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DeLonghi Magnifica S Fully Automatic Coffee Machine Black ECAM22110B $649 (Was $1199) Delivered ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ MYER


Not a historic low, but a good weekend deal at Myer.

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    $1,200 is just a lie (I know that’s what Myer list it at).

    • haha yeah this can be found under $1000 any day of the week.

      I got mine at Bing Lee a year ago for just under $600.

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    Good price for Myer, noting the triple MyerOne credits at the moment.

    Otherwise $599 at Bing Lee - https://www.binglee.com.au/products/delonghi-fully-automatic...

    Great unit - very happy with it (not for those wanting automated milk frothing).

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    It's $599 at Bing Lee: https://www.binglee.com.au/products/delonghi-fully-automatic...

    And funnily enough, their list price is $649.

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    Even cheaper at Bing Lee eBay
    $549 with code: SNSHOME

    Edit: Click & Collect only

    • None in VIC unfortunately

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    I think you meant historical low, not historic low…

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      Coffee is humanity’s greatest achievement, and the automation of its preparation is truly next-level stuff. It’s daylight to #2, and I’m struggling to think what it might be, but it’s probably LEGO.

      If the aliens finally come, I fully expect them to take all the coffee and piss off

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        I enjoyed this comment a great deal

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    IT'S 599 AT BING LEE



    • thank you

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        You're not later…

        • 54mins later is still later…

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    Just in case you didn’t read the 5 posts above me, it’s cheaper at Bing Lee/BL EBay.

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    Pretty sure i saw this at bing lee today for $599

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    Can't believe that no one's mentioned its $599 at Bing Lee and $549 Binglee eBay…

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      Where did you read that?

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    Delonghli Australia list the Silver version @ $849 & this Black on special @ $649 …….Myer is only selling it at the current retail price !!

    Black $649 https://www.delonghi.com/en-au/ecam22-110-b-magnifica-s-auto...

    Silver $849 https://www.delonghi.com/en-au/ecam22-110-sb-magnifica-s-aut...

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    Something something $599

  • Bought it before and resold it a month later. Don't buy this - crap watery coffee

    • Same experience. Found it vastly inferior to the dedica + smart grinder combo.

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      I have this model and it took a little while to sort out the grind settings for the beans but no problem since (I like it strong).

    • once you dial in the settings properly, it is actually great. It makes coffee comparable to cafe bought.

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        Umm.. no… maybe try a cafe that does proper coffee. There is no way an automatic appliance with rubbish built-in grinder will come anywhere near a properly made coffee.

        • comparable =/= identical

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      Tell me you don't know how to adjust the grind without telling me

      • I tried all the finer settings, still watery garbage.
        Tell me you don't know what good coffee tastes like without telling me :)

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          You are right. Automatic machines will only produce rubbish coffee at best. Some people will tolerate and others will not

  • It’s $599 at bing lee …. Incase you didn’t know

  • Is this the same as what was posted in this deal?

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    It looks like it might be a better deal over at Bing Lee or something haha.
    But I am really here to tell you that this machine makes excellent espresso and after a fair bit of learning I am making some good milk frothing too (better than the average crappy coffee shop).
    Many variables to tweek, decent steam and going strong after 2 years.

  • I bought the beko , after trying Saeco delonghi, bean to cup the brew group is easy to clean and the machine is not overly complicated, 19 bar psi too 599 Amazon

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      Espresso only needs 9 bars of pressure

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    We have this machine at work, it's been in use for over 6 years, 5 days a week, probably pumping 20 coffees a day on average. Never an issue.

    Serious work of miracle that it's still functioning and makes decent coffee. We don't look after it. We descale it like once a year, same original water softener/filter in the tank since day one, I pulled out the shower screen thing once and cleaned it, yet it still pumps coffee like a champ.

    Definitely recommend picking it up from Bing Lee for $599

  • Wasn't it $299-$399 a few years ago? Damm

  • Bing Lee

  • This or the Philips one?

  • same model I got 599 from Jb and using 10%off gift card at 2020

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    This is an excellent machine, I have one, zero regrets. Can't believe nobody has mentioned that you can get this cheaper from Bing Lee! Mods please take note

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      Also, did you know it's cheaper at Bing Lee?

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      Yes, a machine rated by Choice magazine as being on par with $2k+ machines and that's consistently recommended as the best value auto machine definitely shouldn't be getting upvotes /s

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    Great machine.

    Some things to note.

    • Critical: only change the grind size while the machines is actually in the process of grinding. Otherwise you’ll break the knob. Says that in the instructions, but it’s easy to overlook.
    • Getting the right combination of temperature/grind /volume takes time for each different type of coffee bean you buy. Lots of experimentation. Once you’ve got it setup it’s magic.
    • Only use the short espresso button. Everything else is weak or over extracted. I.e if you want a double then run the short single twice.

    Makes a great cup of coffee. Not quite at the level of a good professionally made expresso, but it’s close and a big step up from pods. Also heaps cheaper in the long run.

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      Did you buy it from bing lee

      • I bought mine as a factory second directly from delonghi. They appear every now and then on their web store. Usually snapped up pretty quickly

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      Yes the short espresso is the key, otherwise you get a very ordinary cup. I love my one but it did take some playing with to get it right, fantastic machine once you work it out

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      Thanks for the tip. I own one since a year and have been using the double shot button only… I enjoy that too. I am ready for even tastier coffee with short espresso button :) .

    • Exactly this - if you stick to the fewer good options, it does make quite nice and most importantly easy coffee for someone not interested in putting in time to grind and manually make a coffee each day.

    • This!
      Took me months to learn all this stuff.
      But now, very happy

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    Dont expect great coffee with this. There is no way a machine can make a good coffee automatically given the variation in beans and freshness

    • +5

      You can adjust grind size though, same thing you need to do with a manual machine and grinder

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        Cant adjust the tamp though. This is its ultimate downfall.

        Its ok coffee, but in reality a $5 french press does an equal, if not better job.

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          A french press doesn't grind the beans and heat up the water. It's also an entirely different flavour, not espresso. A moka pot would be much closer.

          It really depends on what you prefer

          • @TEER3X: Well true. But you can buy grinded coffee and 99.99% of the population would already own some form of water heating device.
            Anyway, I was more comparing the quality of the final product.

            I repair these machines, so know the mechanicals inside and out. I love the simplicity, but the limitations are the diamter of the brew chamber (a proper sized shot means a thicker shot, and with the correct espresso grind these wont do it, will clog and produce an error). Also, the inability to adjust the tamp and use a non pressurised brew head means you will never get cafe results.

            I own a Perfecta Plus.. but went with the French press this morning.

            • @tunzafun001: How's the perfecta plus?

              • @TEER3X: Its exactly the same mechanically as the Magnifica. It just has an easier way of fine tuning the settings and a larger water container.

        • Sure this machine can't replace a professionally trained and experienced barista who cares about making good coffee in every shot. But in my experience those a very rare to find in the average coffee place. Plus the machine sits on my kitchen bench and is ready to go after I wake up.

          • @Maxfarsigth:

            the machine sits on my kitchen bench and is ready to go after I wake up.

            What does it do when you sleep?

            • @TEER3X: Around midnight it grows legs, goes to Colombia, collects some beans, pops em under her hat, comes back to the bench, sits pretty, waits for me.

              • +1

                @Maxfarsigth: All the way to Colombia and brings back just coffee beans?

      • Hard to adjust the grind when you don’t know your bean in, coffee out ratio.

        Also, most beans will have quite a degree in variation between optimal grind size and extraction, would be a bit hard to dial in all the time on these types of machine if you like switching beans around.

        Good grinder and a dedicated machine is a better choice if you have 10 minutes to spare in the morning. I think of it as my meditation time.

        • I feel like it takes me a lot longer, I think of it as my frustration time

        • Yeah, pulling a shot, tasting it, adjusting the grind, tasting it took a good six or seven minutes, so hard

          Gotta love the haters here. "Those of you who say you enjoy the coffee can't possibly know what you're talking about. You must be idiots. Unlike me. It's…meditation"

  • I'm pretty sure I heard through the grape vine that its cheaper at Bing Lee. Don't quote me on that.

    • You are quite late to the party, 4'N Twenty

      • Late to the party? Probably picking up a coffee machine from Bing Lee on the way.

        • +1

          I think you mean latte to the party

    • Nice one. Yeah went to pick up my latte and a Mrs macs pie.

  • Was looking to buy this one but ended up buying the new model Evo for $720

    • Did you buy it from Bing Lee?

      • GG when they had 10% off

  • My long lived Delonghi Nespresso machine has died after nearly 14 years.

    I'm old and lazy and now want a fully automatic coffee machine to make Cappuccinos and the occasional flat white and long black - nothing fancy :)

    Would this machine fit the bill? Other recommendations? Thanks in advance.

  • How much is that Bing Lee guy selling it for?

  • We had one at work and in-laws have one that shoots blanks after about 3 years. By shooting blanks- it grinds and sets coffee but water or coffee never come out of spout.
    Anyone know the fix for this?

    • my wife tells me i shoot blanks every day of the week, saves us buying ansell… that way we can afford a good coffee machine instead.

    • Yes. Remove brew unit. Inside brew unit undo the middle screw.

      Scrub the back of the round metal risk with a toothbrush. Put back.

      Alternatively the pump is dead. I which case replace it with a $50 one from eBay (generic), or open it up and replace the little ball inside with any soap type pump pack. Same principle.

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    $584.10 delivered with code THANKS10 at delonghi

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