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ASRock AMD B550 PG Velocita ATX AM4 Motherboard $159 (was $329) + $9.90 Delivery ($0 C&C) @ PCByte


One of the more premium B550 ATX motherboards on sale now at PCbyte. Though RRP shows $329 this board typically is between $200 - $250 sale price with other retailers.

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  • this or b550 taichi?

    • For what? Gaming? Wouldn’t spend more than $200 for a board just for gaming. Taichi out of stock at this seller and probably averages double this sale price. No brainer if you ask me

      • im just asking which ones better

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          Taichi is better, though there isn't that much difference to justify a big price difference.

          Velocita have slightly worse VRM than taichi (though both are OP),
          doesn't have PCIe Lane split feature (taichi have)
          have Realtek 2.5G LAN (taichi have Intel 2.5G, though some argue Intel 2.5G have some firmware bug and RTL is better for 2.5G)
          doesn't have WiFi (taichi have Intel WiFi gen6, about the best WiFi you can have right now)

    • Unify-x

    • I read a review that this board is suppose to be ranked between Taichi and Gaming 4.

      • +3

        Taichi is about the most premium non extreme-OC-focused board from asrock, whilest Gaming 4 is about the most cut down ATX board you can buy from asrock.

        Your statement is absolutely right but yet have made no point at all.

        • Sorry I meant Extreme 4 not Gaming 4. Put short this MB is supposed to be the 2nd most premium MB behind Taichi in the Asrock B550 line.

    • The Taichi is worth it if you are doing Liquid Nitrogen cooling on a 5900X.
      If you are doing LN2 on a 5950X then the Taichi is still not good enough.

      If you are doing normal air or liquid cooling on anything, then this Velocita is good enough.

      If you are doing LN2 on something below a 5900X (e.g. 5800X) then I have no answer as to whether the Velocita is good enough or you need the Taichi.

  • Any good options ~$120?

    • Check HardwareUnboxed on Youtube for their B550 mobo review roundup. They do price points.

    • +8

      I like to play with lower end stuff, and my experience so far is:

      Gigabyte have been quite quirky for me (I have helped serval people with their different Gigabyte B550 models not turning on after a while, all was resolved by clear CMOS after remove CPU from socket which reset AGESA, some of them had it happened more than once)

      If Gigabyte hasn't been so quirky I'd say B550m S2H from gigabyte would be a very nice choice — dirt cheap, just enough VRM to drive a 6~8 core with PBO, and only 2 DIMM slot making RAM OC yield better result than most other cheap board.

      Gigabyte aside, ASUS B550 with prime branding (say B550m-A) kinda sucks on memory OC (won't affect most user who only use XMP, but worst OC result means less stability tolerance) and not much better in other department either…… like ASUS would charge $130 for a motherboard that Gigabyte equivalent motherboard cost $90..

      most basic MSI board I would touch is B550m Bazooka, decent power delivery, about a whole tick better in mem-OC than ASUS, though AUDIO Codec is ALC897, not ALC1200 level.

      I also liked AsRock B550m Pro 4, which is about Bazooka equivalent on everything but with ALC1200 Codec, and Asrock have unlocked PBO boost range for more extreme PBO settings —- only down side is 2nd M.2 is half speed (but game performance is about random read/write, being half speed doesn't hurt at all)

  • +2

    I don't think a MB can improve much. If you don't OC they are mostly the same.

  • Have this board. Great board.

    • +3

      ^ This. Getting hammered by a teenage gamer practically every day for the last 1.5 years and had no issues at all.

      • :) yep she's been a beaut, not as flashing as some others but has everything I need! Not a teenage gamer but I pretend to be sometimes haha

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    Will installing the second m.2 slot disable the second PCIE slot?

    • +2

      believe it just reduces bandwidth but someone more knowledgeable/ technical can confirm

      • Hmm yeah trying to find this info in the manual but can’t seem to find it. Currently having a unify-x and it has the issue, making my second SSD not running at full speed

  • Also worth considering MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk from Umart for $180. Picked up 3 recently and have been impressed for the money. https://www.umart.com.au/product/msi-mag-b550-tomahawk-am4-a...

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    No wifi

    • +1

      If you want wifi the Asrock B550 Gaming 4 is also on sale at PCbyte for $159. Very good price for a Full size ATX board with wifi. Also it's giving a free Asrock LED flashlight for free which is selling for $149. Probs worth another ozbargain deal.

      • Thanks for this, will check it out.

        • Is a flashlight worth $150? kek
          In seriousness though, the Phantom 4 is a C-tier motherboard compared to this A-tier.
          C-tier is fine for 3700X/5800X but not 3900X/5900X or above.

          • +1

            @thlunasa: I have a 5800 CPU, the flash light probably worth $50 if that and I probably put that on Gumtree.

    • can get a m.2 wifi card for this mb.

  • Italian?

  • Good board, good price.
    I ended up with an Asus Prime X570-P for $200 because of shipping costs etc, but in hindsight saving $30 and getting the PG Velocita B550 would have been a better choice.

  • Is this better than asus b550m plus wifi? I plan to get 5700x or 58003dx

  • I went for a B550 Aorus Pro v2 instead


    it has 1 more x16 slot and the primary x16 (connected to CPU) can be bifurcated to 8x/8x electrical if you need more bandwidth

    • How much did you get it for? It's coming up as $190

  • Best budget micro b550?

  • I received this motherboard today, is there a way to check if it's been used before?

    Not sure if there's should be any stickers sealing anything but I didn't have any, the main thing that looks not brand new is various creases and folds throughout the contents e.g. manual, envelope that some stuff was in etc., and it's not as clean as I would have expected.

    • +1

      Same received it today, no seals and outside box was slightly torn etc. Read online on reddit and other forums that mobo are normal to not have any seals etc. Bought a 6600XT from them too no seal on outside box, but there's generic yelow seal on the anti static bag.

      • Thanks for your reply that's helpful to know. I've had stuff in the past without seals but this is the first time that straight away when I began opening it that the box contents looked used/worn. On closer inspection I noticed a couple of dirty spots on the CPU socket too. I've emailed pcbyte.

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