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amaysim 2GB/28 Days Prepaid Mobile Starter Pack $0 Delivered & More Low Cost Plans @ amaysim


$10 for Unlimited 2GB and bonus 1GB for 13 renewals. That's 3GB total per renewal. FREE for first renewal. Ongoing is $10 for 2GB/28 days.
Access via main deal link or below. First 2000 customers. Must activate by 16/5/2022 to receive promotional benefits. Deal ends today.

Another two low cost plans.

50% off for 3 renewals on $15 UNLIMITED 18GB. Ongoing price $15/28 days

50% off for 3 renewals on $12 UNLIMITED 6GB. Ongoing price $12/28 days

I think all of them are special plans, not from the standard range. No cashback from CR/SB, but you can try.

Referral Links

Referral: random (453)

$10 credit to both the referrers on Unlimited Plans and referees. Referee needs to provide referrer with their email address.

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    Circles life (using the Optus 4G network) has 30GB for $15 for first 6 months - https://au-activate-shop.circles.life/circles25/pre-checkout…

    I have a couple of their plans for my kids and haven’t had any real issues. Just note the first month is pro-rated at the $25 rate so it’ll be higher than $15.

    • +1

      Why don't you activate it at the end month?

    • +2

      You missed the advantages of this Deal!

      This SIM is FREE for first 28d - remember to turn off auto recharge!

      For 1yr after that you can receive calls & text - handy for Deals!!
      (At end of Circles use, the month-to-month service must be terminated or you pay full price.)

      • Can you still use data after 28 days if not consumed?

  • thanks ,got one

  • -3

    Its a decent deal only problem is amaysim customer support is terrible, and you will be needing to create a new amaysim account for the new $0 sim card

    • +5

      No, you can still use an existing account.

      These deals were emailed to customers who ported out a few months ago. The freebie one starts from 31 Mar to today.

      I chose to post/share it today coz 1: not offend people who received it from email; 2: the deal has not been posted or expired yet.

      • -1

        I've never been able to use same email at order page, when signing in with existing email keeps giving error always 100%.
        I guess that's because I already have one of this 2 GB plan active in account (through groupon)

        The customer service is terrible.

        They will never ever be able to get supervisor on call
        They will never call at the time frame told to them, instead ALWAYS call outside of the time frame told to them

        If you dont believe call them and ask for a supervisor yourself

        • Online chat was great for me.

    • +2

      Using amaysim for 3 yrs. Customer service has been fine for me

      • I'm on Amaysim, it's much slower for me everywhere I go than Lebara, Kogan, Telstra. Haven't use Optus much.

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    worth it for the custom number

    • +9

      Yes $0 for 28 days is hard to complain about. Don't forget to change your payment method to Bpay once your account is set up.

      • +1

        Thanks for the reminder

      • Thanks.

        • +6

          Never have a problem after turn off the auto renew.

          • @jimojr: how to turn this off?

            • @ozmaxz: Open the app, click Manage your plan, you can turn off the auto renew from there.

  • +2

    Sweet, even valid for existing customers.

    • +2

      Even let me use an expired card!

      • @scanuck: Did you mean a cancelled card?

        I tried to use an expired card, but the website wouldn't allow me to enter an expiry date that was in the past.

        It did however, let me use one of my cards that expires at the end of this year but who's associated account was closed due to inactivity.

        • Expired and cancelled actually haha

          • @scanuck: That is weird. I wasn't able to use my expired and cancelled card.

            • @robinCTS: Got an order confirmation too - let’s see if it turns up

    • +1

      It may well be valid for existing customers but probably only if you get a new number. I guess you can't recharge your existing service using this deal.

  • So do I need to activate by a certain date?

  • -1

    Thanks. Unfortunately for me it says must activate by 16 May to be eligible for promotion benefits.

    On another note, when I used Amaysim from a previous promotion the person on the line couldn't hear me until I reset the phone. Has anyone experienced this? I have an Oppo A91. I'm afraid I will have this issue with all Optus SIMs so I'm afraid of getting multi-month Optus MVNO promotions.

    • If you picked the freebie one, I would say the benefit may only be the bonus 1GB for the 13 renewals. In other words, if it is not activated in due time, you may get fewer. It does not affect the 1st free renewal unless you activate it after 3+ months or in some similar extreme cases.

      • Is that definite? With Groupon deals, Amaysim would start activation 10 days after ordering and you would lose a free month unless you complained. There was even less logic to the Groupon bug.

        • Yes, I refer to it too. Think of that you already got the SIM delivered and ready to activate it. There is no reason to pay it again unless in an extreme case. This is to the best of my knowledge. Obviously, I cant say anything definite.

          • @Neoika: Thanks. I decided to order it and then enquire just in case so I can justify my complaint later with evidence I called.

          • +1

            @Neoika: For archival knowledge, I activated my SIM after 16 May and received the full 28 day allotment and also received 3 GB of data (instead of 2).

  • Is it $10 for total of 13 renewals or per ongoing renewal after 1st free month is $10?

    • +1

      Only the 1st 28 days is free. One renewal is 28 days.

      $10 from the 2nd 28 days.

      • Thanks

  • -1

    I click the referral link, comes up $12, not free ???

  • +6

    Got one thanks.
    Don't forget to change payment method to bpay to prevent auto recharge

  • got 1

  • Thanks Got 1

  • Thanks Neoika - your amaysim SIM card is on its way!

  • +1

    Thanks, got a couple on the same account :)

  • +1

    hmm… your cart's empty
    Any plan or promo you placed here is now invalid.

    Did not work on 50% off plans

  • Been with amaysim for a long time, I just realised I have 4GB/month at $10/month, how did I get this plan?

    I remember I signed up for 2gb not 4gb.

    Certainly not complaining lol.

    • Unlimited Data Banking?

      • Not data banking. I get 4GB each month. I have like 20+gb on my data bank.

        • OK. Telcos compete against each other by unadvertised bonus data now. Kogan Mobile offers 20GB signup bonus data without any info.

    • I have five SIMs on $20 plan with $25GB and data banking. The current $20 plan has only 6GB. Last time I checked I have >150GB banked :-).

      Several times we've received messages that our plans are being upgraded. Added a new SIM last year on the $20 plan which at the time had 10GB of data. That SIM has been upgraded to 25GB. My guess is that this has happened to you.

      • +1

        Yeah they probably randomly upgrade people to better plans not available in the market directly to keep people hooked in lol.

        Suffice to say, it's working, I'm paying only 10 bucks a month that takes care of it all for me.

  • +5

    Good for Uber eats

  • Thanks OP. Been keeping an eye on free sims for a while.

  • Thanks! porting out from belong as they have crap network.

    • Im planning to do the same. I can't believe they axed the $10 plan and made it $15 for basically nothing

  • Will i lose any features moving from Gomo? VoLTE, Wifi calling etc

    • Amaysim doesn't have VoLTE or VoWiFi (WiFi Calling) yet.

  • +1

    Thanks OP.

    Been meaning to get on the amaysim bandwagon for a while now. Got a couple of sims added to a new account.

    So far, only one bad point: I'm limited to a maximum of 15 characters for my password?! wtf? I have a (relatively πŸ˜‰) simple system for generating a unique, very secure, password (and with a unique email address) for each website. (I don't need to remember these passwords/email addresses as I can just regenerate them when required.)

    My original system generated passwords that were all 14 characters long, but it's been years since I upgraded to a more secure 20 character system.

    • +1

      Would be interested on how you generate unique emails and passwords for every system. Please DM if you are happy to share, thanks. PS I also follow every deals you share lol

      • If you're using gmail, for example binary1001 AT gmail, you could use binary1001+anything AT gmail. Everything will go to the same box, no matter what is after the +.

        Alternatively you could buy a domain from somewhere like Porkbun and link it to a free mail provider like Yandex and set up catch-all to get anything AT your.domain all sent to one inbox.

        I usually use the latter, but domains do cost about $10 or so per year. If you ever stop paying for it you lose access and someone else can buy the domain name.

      • +2


        With respect to generating unique email addresses, as MattyTheMad pointed out, one way is to use your own domain name to set up a forwarding account. (Instead of using a free mail provider, alternatively you could use a free DNS hosting provider, like ZoneEdit, and set up mailmap(s) to redirect the mail to your normal account.)

        The other way is to use aliases of your email address. MattyTheMad showed how gmail's system works. Yahoo has something similar. You can choose a "nickname", for example, Binary1001 (provided nobody else is already using it, of course), so that emails sent to Binary1001-«keyword»©yahoo.com are automatically redirected to your mailbox. You are however limited to 500 such aliases at any one time, and you have to set up each one individually - there is no catch-all. The advantage over gmail is that your primary address cannot be worked out.

        I use both methods.

        As for the password generator, here's a simple one I just made up as an example:

        ↓URL 67 ↓"BinarY" ↓1001 Password
        β†’ozbargain β†’ ga β†’ 51 β†’Bqbatq β†’6152 ga+51βˆ’Bqbatq=6152
        β†’google β†’ eg β†’ 35 β†’Ctcge β†’4536 eg+35βˆ’Ctcget=4536

        All you need to remember are two numbers (#1=67, and #2=1001); a word (word1="Binary"); a sequence of special characters (seq1="+ - ="); and a set of simple steps. Note that I've used one two-digit number for simplicity's sake. It would be better if it were four digits to make the password longer (21 characters) and more secure.

        This example generator results in a 17 character password containing 2 uppercase letter, 6 lowercase letters, 6 digits, and 3 special characters.


        1. Grab the main part of the URL:
          a. URL β†’ word2 = "ozbargain"
          b. URL β†’ word2 = "google"
        2. Use the digits of #1 (67) to select and combine the nth letters of word1 wrapping around to the beginning if you hit the end:
          a. (
          "ozbargain"+6 β†’ "ozbargain" β†’ "g";
          "ozbargain"+7 β†’ "ozbargain" β†’ "a"
          ) β†’ word3 = "ga"
          b. (
          "google"+6 β†’ "google" β†’ "e";
          "google"+7 β†’ "google" (wrapping)β†’ "google" β†’ "g"
          ) β†’ word3 = "eg"
        3. Use the letters on the keyboard to convert each letter of word3 to a digit by counting it's row position from the left:
          a. (
          "ga" β†’ [asdfghjkl] β†’ 5;
          "ga" β†’ [asdfghjkl] β†’ 1
          ) β†’ #3 = 51
          b. (
          "eg" β†’ [qwertyuiop] β†’ 3;
          "eg" β†’ [asdfghjkl] β†’ 5
          ) β†’ #3 = 35
        4. Transform each letter of word1 (from the left) by using the digits of #3 (from the left, and substituting 10 for 0) to select the nth letter from the same keyboard row as the original letter, wrapping both #3 and the keyboard letters as required and retaining any capitalisations:
          a. (
          "BinarY"+5 β†’ [ZXCVBNM] β†’ "B";
          "BinarY"+1 β†’ [qwertyuiop] β†’ "q";
          "BinarY"+5 β†’ [zxcvbnm] β†’ "b";
          "BinarY"+1 β†’ [asdfghjkl] β†’ "a";
          "BinarY"+5 β†’ [qwertyuiop] β†’ "t";
          "BinarY"+1 β†’ [QWERTYUIOP] β†’ "Q"
          ) β†’ word4 = "BqbatQ"
          b. (
          "BinarY"+3 β†’ [ZXCVBNM] β†’ "C";
          "BinarY"+5 β†’ [qwertyuiop] β†’ "t";
          "BinarY"+3 β†’ [zxcvbnm] β†’ "c";
          "BinarY"+5 β†’ [asdfghjkl]" β†’ "g";
          "BinarY"+3 β†’ [qwertyuiop]" β†’ "e";
          "BinarY"+5 β†’ [QWERTYUIOP]" β†’ "T"
          ) β†’ word4 = "CtcgeT"
        5. Transform each digit of #2 (from the left) by adding the digits of #3 (from the left) wrapping #3 as required:
          a. (
          "1001"+5 β†’ 1+5 β†’ 6;
          "1001"+1 β†’ 0+1 β†’ 1;
          "1001"+5 β†’ 0+5 β†’ 5;
          "1001"+1 β†’ 1+1 β†’ 2;
          ) β†’ #4 = 6152
          b. (
          "1001"+3 β†’ 1+3 β†’ 4;
          "1001"+5 β†’ 0+5 β†’ 5;
          "1001"+3 β†’ 0+3 β†’ 3;
          "1001"+5 β†’ 1+5 β†’ 6;
          ) β†’ #4 = 4536
        6. Generate the password by combining word3, word4, #3, #4, and seq1 in the format word3+#3-word4=#4:
          a. password = "ga+51βˆ’BqbatQ=6152"
          b. password = "eg+35βˆ’CtcgeT=4536"

        Generating the password on the fly is actually much simpler than it appears from the set of steps above.

        I usually do it in the Address Bar of my browser and then copy/paste it into the password field. If you can't keep the master set {+-=, 67, Binary, 1001} in your head at the same time as generating the password, you could type it out first.

        For google.com this is what you would type (the brackets and enclosed explanations are not typed, of course):

        • google (no need to actually type it in this simple case, just start typing after the URL)
        • google +-= 67 BinarY 1001 (optional)
        • google +-= 67 BinarY 1001 e (6th char of google)
        • google +-= 67 BinarY 1001 eg (7th char of google, wrapping)
        • google +-= 67 BinarY 1001 eg+
        • google +-= 67 BinarY 1001 eg+3 (e = 3rd char from left of keyboard)
        • google +-= 67 BinarY 1001 eg+35 (g = 5th char from left of keyboard)
        • google +-= 67 BinarY 1001 eg+35-
        • google +-= 67 BinarY 1001 eg+35-C ("C" = 3rd char from left of keyboard row "B")
        • google +-= 67 BinarY 1001 eg+35-Ct ("t" = 5th char from left of keyboard row "i")
        • google +-= 67 BinarY 1001 eg+35-Ctc ("c" = 3rd char from left of keyboard row "n")
        • google +-= 67 BinarY 1001 eg+35-Ctcg ("g" = 5th char from left of keyboard row "a")
        • google +-= 67 BinarY 1001 eg+35-Ctcge ("e" = 3rd char from left of keyboard row "r")
        • google +-= 67 BinarY 1001 eg+35-CtcgeT ("T" = 5th char from left of keyboard row "Y")
        • google +-= 67 BinarY 1001 eg+35-CtcgeT=
        • google +-= 67 BinarY 1001 eg+35-CtcgeT=4 (4 = 1+3)
        • google +-= 67 BinarY 1001 eg+35-CtcgeT=45 (5 = 0+5)
        • google +-= 67 BinarY 1001 eg+35-CtcgeT=453 (3 = 0+3)
        • google +-= 67 BinarY 1001 eg+35-CtcgeT=4536 (6 = 1+5)

        This particular example has one additional minor drawback in that it will generate the same password for different websites if they have the same letters in the same positions given by the digits of #1 (67). This can essentially be negated if you use four digits for #1 and something like OzBarGain or OzBarGainComAu (where the initial letters of syllables/words are capitalised) for word1.

        PS Thanks for following 😎

        Mod: this comment was set to off topic by request of Robincts

        • I think you just solved the singularity theory

  • +1

    I find amayasim service worser than optus despite being using the same network. No VoLTE and HD voice calling.

  • +1

    I was able to use referer last time, got an extra $10 lol

  • +6

    Sorry if someone mentioned this already, but you can probably convert this to the "As You Go" plan (it's called something like that anyway). Which is probably still $10 per year to keep the SIM/number active. I set it up to auto debit Paypal so if the internet goes down I have another way to get online. If you ever want to cancel it you just login to Paypal, turn off auto debit, and destroy the SIM. That way when 12 months rolls around (12 months from the last $10 recharge) the auto debit will fail and they'll disable the account without you needing to contact them.

  • +2

    I'm surprised this hasn't sold out yet. Just checkout 2 SIMs, thanks OP.

    • same, about 30mins ago..

  • Hi, does anyone know about transfer number , will it be port out my number before the SIM card arrive? Or it’s only will port in when u active SIM? Thank you in advance

    • You can use your previous provider's SIM during this time. In some instances you may notice that your previous providers SIM has stopped working but your amaysim SIM is still not active. Not to worry this means your previous provider is in the process of handing over your number to us.

      Looks like they sometimes port it before and sometimes they don't, I would need confirmation from someone else but it is normally safer to select new number on the order page, then change your mind when setting up the sim.

      • Thank you for your reply. Do u mean I can choose a new number when I order , but use my own number when the sim arrived ?

        • Yes that normally works for other providers.
          I haven't done it on amaysim but the way it usually works is the setup page is the same as when you buy a supermarket sim-pack.

          I can't say for 100%, but I would be confident enough to assume it for myself.

      • +2

        When you port a number to amaysim these days you get them to text you a code to the number you are porting during the sim activation process, so your number needs to be able to receive incoming texts at this stage.

      • It's actually safer to transfer a number than to choose a new number, at least for amaysim.

        And the porting only begins when the customer initiates it. From your link:

        When does amaysim begin the transfer of my mobile number?

        We wait for you to tell us when to start the transfer of your number. This typically happens at the end of your SIM activation process. You'll see a button called, "Start Number Transfer" that you'll need to click to commence the transfer.

    • +2

      Your number will only be ported when you activate your SIM.

      By the way, don't choose a new number from amaysim as they tend to activate your SIM at the time of posting or soon after.

      • I ordered on 30 April and chose a new number. It's 16 May and I haven't received the sim, and I logged in their app and only have 14 days left on the plan.
        Oh well :(

        • +1

          If it doesn't automatically reset you can ask the live chat for the extra days back.

        • Get in touch with amaysim and tell them you haven't received your SIM card yet.

        • @RTY Mine has not arrived yet either. I also chose new number.

  • +1

    Seems still active? @Neoika

    • @MiscOzB: πŸ€” Did you actually manage to order a sim?

      I tried but kept getting this error:

      Our shopping cart isn't working right now…

      Whilst we twiddle with the on/off switch, we suggest you come back later and try again.

      • +1

        Ahh nope, just saw the $0 and could proceed to checkout, so assumed must still be active. Already ordered some before the original expiry.

  • Does anyone remember the trick to avoid your SIM being pre-activated by Amaysim?

    • +5

      @DoctorCalculon: Don't choose a new number. Instead, choose to port an existing (random) number. Apparently, when activating you can change your mind and do so with a new number. (See these two comments.)

      • +1

        Sweet. Thank you. I am definitely bookmarking your comment.

  • I chose a new mobile number from the list of available free mobile numbers on Amaysim when I signed up to this deal. Just received the SIM today but when I tried to use the new mobile number to create a new account for Uber Eats, it says "Welcome back, Bruno" and wants me to sign in with an existing password.

    For testing purposes, I clicked on I've forgotten my password and Uber Eats sent an email to m****[email protected]. No idea who this belongs to.

    This means someone with that email address has already signed up to Uber Eats with this "new" mobile number I just received from Amaysim. So Amaysim sent me a used number?? I thought it was a brand new mobile number…

    • +1

      The number is recycled.

    • pretty sure this guy had your number before you


      • Lol

    • That sucks. No soup for you.

      Give Doordash a go, not as good, but something.

  • Thanks OP, got two

  • My sim still has not arrived. Have yours?

    • Arrived, but other issue, 500 server error.

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