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[Waitlist] $40 Referral Bonus with US$100 Deposit @ StableHouse


Similar deal to this one:

I know with UST debacle, you might not trust stable coin anymore, but I believe USDC will be just fine (they have different concept than UST).

  1. Join the waitlist
  2. Sign up and open an account with a valid referral code
  3. Make a deposit of $100 or more before the 10 June 2022
  4. Hold the funds on StableHouse for at least 30 days and both you and your friend will be rewarded with 40 USDC!

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  • In theory, USDC put aside 1USD for every C purchased don't they? So it's a true stablecoin backed by real USD's?

    • +2

      Yeah… If they actually did that.

      • at least, they can't pull the same exploit as UST. also that 20% interest for UST was just unsustainable

    • Not really, in terms of issued coins there are roughly $52B worth, in terms of cash and cash like assets to back them they had a reserve of $22B (they've likely lost quite a lot of this over the last couple of weeks), the remainder was held in volatile assets.

  • Can we deposit AUD only? Any fee to withdraw the fiat deposit?

    • +1

      Can only see EUR/USD/GBP for fiat unfortunately. I transferred USDC. Not sure about withdrawal fee

  • I have been on the waitlist since early April. I have emailed them twice and they just keep telling me I will be off wait list soon. Missed out on the previous bonus.

    I've pretty much given up.

    • Weird, I signed up to the waitlist 2 days ago. Got the sign up email today.

      Deposited $1k for the $100 bonus + the $40 referral bonus

  • funny how they put you on a waitlist, then beg you to join

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