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Crucial BX500 1TB 2.5" SATA SSD $106.95 Delivered @ Amazon UK via AU


Quite a cheap price for this 1TB 2.5" SATA SSD from Crucial offering a sequential read speed up to 540MB/s and sequential write speed up to 500MB/s.

This SSD is part of Crucial's budget range so it using TLC flash with no DRAM cache, however it has about 140GB of pSLC cache and will slow down temporarily if you transfer that much or more in one go. It's fine for use as a secondary drive, game storage, portable SSD etc. but not so much as a main boot drive due to the lower sustained write speeds.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    be careful with Dramless drives.

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      They're really not that bad if you're using them in a scenario where sustained writes isn't needed. The pSLC cache is about 140GB so if you're transferring anymore than that in one go it'll temporarily slow down.

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        Are we talking about DRAMless SSDs or this SSD having inferior NAND so sustained write suffers badly?

        DRAMless doesn't mean it struggles with sequential writes. It has other issues.

    • Both XBox Series X and PS5's internal SSDs are DRAMless.

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    Not really sure why you'd take this over a MX500 around $120 (when the next deal comes).

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    Working in the IT industry, I've seen at least seven of these drives completely fail with less or just over 12 months of use, do not use these drives to store anything valuable, the MX500s are definitely worth the price over these.

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      The MX500 1tb's are available from a bunch of aussie retails at the $120 mark right now, going by staticice.

    • If you work in IT you should know never have only a single copy of anything valuable as you will lose it whatever you store it on. Bigger reason to worry about an unreliable device is the time spent restoring etc

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        Just because we know not to have a single copy of things and recommend to others backing up and/or using raid 1, that doesn't mean we do it ourselves. Lol

        "Do as I say, not as I do."

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    +$41 for "Expedited" delivery, free delivery in 2+ weeks, OR, $112-$115 off the shelf in AUS today from a dozen different stores? Plus walk-in-exchange if its DOA?

    Not even remotely a bargain, in my book.

  • Can be used for PS5 to play off? Sorry, no idea.

    • No, only to play PS4 games via a usb enclosure connected to the PS5. You can also move PS5 games on to it (to save re-downloading) but you won't be able to launch them.

  • does Sata means you need sata cable to connect to mobo?

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      It's an even better reason to avoid this deal.

    • Wow. A DRAMless QLC SSD is really not worth buying at any price, for any purpose, apart from sending more tech rubbish to landfills.

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        They are fine for PC/console game storage. :)

        But given the BX500 uses lower grade nand (i.e. Spectek or lower), it's really only well suited for data you won't mind losing - games and pr0ns.

        • I really don't think so. TLC without DRAM would be fine for storage, but putting stuff on DRAMless QLC is just asking to lose everything.
          My Linux ISOs are too valuable for QLC ;)

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    While all the SSD nerds are here……can anyone recommend a 1TB M.2 drive to replace a sketchy boot drive? Don't need anything amazing, just needs to be decent quality and reliable.

    • Asking a question and including a word which many see as having a negative connotation may not invoke many answers

      • Oh dear. I wear my tech nerd badge with pride - but my nerdiness doesn't extend to the current state of SSDs and the complexities of 3D NAND, DRAM caches etc. I apologise for any offence given.

    • Samsung 970 Evo Plus. 10% off at shopping express and there's also a current steam gift card promotion.

    • Yeah, the 970 is a reliable choice.

      WD also recently brought out their SN770 which is quite decent too.

      The Samsung 970 is Gen 3.
      The WD Black SN 770 is Gen 4.

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