fancy paying $200 for delivery and would probably skip out if that's the case.

  • Is there more stocks for series 2 -Sydney before the end of current sale?

    • Unfortunately our shipment was delayed, so Series 2 won't be back in stock until June.

      • Thanks. Hoping there will be another sale by then

  • Why is the Amia not sold on the AUS site?

    • Because it isn't manufactured in APAC and is thus much more complicated to import. It is on our long-term radar, but probably not something we will be able to action in the short term.

  • I'm looking for a comfortable Steelcase and many of the reviews of leap and gesture say that the part you sit on is way to thin and can feel the base.
    Is there an upgrade you can get for thicker seat foam?

  • Still waiting on an order from the 16th as part of this sale … no response from support yet.

    • I ordered in this same sale, and just got a reply to say my confirmed order is out of stock. And they offered an armless version(which i cannot even find on their website) as an alternative. I assume the armless version will be cheaper than my ordered armed version? So may end up with not much of a bargain after all…all after 2 weeks of chasing after steelcase for a collection date.

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