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[NSW] Heritage Bank (Tweed Heads) Receive $100 Bonus When Opening a New Savings or Transaction Account via Referral


Received an email from Heritage Bank

Refer someone new to one of our NSW branches before 30 June 2022 and you could both receive a $100 cash reward.

Branch are located at Castle Hill, Parramatta, Macquarie Park and Tweeds Head.

You must quote member number of referrer at time of account opening.

T&Cs are listed below

Mod: Referral solicitation in deals is not permitted

We've been overwhelmed by your support so we've had to end this offer early at our Macquarie Park, Castle Hill and Parramatta branches. However, you can still refer a friend to our Tweed Heads branch and receive $100 each*.

Referral Links

$250 Gift Card with Loan: random (18)

When an existing Heritage member refers a new member and that new member has a Heritage home or business loan approved and fully funded within 3 months of the membership creation, both the new member and the referrer receive a $250 pre-paid Visa gift card.

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  • Just a visit to say hi and grab 100?

  • Does anyone know if this works for business account? Or just personal?

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    hey op, don't get too excited, please post more details like what type of account is eligible, any other conditions etc….copy and paste the email you got?

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        The cash reward may constitute assessable income and, as such, members should seek independent
        advice to determine their taxation obligations.

        does that mean we have to tell this to the tax man during tax time?

        • -1

          You don't need to.

          The tax man knows everything about your finance.

          • +1

            @timhn: i dont think he does, he only knows finances done electronically… anything under the table with cash then he won't know lol

          • @timhn: Whew!

        • Not a tax professional but it's probably a disclaimer to cover themselves.

          According to an ATO reply on ATO Community forums, if the rewards aren't being received for a business like activity then it is unlikely to be taxable.

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    From T&C, it appears you will need to provide details of referral. Not sure if it means more than just member number.

    Mod, can you turn on private message where the people can ask for both name and member number? A function similar to what is currently available on home loan referral.

    • Mod, can you turn on private message where the people can ask for both name and member number?

      What do you mean by this? You have private messaging enabled, so people can message you if they want to. Some other users may not have this enabled, and it is up to them, not a mod to enable it.

  • Can we open new account via online, or we have to visit the branch?

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      Branch only

  • Recommend..good bank and owned by it's members

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    Be sure to read the terms because both accounts must be active, as they are assessed

  • Aaah I miss Toowoomba

  • Can I open one whilst visiting Sydney then keep it active for the promo? Hmm

    • cant' see why not but you have to go to one of their branches to open the account

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    Must be in branch to open? I guess they learned from similar cashback from other banks.

    Can i rockup with everyone in my family and refer each other?

  • Have you seen their interest rates for savings accounts….or lackof?


    • +1

      0.01% LMAO

      • 0.31% Target Bonus accounts

      • +1

        And paid quarterly. So 0.01% PA on $10,000 calculated daily over a quarter = what, about one dollar? May as well be zero. It's probably cheaper than having a bowl of complimentary mints for customers though, lol.

  • can anyone confirm referer's member number is enough to get the bonus?

    • Don't really wanna rock up to the branch only to be told that the number is worthless.

    • Has anyone been able to confirm this? Will be going in next few days and want to know if I'll need any furher details regarding referee.

    • I opened an account about a week ago and can confirm that the member number is all you need. They didn't ask me for name etc. I just said it was a friend who referred me and gave them the number.

      A word of warning for anyone thinking of going to the Parramatta branch: When you are asked why you are opening an account and you say that you saw the promotion, the bank staff will immediately change their attitude and try to turn you away. The correct answer to this question is: "The person who referred me had good things to say about Heritage Bank, especially that the bank is owned by its members." Once you say this, they will fast track you to a new account. Rehearse this phrase as they might ask more than once.

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        lmao since when people need to pass an interview to open a bank account

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    A Referrer can refer up to a maximum of five (5) New Members per calendar month

    • true imagine you rock up and then give the referral member number only to find out later they already had referred 5 members so essentially you are stuck with that account which i'd close the next day then lol

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      do it on 01/06/2022. 9am

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    Once in the branch, do you have to sit through the usual, endless, cross sell, theatricals; "would you like car insurance with that?" "would you like contents insurance with that?" "would you like car insurance with that?" "would you like income protection insurance with that?" "would you like car insurance with that?" "would you like pet insurance with that?" "would you like a credit card with that?" "would you like a life insurance quote with that?" "would you like car insurance with that?"

    • wear your "all signs point to no" shirt

    • +1

      Hrm, remind me last time in CommBank to verify ID. The whole process took nearly 30 minutes - must waited in line, for the right teller. Then she asked 100 questions - home loan, term account, blah blah.

    • that sounds like the imb one, when we went to open a new account, keen to know what heritage does

    • Not for me. They asked why I wanted to open an account with them though. See my post above for the correct answer to this question.

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    Strange, they are Toowomba based and ignore their own state. Perhaps QLD'rs are too bogan for them?

  • Can anyone confirm if they opened account today and what info was asked for referee?

    • Yes, you only need the member's number.

  • +1

    Return flight to Sydney around $300… no deal.

  • +2

    Had an account with Parramatta branch a few years back. I deposited and withdrew cash a few times, which was a few thousand dollars and everytime they will ask where it came from or what I plan to do with it and note it down on their copy of transaction slip, which was annoying.

    • +3

      You have to keep a list of answers. I'm sure OzBargain can think of a few…

      Where it came from
      Sperm bank payments
      Life model work
      Sightseeing tours (especially if you live in a non touristy area)

      What i plan to do with it
      Pay tax bill in gift cards so I don't get arrested
      Penis enlargement / reduction

      • you forgot: Invisible suit if taking the New England Hwy past Wellcamp re-education centre to inform their headoffice.

  • Horrible experience!!
    Firstly, yes u can open online (and consequently use the referral bit like OP ). Obviously normal government approved online ID verification follows.
    ..aaand that’s where Australian laws become mixed with Americans and they start using KYC requirement where one has to not only send a picture of their DL/passport (as such compromising the very idea of one’s utmost private identity) but also a selfie with such mentioned ID!!!! (Privacy buffs please support)…🤯
    IMHO “AusPost Digital ID”and other govt/bank ways of sure identification are more than enough!

  • Fyi: they have ended the promo early at all branches except Tweed Heads.

    • +3

      is that true? I was going to arrange it. Yes its true, I checked link. Should have done earlier

      • That's bit suss

        Let's see if bonus comes through.

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