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[VIC] Ozito PXC 18V Cordless Blower - Skin Only $34.50 C&C/ in-Store @ Bunnings Warehouse (Select Stores)


210km/h blow speed
Easy operation
Lightweight design
Sure grip
The Ozito PXCBLS-018 Cordless Blower is the ideal power tool for blowing leaves, grass clippings and other debris from courtyards, driveways, decks and footpaths.

$34.50 at select VIC stores (Altona, Broadmeadows, Caroline Springs, Coburg, Collingwood, Hoppers Crossing, Northland, Sunshine, Thomastown, West Footscray and more)

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  • +5

    Got it last week. Not heaps of power, but does the job. Pack with battery and charger better value.

    • +1

      It has plenty of power when used with the 4ah battery

      • I'll need to add that to the list!

  • +3

    Says $77.50 on the Bunnings website.

    • Yeah maybe it's a store promo?
      I picked up the kit last week on this deal

    • I was at Bunnings today and had a look at one - they were $77.50 and it felt extremely cheap. Felt like a toy.

      The Ryobi was right next to it and was $109 but the build quality was night and day difference.

      Some of the other Ozito stuff looks and feels fine, but not this.

      • used mine for the first time today. Yep feels cheap but does the job ok. Was good value with the battery and charger.

    • This topic covers the "skin-only" model… i.e. without battery and charger pack. I paid $64.50 last week for the full kit. I have noticed on this posting and previous postings for Ozito product many people are not fully aware of the difference between the skin-only and the kit products.

      This model is of benefit to anybody wanting a blower and has other Ozito tools and doesn't need to keep doubling up on batteries and chargers, or simply just to save some coin.

  • On PowerPass as well

  • +2

    $77.50 here. If it's a store promo then please state.

    • Sameā€¦.

      • +1

        Actually, its $34.50 - in incognito

        • +2

          Set your store and then it will most likely jump to $77.5 .

  • Some of the half price PXC stuff from last week looks like it's back in stock in some stores.

    • Even the chainsaw?? Bestill my beating heart

      • +1

        No, the chainsaw kit was a promotional item on clearance.

    • +1

      Finally scored my LED, after 3 failed attempts of purchase/refund due to no stock. Already used it and love it

      • I got refunded for the LED torch due to "no stock"

      • Gah, still out of stock around here

  • so this deal doesn't come with power supply and battery?

    • +7

      Click the link and just read the ad on Bunnings site man. Jesus people are getting lazy.

      • -8

        i have and just confuse… btw you got a choice to not response instead of not being helpful

        • +4

          You have a choice to stop being lazy too

        • +2

          It was helpful. Your post in contrast was not.

        • +4

          i have and just confuse

          How can you be confused by:

          Charger Included (Yes/No)
          Batteries Included (Yes/No)

          Everything is listed on the product page.

      • +5

        Why u involving Jesus in this man.

        • +3

          Sorry. Praise be.

    • +1

      It says Skin only… That's just the tool.
      The complete kit was for sale earlier in the week for $64.50

      • Who's the tool? I'm confused now ;)

      • +3

        Some prefer the skin. Others not so much.

  • +1

    Lovely little blowie

  • Also in WA from few days ago

    • Do you know which store has it at that price in WA mate?

  • +1

    genuine query: aren't prices at all bunnings meant to be the same?

    • +2

      nope, definitely not. on top of that, even though bunnings has a price beat policy they wont price beat their own stores.

      • +1

        oh my, that's rubbish! (the price beat issue)…

      • I was able to price beat (well, match) against the cheap bunnings price. I think it's crazy that they can advertise a price beat and then have more expensive prices at their own individual stores.

        • which store, thanks. I want the extra 10% off too, not just the price beat.


  • -1

    returned today as it's not volume adjustable

    • I don't find it that loud, personally. :p

    • +1

      Just tap the button

    • @buzz77 "returned today as it's not volume adjustable"… are they ever?

      Probably hasn't got Blu-tooth, Wi-Fi or USB-C either ;-)

      Personally, for me anyway, any noisy piece of equipment like ths really obliges the user to have some protective ear muffs or noise-cancelling headphones tuned into your favourite music or podcast etc…. Just saying :)

      • There is one, but no discount yet.

  • I have a brand new one in Brisbane QLD - willing to sell for this price

    • is it no good?

      • I got in the with the battery pack deal and thought it was the smaller one ( wanted for camping) so i got the smaller skin only and have no need for this Skin. only got it last week

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