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Meross Smart Garage Opener: Homekit (Expired) US$26.94 (~A$38.61), Non Homekit US$22.43 (~A$32.11) @ Meross Official, AliExpress


All time new low. Cheaper than the last deal by $18.75, although slower postage via Aliexpress. 

I missed the last deal, but at sub $40, thought I might give it a go.

Homekit compatibility, meaning Apple CarPlay (there is a button) & Siri voice integration is a massive bonus if you're in the iOS ecosystem.

Decent video review here

Non-Homekit version is also available for $32.11 ($22.43 USD).

Compatibility Manual

  • Remote and Voice Control: You can turn garage door on/off from anywhere with internet via the Meross app. Or control your devices hands free, just give voice commands to turn on/off the connected devices. Compatible with Apple HomeKit, Siri, Amazon Alexa, SmartThings and Google Assistant. To let in your family, guests or couriers through the garage door while you are cooking or not at home. No monthly fee or any other subscription fee!
  • Compatibility Check: Please check if your garage door model is in the compatibility list on meross /'mɪrɚs/ official web. Also you can contact us to confirm the compatibility.
  • Multiple Notification Modes: Stay alert by different notification modes such as garage door open/ close status, overtime notification and overnight notification to remind you close the garage door. And you can check the garage door open/ close operation records through the APP.
  • More Precise and Stable: It comes with a high sensitivity sensor which monitors the status of garage door more accurate and the signal stays stable. With adapter convert 220v to 5v, much safer.
  • Easy to Install: Installation is much easier than you may think. Pls make sure your wifi strength is acceptable near your garage door. This is the upgraded version, which has solved the interference issues our old verion may cause to some garage door remotes. If you still find it interference with your original garage door remotes, please contact [email protected] for help. We have a solution for you.

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  • this vs bunnings one?

    • +3

      Well the Bunnings one is $20 more. Comes with a double adapter and a usb power brick which is nice, so no need to worry about how to power it. At the end of the day they do the same thing. Both have app and voice assistant opening and notifications.

      If you just want a smart garage door opener and don't care about ecosystem, this will probably work fine. Depends how picky you are or care about having multiple different apps for multiple different smart things (if you have or plan to get others).

      I like the Bunnings one as I'm already invested in the Bunnings system of devices, and they all (mostly) work fine integrating with Home Assistant which is nice if you're into more advanced smart home/automation.

      EDIT: Also don't think bunnings one supports homekit, so another downside if you use Apple devices.

      • Are you using the stock (assume Tuya) firmware on the Bunnings one? Or have you flashed it with something else to make it Home Assistant compatible?

        • +2

          I use LocalTuya (https://github.com/rospogrigio/localtuya) to get them working, but the standard Tuya integration also works, just preferred to have the local control for speed. Basically you need to pair the devices through the Tuya app instead of the GridConnect one and then through Tuya's cloud service you can control them and add them into Home Assistant. Following the steps at https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/tuya/ is good for getting that cloud service setup.

          Everything works fine, I have a bunch of different lights which are all fully supported and the bunnings smart garage opener also works out of the box. The only Bunnings/Grid Connect thing which hasn't worked for me so far is their pan and tilt cheap usb cameras, which isn't a big deal for me. Heck even my Kogan kettle works through Tuya which is nice.

          • @rldowling03: Thanks for the info. I have the Tuya integration working fine for a couple of smart plugs, but most of my devices have been flashed with Tasmota for local control. I'd be interested to see if this one would work with Tasmota or ESPhome

      • Do you know if there is a way to use the Orion Grid Connect Smart Garage Door Controller with Google Home without having to use the PIN code each time?

      • thank you sir

      • +2

        One point that is often important also is that Bunnings has an easy and quick return policy.

    • bunnings one

      Do you have the link handy, please?

  • Anyone have one of these and can comment on how good they are? I have an old school style remote that I am constantly forgetting where I put it.

    • +2

      It's great - super quick to install, works reliably. I use it with Alexa to close garage door with voice commands.

      • Is there a doc on how to connect to alexa + commands to use?

        • The app has a link to Alexa option, so it's pretty easy to get going. The commands I believe appeared when I enabled the Skil in Alexa. I say "Open Garage" and "Close Garage".

    • +1

      Been using it for last 12 months very happy. I had initial configuration issue with my garage motor contacted support and they helped me set it all up.

    • +5

      It works. I can open my garage by using my phone: open the app then click on the garage icon. It also sends the alert to my phone when the gate is open, close, or didn't close for more than 15mins. Now I know when my wife left the home or come back. No idea how to connect it to my Google account. My daughter doesn't allow me to try the homekit setting on her iPhone so I also don't have any idea on Apple side.

      The installation took me about 30mins (25 mins to research which two holes should the wire goes to, then 5 mins to tidy the wire).

      • +8

        "Now I know when my wife left the home or come back."


        • +1

          unless she walks, and goes out the one remaining window without the open / close sensors….

    • +2

      I recently purchased the Homekit version from Amazon cost $57.00.
      We had the problem that the remote range was poor.
      They are really good took me about an hour to install.
      Can open the garage down the street on my iPhone.
      Should have purchased one years ago.

      • Seems current price for HomeKit version on Amazon is $89.99

        Older Google and Alexa version $58

        • Wondering if it's any better to buy on Amazon versus buying it on AliExpress. Never had any experience with buying on AliExpress, are they reliable? I feel like I always get stung with long delivery times.

    • Thanks everyone!

    • I have two. They're good. Beware when using Google home you need a pin number to open, so if using voice commands it asks for a pin. I'm trying to work out a tasker workaround - if anyone knows how to use tasker to do this let me know!

      • +2

        I had the same issue, but i worked around it by not using the open or closed reed switch included. if you dont use the reed switch you can basically set up a google home routine that says "close the garage door" and it will toggle between opening and closing. the obvious downside is that you dont know the state of open or closed. up to you whether that is a deal breaker. my use case is using it as a gate opener, and i've spliced the meross into the manual toggle wall switch. so i didnt want to run the reed switch out to the gate as i'd already buried the conduit back when i installed the toggle switch

      • It says on the website the PIN is optional? Is this not the case?

  • OMG, I shouldn't buy it that early.

  • Anyone know if it works on a Dynamic Systems BOL6 garage door. I couldn't find it on their search function for doors that worked.

    • Should do. If the door supports an external wall button, it should support this.
      You can check by (carefully) shorting the push button and ground points and the door should open/close. Instructions for that door are online.

      • Got the device and cant figure out which ones to plug them into..

        • Have a look at the manual here: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/772808/Boss-Bol5.html?page...
          Should be connected to either (Push Button+Common) or the 2 wall box points.
          You can cut a bit of wire, or use some insulated plyers + paperclip to short the 2 point. If door goes up/down, you are on a winner.

          • @fenric: Mines a BOL6 https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRqe3UF... like this photo.

            I've got it attached to the two wall box points but it doesn't seem to work?

            • @ThemDealsThough: It's hard to tell. If it is compatible, you should be able to short the points (like that yellow wire in your picture) to make the door go up and down without the controller. If that doesn't work, then you might be stuffed. Pretty sure the meross controller only completes a circuit on request, the door has to do the rest. you could try taking a photo and sending it to meross, they might be able to help.
              good luck.

  • +1

    I’ve got one. Fairly easy to install. I can ‘Hey Siri open the garage door’ down the road now so it’s actually open when I get into the drive way. It has notifications for open and closed and I’ve got a timeout configured in the app to tell me when the door has been left open.
    All in all it’s pretty decent and I got it for about $50. This is a steal so definitely worth it.
    You do need a device with a pin/ lock to do the voice control for security reasons.

    • How did you configure Siri to do that? Also, do you need to have the HomeKit version for this?

      • +3

        Need a HomeKit hub device and the Homekit Version

        • So it won't just work with an iPhone and this? I have an old iPad 1 laying around but I doubt that would be compatible :(

          • +1

            @iShibby: You can just use the Meros app on ios if you can't use Homekit. Depends on how important Siri & Carplay comparability is for you.

            • @plasmapuff: Very. I already have a non HomeKit version and I can’t get a Siri shortcut to trigger it so I have to get my phone out to open and close the garage which is annoying. Having it “appear” on CarPlay when I’m leaving or arriving home is a game changer.

              • +2

                @iShibby: I have one and have had issues with CarPlay. I have hub setup, which allows me to trigger garage via CarPlay tiles screen even when down the street, but I can’t find a way to have it auto pop up in car play which I saw was a feature in a review video. Not sure what needs tweaking.

    • Siri won’t open unless I’m in the same network so how do you get it to open down the road, your wifi can reach that far?

      • I’ve enabled the remote option in the Home app on my iphone. Home app -> home settings -> people -> scroll down to allow access and select control accessories remotely.

        • My name is under people as an owner but I don’t have the option to allow access and control accessories remotely

          • @seeknsearch: After you click on your name?

            • @Elpres: Yes, under my name it says user has control at this location. Maybe I can only see the settings when in same network so I’ll try it when I get home.

              • @seeknsearch: Googled it -
                Go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud, then turn on Home. You must be signed in with the same Apple ID on your home hub device and your iPhone. If you have an Apple TV or a HomePod and you're signed in with the same Apple ID as your iPhone, it's set up automatically as a home hub.

                • @Elpres: Ah I don’t have a homehub so that’s must be the problem. All I have is an iPhone.

                  • @seeknsearch: ahh, dang. I wonder if there is a DIY option to enable remote access.

                    • @Elpres: No, need a hub. I went down same path and ended up getting an Apple TV just for this! Which is also a handy device…

                      • @jakc: An Apple iPad capable of running the lastest iPadOS will also work as hub (as will a HomePod).

                        • @DoctorCalculon: Your right, I went with ATV as a central hub in the house, and even when asleep still functions as hub.

  • Could someone please confirm whether these work on outdoor garage doors (i.e. - exposed to the elements, especially rain)?

    • +1

      Open it up and see if you can trigger it on with shorting 2 contacts like shown on the diagrams. The device should fit under the weatherproof cover anyways.

      • Thanks for the reply! I've confirmed that the device itself will work with the motor I have, however the plug-point required to power it is out in the open and exposed to rain, which I'm guessing is a no go.

        • +1

          Cover it with a plastic box with holes cut in it?
          Or buy something that is pretty much the same.

          • @Elpres: That's a good idea, I'll have a look around for options - thanks! :)

            • +1

              @poppingtags: Just make sure it doesn’t drip or leak onto the socket.

  • +6

    Thanks OP. Tempted to buy this and I don't even have a garage!

  • +3

    wow this is a great deal. I bough it for $58 a month ago. Dont think it will get lower that this

  • Can this be used to control a front fence? Like a BFT Deimos?

  • Q:
    As in the video in this link I was able to find the open and close terminals.
    But mine have small buttons on them so I can press them to open them.
    (Similar to the two small blue ones on the lower centre part of this circuit board image: https://sep.yimg.com/ay/yhst-16416632405890/sommer-garage-do... )
    Wondering if I could still attach this device to my garage door opener¿

    • Is that the remote or the opening unit? This goes on the unit attached to the door.

      • Thats thé inuit attached to the door.

  • Can someone confirm if this needs a hub or it can be controlled by phone voice commands directly?

    • +1

      You need some form of compatible device to act as a hub for Homekit. https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT207057

      No requirement for Alexa/Google Home.

      • Thanks, I’ll just have to wait until the next deal pops up :)

      • Doesn’t say that in the meross manual. Device manuals usually say whether they do or not, the manual just says your need the home app on your phone.

        • You need hub if you want to control it outside of your home wifi.

  • +3

    If you use CarPlay in your car, this is highly, highly recommended. No more fumbling for the garage door remote!
    Downsides are sometimes the Meross unit doesn't update itself to HomeKit properly so there can be a delay. Fortunately it's a rare enough event not to be of much concern.

    • Does it just pop up on the screen with CarPlay when you reach a certain distance from your home? How reliable is it?

      • +1

        Mine does not, but would love to know if possible. I switch my CarPlay to the tiles screen when I’m close to home, and garage door opener is there to click

      • +1

        Yeah turns up about 1km from home. It's pretty rare that the Meross unit doesn't respond.

        • Does it stay on the screen until you action it or dissappear after a period of time?

          • +1

            @iShibby: The button stays there when you're within ~1km of your home

  • +1

    Been thinking to get the non homekit version for awhile. Looks like I will take the bullet now. Thanks OP

  • +1

    AU Homekit version sold out

    • +1

      There were 4 left about 3 mins ago when I checked out. Too good to pass up.

    • Thanks! Have updated the post. Non Homekit still available.
      Looks like they sold 40 odd since the post was put up. I ordered at around the 45 orders stage.

      • I just bought HomeKit one for au

  • Is the Aus with homeKit sold out?

    • +2

      Homekit version also available from another store for the same price

      However, this seems like a new store without any current orders or feedback. Having said that, Aliexpress is a pretty robust platform for claiming against dodgy sellers. YMMV.

      • Estimated delivery 1st July

      • Thanks I purchased from this seller. Let's see if they come through.

      • Thanks. Got 1. Hope this store delivers.

        • Received delivery today. That’s quick.

    • still have it . just purchase one.

  • -1

    Attention to anyone who wishes to purchase on AliExpress, think twice.

    Most likely it will be shipped directly from China factory, which means not much customer support and the seller could be impossible to reach.

    I just recently bought something defective from AliExpress, the seller no responding via AliExpress and the order has been frozen.

    Paypal did get an answer from the seller and the seller asked me to ship the item back to China in order to get the refund, they asked me to pay for the international shipment.

    It could be a gamble that the product bought from AliExpress is good and cheap but I won't take my chance again ever.

    • +1

      For more less than half the price of amazon, I don't think robust after sales support can be expected.

      Aliexpress is usually pretty good at claiming against non-shippers as they go off tracking for claims. In your case above, in theory PayPal will cover the return shipping. https://www.paypal.com/au/webapps/mpp/returns

      Agreed that its a rigmarole, but for the price I think its a calculated risk.

      • For more less than half the price of amazon, I don't think robust after sales support can be expected.

        Just double checking that the AU HomeKit model from this deal will be the exact same model / package from the Amazon AU listing (which usually goes on sale once every month).

        The Official Meross store should be more trustworthy than the other vendors on AliExpress.

  • +2

    Official store has restock the HomeKit version, bought one. 198 pieces available

    • Thanks! Updated again :)

  • What's the difference between the homekit and non-homekit ones?

    • Compatibility with HomeKit which is the Apple version of Google Home/Alexa. Depends on what ecosystem your smartphone/rest of your smart devices are on.

  • Shipping
    AU $0.00
    AU $3.66
    AU $40.31

  • Heads up for anyone with a sliding gate motor.

    These units are in fact NOT compatible with the popular Centsys D5 Evo, even though this model shows as compatible on the Meross website.

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