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S & B Japanese Golden Curry Sauce Mix 92g (Mild/Hot) $3.60 (Min Qty 2) + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon AU / Coles (Expired)


This is available again at Coles, with Amazon price matching. $3.60 is the usual special price / equal lowest at Camels.

See previous deal for discussion.

Mild Golden Curry Sauce Mix is made with original curry powder and features rich aroma of spices and herbs. A block of Golden Curry Sauce Mix consisting of curry powder, flour, spices and seasoning could quickly transform mundane stew into fine curry simply by adding them to the mixture. With a mellow taste, it is suitable for even those who do not like spicy food. Golden Curry Sauce Mix contains no meat or meat derived ingredients. Enjoy with rice, bread, noodles and buns.

Country of origin ‏ : ‎ Japan

Mild/Hot available at Amazon, Mild/Medium/Hot available at Coles.

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  • +9

    Go hot or go home

  • +4

    Java over this

    • Mix that Java in a good beef stew. Bloody amazing.

    • +1

      We also have a box of Vermont in the house. The hot one (blue box, still not very spicy). So delicious. Can't get enough of it

      • +2

        We tend to mix 2 diff ones when cooking, between Vermont, java, sb and the kokumaro one. We may have a problem. A delicious problem.

  • +7

    Prefer to buy extra hot large pack size in Asian grocers much better value, although haven’t bought in a while so price may have gone up

    • +1

      If you eat this curry regularly, get the 220g pack from an Asian supermarket (Tong Li has them for like ~$4.90)

  • +5

    I like chopping up left over bbq sausages from lunch and throwing them through this brand of curry with some potato and carrot for dinner. Delicious.

    • +4

      Can't tell if this is a jab at the picture on the package, where is carrots, potatoes and meat, or is serious.

      Because if its for real, I bloody love me some curried sasages.

      • +3

        I am pretty sure it's not a troll because I do the same. It's basically a one pot wonder.

      • +24

        U will never ever EVER meet a more westernised middle aged asian man working in paper supply sales than me. Nothing I love more than jp curry with coles bbq sausages washed down with 2-6 stubbies of great northern

    • Sounds pretty good for a lazy meal. Reminds me of something from Greg's kitchen.

      • I don’t use the term great Australian hero often but Greg is an Australian hero.

  • +10

    Find a decent sized asian grocery store and you'll probably find the 1KG blocks of these in medium heat. My local Korean grocer has them at $19 full price but they've been on special for $15 for a couple of months now, works out to be way better value per 100g.

  • Serious question. When making a pots-worth of curry, do you use the whole brick? There's like 5 notched pieces but I assume they were all meant to go in.

    • Yeah I always use the whole brick in a decent sized pot.

      Makes enough for about 3-4 meals' worth for me and the missus.

    • Yes for small pack I use the lot. Get 4 serves and plenty of leftovers. I usually make this curry vegetarian, chuck whatever I have in there. Very addictive.

    • I use between half a block (2 squares) or u to 3 squares , it depends on the qty of veggies but also the brand coz some are thicker than others.

  • +3

    I prefer House Java Curry but the S&B blocks aren't bad. I usually do beef cubes, celery, potatoes, onion, carrot and sometimes capsicum.

    Missing Coco Ichiban :'(

    • Can you pls let me know where I can get java from? Did a google, but there isn't really a brick n mortar store that sells it

      • I find that some Asian groceries have java. If you can find a japanese grocery store they tend to have a bigger selection than korean or Chinese groceries.

      • Asian grocery stores or order online if you can't find it. It will be expensive online though.

  • Are Japanese known for their curries? I have tried one a few times from a local place and it's often a bit meh. Not as nice as Thai or Malay curries.

    Ramen/Soba on the other hand….

    • +7

      Their curry is a different taste to Thai/Malay/Indian curries. Chicken Katsu Curry is one of my favourite dishes (when done well).

      • +5

        Japanese curry is originally based off British style curry (and obviously originally via India)

        • …TIL British style curry existed 🤯

    • Personally, I don't like Japanese curries (even had some whilst in Japan at specialist curry houses).
      I think it's better to frame it more as a sauce/gravy to accompany the katsu.
      It doesn't really stand on its own as a curry in my opinion (i.e. you could just have it with rice or bread) compared to the other Asian curries. It's just too mild and lacking exciting flavour/spice for me to enjoy compared to others. It's generally cheaper as a dish though.

    • +1

      A bit of history and how to make your own cubes.
      I haven't tried this recipe, however I have no doubt it'd be gr8.

    • If you're in Melbourne try Don Dons for a cheap Japanese curry.

    • More like a curry strw to me. It's comfort food and super easy and versatile. Good times!

  • +1

    OOS on Amazon

  • +8

    For those who are new to Japanese curry. Mild, Hot, Extra Hot are pretty much all mild compared to Spicy Indian curries.

    If you've never tried a Japanese curry before its nothing like any other curry you tried, much more approachable than a regular curry think of it like a delicious stew.

    I agree S&B is pretty average when compared with House Foods brands, my favourite is apple & honey vermont curry.

    Experiment like crazy that what the japanese do add apple, add pear, cheese even peanut butter. It all works in proper ammounts.

    Main key to a good Jap curry is taking the time to caramelize your onions, as jap curries generally run sweet.

    • +4

      +1, I’m a big fan of the Apple Vermont curry too.

      • +1

        Agreed, Vermont from my local Asian store is my go to. It also breaks down better, so you get less lumpy bits.

    • I've always used S&B but I've been meaning to try out the Vermont curry as I've heard such good things about it.

      Will have to give the apple & honey one a go.

  • Aren't your Asian supermarkets heap cheaper?? Gotta start exploring! :)

    • Not at all. Depends on the store.

  • Agree with some of the above comments, Japanese curry in comparison to other Asian curries is quite different. Would think of more like a gravy/stew. The taste is definitely a lot less offensive/strong in a way, it's more approachable than say a Thai curry (spicy, coconutty) or a Dahl (spicy, strong lentil flavour). With rice is the best way to enjoy IMO.

  • -3

    These are laden with flavour enhancers (ie. Msg)

    • +9

      MSG ain't so bad.

      • +4


        I, myself, do find that it makes hungry and as a result I eat more.
        But yes… nothing wrong with MSG.
        In fact it’s another taste like sweet, sour, etc..

        And for those who claim to be allergic to it… the verdict is in.. no you’re not.
        They disproved this myth.

      • -2

        I stay away because it makes me very thirsty for a long time and often feel bloated to the point my stomach feels like it's being twisted.
        Can't be getting these symptoms if they weren't so bad

    • +3

      MSG picked up a bad reputation (probably mainly because of its name) in the 1960s-1980s back when everyone was scientifically illiterate. Turns out it is a natural compound present in many raw foods, and it has no serious side-effects at normal doses (i.e. it's just like consuming salt).

      The reason Japanese curry blocks are unhealthy is because they are about 40-80% oil, and often contain palm oil.

    • Edit… These are laden with flavour

  • In the past I have seen these brands sell like hotcakes, when on sale, on shelves.
    Can someone people explain why they do¿

    Serious Q.
    As normally I make my curries from scratch so not sure if this is from confidence, taste, or something else.

    Cheers in advance.

    • +3

      Prob because they're really simple and quick to make, and are at a spiciness level that would be acceptable to a wide variety of people.

    • +1

      Because the curries you'd make wouldn't be like this. Jap curry is pretty unique. Also super easy to cook up.

  • -2

    Jap curry is bland. My go-to are thai/malay which are more balanced in taste (coconut milk, spicy). Ind for spicy.

    • +2

      Think of them as completely different things. I've never thought to compare them as they barely taste like they belong in the same category! I like them all the same, as they are all good in their own way

  • How does this curry's strength compare to that of the economy and the future?

    • +2

      Stronger than Honda Australia

  • What's everyone's water ratio?

    I love these when I make them on the day. Don't really like it the next.

    Hot is the bomb too.

    • Yeah consistency changes coz of the flour/thickener.

  • Mild is back on Amazon @lily @Deal Hunting

  • Both available again at Amazon, probably won't be for long as Coles is expired.

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