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iPhone 12 Mini 256GB (White) $918.89 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Just saw this deal with massive discount only on the white colour iPhone 12 mini 256gb.

The 64gb is 898 and this 256gb is just $20 more.

Sold by Amazon not a random seller.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    RRP $1249.
    Excellent phone and price.
    I can't go back to phablets after owning a mini.

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    beware the battery life, or lack thereof. i've heard that the 12 mini has a shorter battery life than the 13 mini, and the 13 mini definitely doesn't have a long one. i find myself having to limit my use of my phone (13 mini) throughout the day so that i don't have a dead phone by the end of the day, and i am a light user, i never take photos, watch videos or do any intensive tasks on it, i just use it here and there to browse internet forums.

    • -3

      2,406 mAh vs 2,227 mAh.
      Perfectly sufficient for someone who doesn't sit on their phone all day.

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        Perfectly sufficient for someone who doesn't want to use their thousand dollar item.
        Recently bought a flip 3 and was wary of the reported battery life issues, my wife just sold her iPhone 12 and got a flip 3 after her phone barely lasted 8 to 10 hours but the flip gets 16 to 18 with moderate to heavy use. Cheaper phone, more functionality and it folds in half. Iphones have always had poor performance, poor storage and poor battery.
        You can't justify poor quality because you want to use it.

        • +1

          I wouldn’t say all iPhones are like this, it’s just a consequence of having a 2010 sized phone (and battery) while using it for 2022 tasks. The pro max is supposed to have the best battery life in the business

          The minis are still great, just let down by battery life.

        • Iphones have always

          Not always.

        • poor battery? I'm deciding between iPhone 13 and Samsung S22, prefer Android but iPhone battery life appears to be much better.

        • 13 mini outlasts full-sized 12 & 11 with much bigger batteries. mah alone is not enough to measure 'quality' - if the display and cpu use less power that its predecessors, the battery will last longer .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQQCoJiZj8w&t=284s

        • The Flip 3 is more expensive and has a larger battery. Not sure what your point is?

    • Agree with this. Own one. Battery life is horrible. Would avoid this if you are going to use it as your primary device.

    • Also agree with this. I had the 12 mini. Loved the form factor but ended up moving to the 13 pro because of the crap battery life. Chalk and cheese.

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    1200 bucks gets you a 2400 mAh battery in Apple land, tee hee ho ho.

    • +1

      which some how lasts longer than samsungs with 3700mAh batteries

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    I bought a 13 mini recently and find the battery life to be sufficient for day to day usage, but is not my primary device/comms device at work.

  • +2

    Wow ive had my 12 mini for almost 2 years and never felt the battery was an issue - I thought I was an average user guess Im light
    lightweight baby

    • +2

      Be careful, you might upset those who don’t have a life and use their phones 24/7 and complain about the battery life.

      • +1

        I’m pretty lifeless. I’m on my phone now checking ozbargain whilst my laksa is being cooked

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