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amaysim ½ Price Long Expiry Plans: 1 Year 60GB $60, 6 Months 150GB $75, 1 Year 165GB $100 / $17.50 Cashrewards Cashback


Incredible value on all three long expiry plans. Stack with a further $17.50 cashback at Cashrewards. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Must activate by 31/05/22 to be eligible for promotion benefits (T&Cs here).

Use Cashrewards for $17.50 cashback on all three plans. Ensure you click out from this link.

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  • +7

    So cheap and now esim. Great value.

    • I had a question, couldn't get a proper answer on it from live help.
      If I order a SIM with a new number option, when it gets delivered in the post, do I have the option to transfer the plan to my existing number (at the time of activation). Alternately if I select me existing number in the option, does my present SIM get transferred to Amay immediately or after I get the SIM in the post?
      Its confusing as live help told me that once you place order, Amay pre-activates the SIM which means though it could take 5-10 days for it to be delivered, the existing number gets ported out immediately?

      Thanks for help on this.

      • +2

        From my experience (physical sim), you have to select your number when you order, as the sim is preactivated. Once delivered, there is no option to change your number.

        • +6

          Correct. I always select the option to use existing number. During activation, we can select a new number if required.

        • +3

          I recently activated the free sim from this deal with a new number but when I ordered it I selected to port an existing number (done this many times in the past).

          It stops the sim coming pre-activated. Nice arse.

          • +8

            @WatchNerd: Last time in November I ordered a the 1 year 165GB SIM with new number. The terms were to activate by end of 2021. Of course the SIM came pre-activated and when I went to activate it I had already lost a month.

            Amaysim said in chat support that it would normally refresh on first use to give you a full year (I'm not sure if this is true). However, they asked if I wanted them to do that manually which I said yes.

            They did, and it added another 165GB for a total of 330GB for a year. Bonus!!! All that for $100 with $45 cashback so worked out $55 for 12 months with 330GB data.

            • @constipated: They automatically adjust the start plan date to when you physically put the sim in your phone. I've done this heaps of times.

  • +1

    Great deal TA, thanks!

    • What is TA? teaching associate?

      • +1

        Some dude with a tight arse.

  • +1

    Can I used this after 2 months?

    • +2

      would like to know this as well!

    • +5

      Must activate by 31 May 2022 to
      be eligible for Promotion Benefits.

      • +1


      • Is that by 31st May (i.e 30may 11.59pm or 31st 11.59pm).
        Could read either way

    • +1

      Amaysim T&C’s

  • +3

    Website indicates ending May 15th on the banners?

    • +1

      T&C show 18th May

  • +2

    Only $17.50 CB compared to $35 from the previous half price deal. Still a good deal though.

  • +1

    Doesn't look to be an option for delayed activation. On my last month, but just paid the bill yesterday. Anyone see any options for this?

    • +2

      Must be activated by 31 May (so you would loose a couple of weeks if you want to buy this).

      • Edit: Got it. It's too early in the morning. Sorry folks

  • +2

    Optus 3G for voice calls in my area is poor.

    Wondering if anyone's knows when / if VOLTE and VOWIFI is active with Amaysim?

    Otherwise, a great deal.

    • +1

      Don't think its available

    • No VOLTE, thats why I am moving to boost now.

  • How long does it normally takes to port from Optus to Amaysim? I've never ported from the same network to same network before.

    • if you're as lucky as me, the longest time I tried 10 days… Optus said they released, while Amaysim said they locked… even though they're the same stupid company.

      • After some activation issues, the number ported within minutes last night. it was out of normal porting hours as well (after 8PM)!

        • good on you ~~

  • New customer only?

    • Seems like it

      • Can we port out from Amaysim to Kogan for a few days and port back in?

        • Best to check with amaysim that how long does one has to be off amaysim to be considered as a new customer.

        • I need to know this too.

        • I want to know this as well

  • Does anyone know how long you have to be ported away for to be considered a new customer?

    • +14

      contact Amaysim via Chat and see what they can do for you…..they are really good if you are a current customer and might give you credit towards changing your plan. Can't hurt to ask. I got the half price $120 plan last time for $60 by asking nicely. They did a special deal for me, even though it was technically for new customers. Not the first time they have done things like this for me. I know you don't get the cashback, but you still get a great deal without the hassle of doing porting out and in.

      • +1

        Thanks for mentioning about trying the Chat. After 45 mins, I got the $60 deal for my daughters phone.

        • good to hear

      • I tried online chat but they only offered me 25% off the original price which is $90. Not happy

        • try again with a different agent?

      • +1

        Yeah I honestly think this is the best approach by them. If they've got customers that'll shop around they're gonna shop around. If it's still worth it for them to keep you as a customer it's a no brainer.

  • Damnit 1 week too late for me.. ended up with catch

    • Same. Kogan a fortnight ago.

      • Me too :(

  • +2

    Can you easily change e-sim numbers.
    Heard once a e-sim number gets attached to your phone it's hard to replace it with another e-sim

    • +1

      Yeah would like to know too.
      We need a esim for dummies guide.
      Recently got a esim compatible phone so would like cheap calls/SMS esim and then physical Sim for data so I can swap between devices.

    • +1

      You can easily port esim to physical sim. I did it last month from Telstra to Vodafone.

    • Very easy to do on the Pixel 6P. You just go into settings and either delete the esim or swap it. I currently have two esims installed on my Pixel 6P.

  • +1

    How does porting work exactly with the snail mail? If I order online, does the port goes over immediately, or when I receive the Sim card?

    • +4

      You have to activate the SIM (once it arrives) for the port process to begin.

      • Ok, can I get a 2 dollar Sim and go from there as well?

        • -1

          No. The promotion is tied to the sim.

          • @io: Crap, my boost expires in 4 days, given Auspost, it might not arrive in time.

            • @annarchon: you can try e-sim if your mobile is compatible with it for instant activation

          • @io: Since when? Of course you can activate with a $2 SIM!

            • +1

              @PR0r: Agreed. Have done this in the past. Contact live chat and ask them if it can be done and they will likely activate it via live chat.

            • +1

              @PR0r: Yep, confirmed. I've done it a few times.

        • +2

          I just did this and it worked mate

          • +1

            @MJD91: @PR0r @Rodo @mckayver @MJD91 @BK12 @annarchon

            Please note this action will invalidate cashback. You must activate the SIM you purchased (not a $2 SIM from a retail store).


            Cashback is ineligible on amaysim SIMs bought from retail stores/outlets.

            • @tightarse: They can activate the SIM in the mail then transfer it to your new $2 SIM. Surely that would keep the cashback god's happy

  • This or Woolies long life plan? I need to make a choice by end of month to ditch belong.
    Maybe worth noting the
    $75 plan comes with international calls to 45 countries
    $100 plan comes with international calls to 28 countries

    • I don’t see $75 plan on woolworths mobile

      • Sorry, the $75 and $100 in my comment are amaysim one.

    • Depending on the countries you really want to call to

      I'm with Woolie current and its 4% off gift card benefits really save me a lot (a couple hundred at least per year) considering I only pay $65 for 6 months.

      Plus the 10% off grocery once per month pretty much offsets the monthly cost (65/6)

      I'm struggling as well as my current plan ends in July.

  • Fixed through live chat

  • +1

    Thanks OP, copped the 165GB/365 days, Cash rewards was tracked almost instantly

    • Yep, me too. As Optus isn't as good as Telstra where I live, though not bad, I was hesitant about signing up. But, hey, $83 for a 12 month plan with over 13GB of data a month, is worth it. Worst comes to worst I chuck in a cheap month long boost sim to help out once or twice a year in my 2nd sim card slot.

  • +3

    Can I use this to extend my existing amaysim plan? Do I just select the transfer number option at checkout?

    • +1

      no, you are already with Amaysim they can't port a number from the same provider. You can contact Amaysim via chat and see if they will match the deal for you, if you ask nicely. You won't get the cashback, but it might be simpler than porting out to another carrier and then porting back again. Also depends on how much time you have left on the plan you have…..it will roll over to the new plan straight away, so you will lose any value left of the old plan when they do it.

  • +1

    Ordered a sim and the cashback tracked however I got an error Your order failed to go through…We’ve noticed that the number you’re trying to bring over to amaysim XXXXXXXXXX already exists in our database. Im coming from Boost, I thought they were separate networks.

    At the same time I received an email with
    Congrats - you've added another SIM to your account. Your account will be charged $60.00 and your new SIM will be with you soon

    Has anyone had any experience with this ?

    • Am very curious about this. I had Amaysim a few years back and am thinking of coming back w/ this deal. I was wondering if it would work, and in your case, it appears to have.

      • I’m not so sure. I called support but they didn’t think there was any issue. I’ll see if the sim arrives this week and try from there. Money has not been taken from my account yet.

    • I had the error where the number already exists but no congrats email and I wasn’t charged. At least I wasn’t double charged.

  • +1

    Thanks. Moved esim from GOMO, smooth transfer.

  • +2

    Terms mention "Must activate by 31 May 2022", "Not to be used in conjunction with an existing amaysim mobile service." ☹️
    A pain to organise a cheap port out and in by then?

  • Can I use this on an expired prepaid number?

    My prepaid ends in 3 days. I doubt I'll get the SIM card before then.

    • Should be fine. As long as you're able to receive sms sent to the sim.

  • +1

    Looks like I've been charged twice for the 12M 165GB Plan. CashRewards has also tracked it twice as well. Anyone else have this issue?

    • Only got charged once

    • me too then I contact them to refund my money.

    • same just got charged twice, mudda fuggers

    • I got charged twice too which is ridiculous…how did you get it resolved ?

      • haven't yet as they just closed, so just sent an email, will contact again tomorrow

    • Got charged twice as well. It seems I have to contact them tomorrow unfortunately.

    • I was charge double (2 x $100) for a Port In.

      Live Chat says that it's because there is another Amaysim account with the same mobile number and will refund.

      It also means my Port In was not successful (has full signal but can't call/sms/data) and have to wait for 40 business hours to fix the issue.

      (cash rewards has only 1 single transaction)

  • I'd be able to use this in a data hotspot right? I need a cheap wifi option to use in my sports club's canteen for the POS system.

    • I don't see why not

  • Thanks OP. Got the 60 dollar 1 year plan (cashback tracked) esim option. Nice one

  • +1

    Do they allow you to change to an esim later?

    • yes

      • No they don't. I live chatted with them and they are not doing sim replacements with eSim

  • Great deal, I am with Amaysim now and finishing data soon, what’s the best way to get into this? Buy a $2 sim from Coles, port there then port here?

    Or is there any decent esim deal?

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