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Kingston NV1 1TB NVMe PCIe 3.0 M.2 2280 SSD $109 Delivered @ BPC Technology


Cheapest you can find so far

Previous deal was $106.20 excluding shipping

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BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)
BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)


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    Should change title to include “NV1”. Current title could mean either the A2000 or the NV1. Was hoping it was the former when i clicked the link

  • how does this compare with Samsung evo plus 970?

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      Pretty much any Samsung SSD will be non-marginally better. The DRAM cache in particular would be the killer.
      Still leagues better than a HDD though.

    • This a budget NVMe
      The Evo 970 Plus is a high end
      I’d recommend the Samsung for a boot drive but this one is fine for a Steam library or something you don’t need to do a lot of writes to often

  • Is the WD SN570 better?

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    This is the most basic, DRAMless SSD from Kingston.


    Downgrade compared to A2000

    • Good for a steam drive?

  • I've got a system this SSD would be about right for. Its a system that only supports PCIe gen 3 x 2. So the NV1 has all the speed it can use. But even I wouldn't buy it. Because when I throw that system out, if I put the put the NV1 in a new system it'll slow the system down. It only costs a few more bucks now to buy an SSD that's twice as fast as the NV1 that won't.

    An M.2 PCIe SSD is probably the internal part you are most likely to want to transfer on to your next system. Purchase accordingly. Buying a PCIe 4 SSD now would be a good decision if they only cost a bit more. But they don't, they cost a lot more. A PCIe 3 SSD that's twice as fast as the NV1 does only cost a few bucks more.

    Of course if you're only going to use it as a replacement for a HDD as a data drive, sure, its still way faster than one of them.

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      Which PCIe 3 SSD is twice as fast as this NV1 but only cost a few bucks more?

      • How about this, a 1TB PCIe SSD that's more than twice as fast and the same price, but plus postage. Which is only a few bucks for an M.2 SSD. Better deal?


        OK, its gen 4, but it is still going to be around twice as fast as the NV1 on gen 3.

        SSDs are coming down in price. Now is not the time to buy a very low spec SSD because its a "bargain", because tomorrow there'll be SSDs available at the same price that aren't a very low spec.

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          I see… so E19 based SSD. Problem is, using your excuse…

          • It is like buying a low end PCIe gen 4 NVMe SSD which is really more like PCIe gen 3 NVMe SSD.
          • If your next PC only has 1 or 2 PCIe gen 4 NVMe slots, are you REALLY going to chuck in that one?
          • Are you aware of the ugly side of Phison E19? Or, you know it well and you don't intend to do heavy writes so you won't hit its ugly cache recovery slowdown?

          PNY CS2140 technically is still a better buy given NV1 uses an even older Phison chipset. I do want to find out how it well it runs in PCIe gen 3 x4 mode (and perhaps also PCIe gen 3 x2 mode). PNY CS2140 - dirt cheap way to have a NVMe SSD in PS5.

          a 1TB PCIe SSD that's more than twice as fast and the same price, but plus postage

          Um, it is NOT more than twice as fast. E19 doesn't really deserve to be called PCIe gen 4. Also, assuming it behaves like SN750 SE, when doing cache recovery, the write can be so bad that it dips below 100MB/s regularly.

        • 1TB PNY CS2140 from PCByte is well priced at the moment. However, you should treat that as a PCIe gen 3 NVMe SSD as it cannot beat quality PCIe gen 3 SSD (970 Evo Plus, SN 750, 980), especially in sustained write of large files.

          The DRAMless nature and E19 controller obviously is designed with cost in mind so it doesn't do well in high queue depth situation (so not ideal for heavy multiple access usage - i.e. server).

          Most people will probably be quite happy with it. Majority of the benchmark software people use won't be able to saturate the SLC cache and it is very uncommon for us to run benchmark software in a loop for quite some time, especially for SSD.

    • NV1 is rated PCIe gen 3 x4. Even if your current PC only offers PCIe gen 3 x2 (or you only have the PCIe gen 3 x2 slot available), once you moved to the new system, it is likely you will still have at least 1 PCIe gen 3 x4 slot.

      As for buying PCIe gen 4 SSD where you only have PCIe gen 3 x2 slot to use it, it is only an excuse to buy PCIe gen 4 SSD. There are also the Phison E19 el cheapo class PCIe gen 4 SSD, which behave more like PCIe gen 3 x4 SSD.

      Let's also not forget USB 3.2 gen 2 is only capable of 10GBps and limited to PCIe gen 3 x2.

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    Almost $100 per terabyte! Nice!!!

  • Would this x2 be good paired with Qm2-2p-244a?

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    I got the a2000 for same price ($111)

    • can you share the link?

  • Small size component like this will it ship via Arsemax ??? If yes then forget it …

    • Arsemax? I thought only the Columbian ship their cocaine via this service?

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