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Meross Smart Garage Opener: Homekit (Expired) US$26.94 (~A$38.61), Non Homekit US$22.43 (~A$32.11) @ Meross Official, AliExpress


All time new low. Cheaper than the last deal by $18.75, although slower postage via Aliexpress. 

I missed the last deal, but at sub $40, thought I might give it a go.

Homekit compatibility, meaning Apple CarPlay (there is a button) & Siri voice integration is a massive bonus if you're in the iOS ecosystem.

Decent video review here

Non-Homekit version is also available for $32.11 ($22.43 USD).

Compatibility Manual

  • Remote and Voice Control: You can turn garage door on/off from anywhere with internet via the Meross app. Or control your devices hands free, just give voice commands to turn on/off the connected devices. Compatible with Apple HomeKit, Siri, Amazon Alexa, SmartThings and Google Assistant. To let in your family, guests or couriers through the garage door while you are cooking or not at home. No monthly fee or any other subscription fee!
  • Compatibility Check: Please check if your garage door model is in the compatibility list on meross /'mɪrɚs/ official web. Also you can contact us to confirm the compatibility.
  • Multiple Notification Modes: Stay alert by different notification modes such as garage door open/ close status, overtime notification and overnight notification to remind you close the garage door. And you can check the garage door open/ close operation records through the APP.
  • More Precise and Stable: It comes with a high sensitivity sensor which monitors the status of garage door more accurate and the signal stays stable. With adapter convert 220v to 5v, much safer.
  • Easy to Install: Installation is much easier than you may think. Pls make sure your wifi strength is acceptable near your garage door. This is the upgraded version, which has solved the interference issues our old verion may cause to some garage door remotes. If you still find it interference with your original garage door remotes, please contact [email protected] for help. We have a solution for you.

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  • My door system as an external board that has "FA GND FLASH, 24V PE GND & PB" sockets on it.
    I haven't looked into the Meross or door unit much, but I assume you would plug into 1 or 2 of these?
    Is anyone else's similar to mine?

  • Says delivery by Jun 12, is that a realistic estimate. Haven't purchased from Aliexpress before so wondering if they delivery before, on and after this estimate date?

    • From previous experience 3-5 weeks is a reasonable estimate for the free postage options.

  • Does this only open/close.. (stupid question on the face of it) - but can it partially open/close?

    So if I want to raise the door a metre, then send the signal to stop - can it? I do this with a 'dumb switch' and a Raspberry Pi. I'd love to replace it.

    • I guess if you catch it quick enough you could. It is essentially just pressing the garage button.

    • I have this and I have to wait for it to full open before I can close it

  • Can non-homekit version work on an iphone/ipad?

    • I believe so, but just on the Meross App and not on the Apple Home App

      • Okay, thanks for the reply.

  • Where is the button on Apple CarPlay?

    • +1

      If you have siri suggestions on, it will come up on the home page automatically as siri learns (eg when you get close to your house). Or you can use Hey Siri

      • Appreciate the response, thank you

  • +2

    Happy to report that I just had some great customer service. I ordered the non-homekit version, and a service rep reached out to me on WhatsApp to confirm that I had ordered the correct version. Glad they confirmed before sending it out 👍

    • +1

      they should have up-sold you to the homekit version while they had you on whatsapp

  • Does it have a physical remote or is it just an app on the phone?

  • +1
    • In your link there is a manual that illustrates two terminals for a wired push bottom switch, so the Meross should work

  • +2

    Been using this for 2 years. has senser to tell me if the door is open, can get notified if someone opens garage. it was $14 when i bought it, now it is $17 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/373833115365?

  • Ive got one listed in the classifieds, happy to give away for $15

  • Anybody figured out how to open the Merlin MR 850.

    it's on the list, but I'm not sure how to open it up and couldn't find anything useful online.

    • figured it out, I unscrewed the only screw that's on the garage door (at the bottom of the unit) and the lid popped open
      behind the lid, there was a schematic for the connection for accessory power, status relay, safety beam and most importantly, wired wall control.

      I used a tweezer to short the wired wall control and it closed/open
      it looks like a spring-loaded terminal block so you should be able to just wedge the clip open and slide a wire into it without anything.

  • Do they connect via wifi to the home network? I find alot of these IoT devices disconnect for no reason over time and you need to reconfig / reset them once in a while, major pita

  • Just want to confirm the non-homekit version is only required if you actually want to use apple homekit.
    If all I want is google assistant, I am assuming I'm better of saving the~$6 and get the non-homekit version.

    • +2


      • Thanks.

        Bought one.
        another project for me to work on, given we use the garage multiple times a day my other half should be happy about it.

  • +1

    I have this (homekit) and it is very easy to set up, using homekit but i find the meross app works better. Works on apple watch too. You will need some home kit/hub type device for it work when not connected to wifi.

    • Melong approves this meross 👌

    • So if not on wifi (eg. you’re a km out from your home, you can’t use Apple Home to open/close the garage door?

      • This is second hand info, so see earlier comments, but yes you need a device that permanently stays at home — most realistic seems to be the HomePod mini. https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT207057

        • Thanks. My bad, I missed reading them. Got too excited and bought the homekit version. Looks like this is looking to be more expensive than I thought it would be, now that I need to buy a homepod mini.

          • @delfredo: A cheap second hand apple TV is the other option.

            • @plasmapuff: Thanks. Would any generation of Apple TV work? I read through the apple site that it must be the 4K and HD versions of Apple TV.

  • +1

    When you buy this before you even buy your b&d garage door opener & installation

  • +1

    Thanks OP, ordered a Homekit one. I have wanted this for a long time as we keep losing/breaking our garage door remotes.

  • +2

    I have been using this one for 2 years so far with no problems and it's priced well

  • So to be clear Homekit is only needed if you have Apple products otherwise standard version only needed with some form of hub required to use the app offsite which is the only real benefit to having it. Also the door open shut sensor is cabled and not remotely linked via a hub which seems a pain to run a cable all the way to the door. I have notion sensors so wouldn't use that anyway. Am I reading it correctly as above

  • Does anyone know if this works with the Merlin Commander myQ (MT110MYQ) garage door opener?

    It's not listed on the compatibility list but I am assuming it's all same-same and "should" work.
    I don't know if this being a myQ model which has it's own overpriced receiver would somehome stop the Merros one from working.

  • Just double checking, does the Homekit version work with Google and Alexa as well?

    • +1

      Yes. For $6 some flexibility is always great in case you change platforms.

  • I had been thinking of buying the iSmartGate but these are much cheaper. Running a couple of 4K Apple TV's on the home LAN so setting these up with Homekit and using with CarPlay should be great. Thanks!

    • Got my two that I'd ordered yesterday. Both setup into Homekit easy as pie. Updated the firmware in the Meross app. I'll install them on the weekend onto my two garage doors with Merlin MT100EVO openers. Not expecting any issues there. Since ordering these I've been playing around with integrating more of my IoT gear into HomeKit via HOOBS bridge. Got my Hikvision NVR and Harmony Elite remotes in there now. Thinking of getting rid of my Amazon Echo and replacing it with a Homepod mini now since Homekit is so much easier to integrate with.

      • My install went pretty smoothly. Took a little bit of playing with placement of the sensor on the first door to get it right. After that I had to tweak the door open time in the Meross app. By default it's at 15 sec. I timed my door opening and closing and it was 20 sec. Set that in the Meross app but HomeKit would report an obstruction with the door. Changed it to 25 sec and that's now gone. Now the right pain that I wasn't expecting. I wanted to use these with CarPlay but there's no way to set which opener should be used in CarPaly it relies on Siri suggestions. Siri suggestions some times recommends the right door sometimes it doesn't. There seems to be no logic to it. Using Siri voice commands works reliably though. I hope this get addressed in iOS 16 but I'm not holding my breath seeing as this has been a known issue since iOS 13.

  • +1

    Bit the bullet and ordered the non-Homekit Ver. Their CS contacted me via Whatsapp to confirm if Non-Homekit is indeed what I'm after.

    Btw, CS did mention the shipping timeframe would be around 13-25days atm.

    • Via whatsapp? That's pretty cool, is that something that aliexpress merchants often do? I've never had that before, is there some kind of linking you did with your whatsapp profile?

      Only comms I've had are via aliexpress's own chat function

      • Yep, via WhatsApp. I guess they might somehow reach me via mob number I left for mailing address.

  • Can I use both versions (HomeKit and no HomeKit) with HA?

  • Another tip. My gate is 12v. The meross runs on USB so buy a cheap 12v to USB unit and hook direct to the unit rather than trying to run new power to your gate

  • +1

    Received delivery today in Perth. Quick delivery

    • Do they have a local warehouse here?

      I just tried to order the AU HomeKit model, and the product page says free shipping from China.

      Did I miss an option somewhere?

  • +1

    Received today Brisbane, 8 days after order. AU Homekit back in stock, Non homekit AU out of stock.

  • Just got this in the mail. I named them both correctly but oddly one didn't stick. Anyone have any ideas how to edit the name?

  • Did anyone else order the HomeKit version (MSG100HK) and relieve the non HomeKit version (MSG100)?

    Not happy, hopefully they fix this promptly.

  • I’ve changed my mind on my purchase of the homekit version. If anyone in Sydney is interested to buy from me please DM me. Package is still sealed and unopened, received 5 days ago.

    My mistake was I didn’t know I needed to also buy a hub (homepod/apple TV) and that’s another $100+ outlay I’m not prepared to make. I’ll stick to my current Tuya based garage door opener.

  • Does this come with an icon to open/close using Android auto? Is that a thing with any of these?

  • Installed mine yesterday (HomeKit version). Works well other than remote access (when away from home). Apparently you need an AppleTV, HomePod or iPad for that. Or I assume a Google Hub might do the trick.

    • +1

      Homebridge is the other option to get HomeKit to work. I have it installed on my Synology NAS, also works on Raspberry Pi.

      Is great at converting a lot of non innate HomeKit Devices to work on HomeKit via Plugins

    • +1

      Just a FYI for HomeKit the iPad option is being dropped in iOS 16 so officially only HomePod's or AppleTV's can be the Home Hubs.

      • That's good to know. Luckily I had an Apple TV laying around. The only purpose I needed remote access for, was to get the button in Carplay working correctly. Without the hub, the Carplay button (and any remote functionality) will just say 'not connected'.

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