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Xiaomi Dreame T20 Stick Vacuum $429.97 | Xiaomi Dreame T20 Pro Stick Vacuum $499.97 Delivered @ Costco (Membership Required)


T20 Pro

Not the cheapest for the T20 (has been $399), but pretty close. Haven't seen the T20 Pro listed this cheap.

T20 Pro functions the same as the T20, but appears to come with the following extras:

  • Soft roller motorized head
  • Extra battery
  • Mopping water tank
  • Mopping pad

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    For some reason I read "Crevice nozzle" as "Cervical nozzle" at first.

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      You don't want to mix the two up, very unpleasant.

    • +3

      American model

    • -1

      I mean it's kind of a crevice…

      • …an American models' crevice Arty.R? like "fin box"?

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    How are these compared to Dyson?

    • Plenty of review on YouTube;)

    • it suckss

    • +8

      I will go with Dyson any day especially when V8 is on special $499 (Dyson eBay) and eBay voucher take another $39 off. At least any issue within the 2 years, you will get replacement under warranty. Given this Xiaomi is sold by Costco, at least you can get a refund but if from eBay or other website, forget any support as I bought 2 of those similar vac and eBay can't do anything when the battery won't charge within 8 months.

      • replacement under warranty

        Think you'll find its repair within 2 yrs.

        • Not the replacement of the whole unit, but replacement part.

        • yes but usually they will just send you the brand new parts to swap out. I have had few claims and always been easy to deal with Dyson, sometimes even replacing items after the warranty period without even seeing the unit, just describe issue over phone and they mail out the parts.

      • My Dreame v8 stoped working after 2y and Dreame offered to repair it for free. I bought it from Shopro in 2020.

    • Had the T20 Pro for 6 months, seemed to be fine but suddenly stopped working one day. Would’ve been happy to have it repaired but Dreame gave me the run-around and wouldn’t help, so I returned it and got a Dyson.

      Have only had it for ~1 month but has done a much better job so far and I have more faith in their customer service if I run into any issues.

      • Which dyson did you get? And in what way is it better? Thanks.

      • I backed their indiegogo campaign for the T20 and when my one broke (the clip holding the waste barrel snapped), they sent me a replacement part, which is essentially the entire main part of the vacuum, including motor.
        What went wrong with your one?

    • +2

      I got Dyson V10, Dreame V9 and Dreame V12. Dreame V12 have slightly better suction power, better on cleaning (more tools), slightly better battery and more convenient to use (lock power on, prefer the empty bin way etc) than Dyson V10.
      Not sure about this Dreame T20 model though.

      • My experience with Dyson V6 vs Dream V10 is that the Dyson softroller head was a much better experience, for everything else V10 is better. How do you feel the Dreame V12 vs Dyson V10 heads (soft or brush whichever you use)? If I had to pick between those 2, which one do you recommend?

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          I didn’t purchased the Dreame v12 combo pack that come with solf roller head (the solf roller head only come with white color), my Dreame v12 come with multi head (brush head in v shape).
          Dyson v10 vs Dreame v12? I personally prefer Dreame v12 but that doesn’t mean everyone else should do the same. Here is my opinion,
          -Dreame v12 has slightly stronger suction but Dyson v10 will do the same jobs, as I use med suction most of the time, even in eco mode for my tiles (they pickup everything anyway).
          -My Dreame v12 has more accessories (minus solf roller head) than my Dyson v10, especially flexible hose is a must if you don’t want to pull out cord vacuum.
          -I really like the lock and unlock option for power on, pressing the power button for more than 30 minutes make my finger tired.
          -I prefer the empty bin method of pressing buttons from .Dreame v12, I don’t know is it just my Dyson v10 sometimes I need to push very hard to open the bin, which make my had shake and more dust move in the air.
          -the price, Dreame v12 is cheaper than Dyson v10, during special probably even cheaper than Dyson v8.

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    Need a deal for Dreame W10 or W10 Pro!

    • Yes please. I am looking for good moping vacuum.

      • +16

        thats a bit sad

  • Anyone know where you can just buy an extra battery?

  • How does this compare to the G10?

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    I have the dc59 - put in a new ebay battery for $39 with double the oem capacity and it’s performing great

    • +1

      i did that for our V6, got 2 ebay batteries so i could swap them out, run time was similar to original but they both died and completely useless after about 6 months of use.

  • I bought the T20 ages ago before the Pro was a thing - does anyone have a link to where I can get the missing accessories? Can't seem to find the specific ones on Aliexpress

  • Great deal, thanks for sharing. I will upgrade my Dreame soon.

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    I got Dyson V10, Dreame V9 and Dreame V12. Dreame V12 have slightly better suction power, better on cleaning (more tools), slightly better battery and more convenient to use (lock power on, prefer the empty bin way etc) than Dyson V10.
    Not sure about this Dreame T20 model though.

    • Got v9 any reason to upgrade?

      • +3

        Dreame V9 (around $200) is fine, not as good as Dyson V10. Purchased Dreame V12 just because it was on special (around $450), I wanted compare to the Dyson V10 then give it to my parents (they don’t have cordless vacuum). But end up they want me keep the new one (Dreame V12), so I gave them Dyson v10.
        I am not the only one happy with Dreame v12, google reviews 4.8/5. Dyson v8 and v10 4.6/5.

  • +1

    If these batteries are dying within 1 yr then they are garbage

    my 7 yr old dyson dc35 still has its original battery and still holds about 10 min charge!!!

    • every dyson i have had (up to number 5) the battery has died after about 3 years. We use it as our main vacuum though for the whole house so maybe more use than yours.

  • been $399), but pretty close

    Price $499 damn sign of the times. Well that's what I was thinking until I realised I misread your post lol. Thanks for the deal. Love a good stick vacuum.

  • Bought the T20 Pro from Costco during a similar deal last year.

    I find the suction power to be great, almost comparable to a Dyson V11.

    Unlike the Dyson, it chews through battery really quickly in turbo mode. So, the second battery comes in handy.

  • +5

    I had the Dyson V8 and lasted just over 2 years where the body started cracking. I think these have faults with the plastic moulding, mine is starting to crumble.

    It’s a good vacuum cleaner but really bad quality , Dyson customer service was not helpful and wanted $500 for replacement part (1 month outside the 24 month warranty). So I decided to just modify it.

    Now battery lasts all of 1 minute. Considering this was barely used and my main vacuum Xiaomi original gen 1 robot lasted 6 years with daily cleans before battery swap.

    Would not get a Dyson again, ordinary customer service + not a quality product.

    • +3

      Voluntary warranties in Australia are effectively arbitrary. Even if they say its 2 yrs, if it fails at 2 yrs 1 month, you could almost definitely demand a refund or repair or replacement citing the ACL https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/consumer-rights-guarantees...

      "Products must be of acceptable quality, that is:

      -safe, lasting, with no faults
      -look acceptable
      -do all the things someone would normally expect them to do.

      Acceptable quality takes into account what would normally be expected for the type of product and cost."

      Under Australian Consumer Law, there is a reasonable serviceable life of products based on the type of product and how much you paid for it.

      Usually, citing ACL and the consumer guarantees is enough to motivate retailers to rectify your issue. if they give you the run around, just threaten to escalate and lodge a formal complaint with the Office of Fair Trading. Just send them an email and sound serious

      • +1

        In addition to this, a lot of the Dyson components are actually replacable. You could literally get new battery and main machine.

    • My Dyson V8 still going strong after 3 years, original battery. The vacuum gets thrown around a lot because my toddler uses it, no cracks or breaks anywhere. So far so good.

  • i have the V12 - does anyone know if we can buy additional accessories for it? Struggling to clean corners or edges of floor

  • +4

    I bought the T20 from Costco last year and it lasted about 6months before the I felt the battery drop off a cliff. Shortly after that the roller on the main head stopped spinning due to what I discovered was a common fault in the T20. Thankfully this was a tangible fault I could exhibit, so contacted Costco who insisted I go through Dreame Australia for warranty. Dreame was incredibly difficult to get a hold of, but when they finally called me back I discovered the product that Costco brings in is grey import, not through Dreame at all. Costco then palmed me off to the importer who after a month sent me a "fixed' head that was used (full of dirt in the pipes, sides of the head scuffed up) and didn't swivel properly due to a dodgy external wire they ran to overcome the original fault. It was difficult to get resolution from Costco but I was able to get a refund after pulling the consumer law/ombudsman card.

    • +3

      I had the same issue, but I just took the whole unit back and Costco gave me a refund. They did ask if I contacted Dreame but I just said I bought it through Costco so i deem it as their responsibility

      • I had the same issue and my LCD screen kept falling off. Contacted Dreame aftersales email, sent them videos of the issue and I got both replacement parts within a few weeks. No issues since then (I was part of the Indiegogo campaign).

  • We have had our V11 for a year now, and still going strong! Excellent vacuums, just as good as a Dyson (I’ve compared).

    • We have a V11 too, it’s pretty good. Have gone back to using our 10-year old Bosch barrel vacuum with bags off eBay for the whole house vacuums. But for spots and quick cleanups then the Dreame is good. And for doing the stairs.

      The V11 canister is tiny and things the size of a 20c coin or larger get stuck in the inlet to the canister and it blocks up.

      Haven’t tried a Dyson though but my mother in law had one and went back to Miele barrel vacuums which she says are the best.

  • I have the T20 but the roller constantly gets stuck on carpet. 3 types of carpet, short, average and plush, but the roller just tries to spin too fast because there's too much suction so the carpet jams and I have to take it off and start again.

    It's basically impossible to vacuum carpets with this unless it's on the lowest settings but then it doesn't pick up any dirt.

    Anyone have this model and found this?

    • Do you think this issue could be just with this model machine and this model carpet? Thanks.

  • Online only? or Online and Instore?
    I've international membership so can't use online ordering.

  • Miela HX1 better? was 599 not too long ago?

  • Anyone know if the price instore is better?

  • Kogan has the regular t20 for $399.99 atm

  • i bought this and unfortunately it was faulty within a week with an "E3" error which means return to manufacturer. Had to return for refund.

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