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Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ 12.3" i5-1135G7/8GB/128GB SSD 2 in 1 Device (Platinum) Bundle w/ Keyboard $998 Pickup @ The Good Guys


Similar to the recent JBHifi and Harvey Norman Deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/698838

But wait, there's more! You can also get the 60$ Goodguys Store Credit for over $360 purchases.
(Store Credit offer excludes Desktops & Laptops, iPad & Tablets, Gaming, Networking, Software & Accessories, Printers, Paper & Ink, Tech Gadgets and Drones as per T&C)

And…finally the 12% Cashrewards Cashback (Max 60$): https://www.cashrewards.com.au/the-good-guys

Doesnt deliver though. You have to pick up and there's a few items left around Melbourne - Geelong, Sunbury and Thomastown the last time I checked. Good luck.

EDIT: Take note that the Store Credit offer and 12% Cashrewards upsize ends TODAY.

This Microsoft Surface tablet features 8 GB of memory, allowing you to experience faster web surfing. Its 12.3-inch display with 2736 x 1824 resolution enables you to watch video in a favourable light. Also, hold onto all of your tunes and games with the Microsoft Surface's 128 GB solid state drive. It has a front camera and a rear camera, so you can snap selfies and pics of your friends. The Surface tablet comes with a Windows 11 Home operating system. Its 15-hour battery life lets you keep on watching videos and sending e-mails for as long as you desire. You can go beyond built-in storage with this tablet's microSDXC compatible memory card slot. It features 1 USB-C port, so you can support fast and robust connectivity. The Microsoft Surface's 802.11ax wireless and Bluetooth connectivity lets you use it with a wide range of networks with ease. Make your next trip better with this Microsoft tablet.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys


  • Cries in Western Australian (no stock)

    • +1

      move to nsw. we have less covid as bonus

    • Where is this “west Australia” you speak of?

      • The Indian Ocean

  • +1

    Thanks, OP. Grabbed one. I stacked it with 30$ cashback from Commbank.

  • -1

    Can someone please tell how i can buy this from WA. I need one urgently as I am going overseas this week. Can JB price match? harvey? thank you :)

    • +1

      why not try and let us know

  • +1

    Thanks OP.

    Still a good deal considering cashrewards and commbank cashback but please note that the terms and conditions for the good guys store credit excludes desktops and laptops - so the $60 store credit might not be honored

  • +3

    If it comes with 16GB ram for another $100~200 on top it would been much better deal, 8G RAM is no where enough for anything other than simple word processing, even browsing with multiple page could be a problem with 8GB ram only consider windows alone take about 3GB.

    • +5

      The remaining 5GB will be taken by Chrome.

      • +1

        just one tab. lol

      • lol yeah, don't know why chrome uses so much ram when edge doesn't with same extensions

        • Need to send all of that data of yours for their advertisers.

    • +6

      I've played with plenty of (previous gen) 8GB Surface Pros, and you're blowing that way out of proportion. 8GB certainly isn't great, but it's perfectly capable of allowing several apps to run at the same time.

      • +2

        True running Citrix at home for work on 8gb while watching Disney plus and refreshing Ozbargain Evry few minutes for price errors 🤣

        • there's your problem, you're not meant to be watching disney plus while working from home.

          On a serious note, how is citrix for WFH? My employer makes us use AWS or remote desktop connection for WFH which is pretty painful.

          The AWS workstation is only 4gb

          • @Homr: I used to use a Remote Citrix connection all the time and it was fine. Wish I still could instead of the crappy work laptop.

          • +1

            @Homr: people call it "shitrix" for a reason :)

      • it's perfectly capable of allowing several apps to run at the same time.

        It certainly can, on the basis of relying on heavy usage of virtual memory. It will burn your SSD rather quickly.

        Macbook with M1 chip and 8GB RAM also face the exact same issue, plenty of report online demonstrate this matter (apple have released firmware update to reduce the SSD wear out speed, but the issue is never eliminated).

        • Lucky you can replace the SSD in these

          • @dav3: hunt for a m.2 2230 SSD(Which is hard already) and knowing it will burn out faster than usual because of virtual memory, seems to be not so great of a workaround.

            • +2

              @OMGJL: Lucky it must be rare then, we have about 70 3 year old Surface Pro 6's with 8GB RAM and none have had failed SSDs yet

              • @dav3: wear out SSD usually means decrease in speed, before it actually give up. And it's also dependent on the usage, if what you do didn't run over then 8GB physical RAM size, of course it won't get on to virtual memory.

    • I agree, it's sad that 8GB is still considered "standard" by some (most?) laptop and ultrabook manufacturers. These days 16GB isn't even enough for an average work device, but it would at least be fine for a home device.

  • can you run it like a desktop?

    • Yes

    • Its all windows baby!

  • Is it better than getting a Go 3?

    • +2

      Yes, Go usually has low spec Celeron dual core, lower ram & storage etc. Basically the difference can be huge.

    • absolutely, the GO 3 is bearlyy enough to run the talent for anything more than PowerPoint.

      God forbid you enter a graphics-intensive website that lags the system.

  • is this good for as a primary and student laptop?

    • If you don't mind using the awkward keyboard, can't really sit down and use this on your lap, you can, but it's awkward. Also keyboard is smaller than normal keyboards. Otherwise will do all your web browsing/word processing etc extremely well. Only a small screen too if that matters

      • Thanks, I'll pass and look for a proper laptop. Looking to get something like the lenovo for around $700

        • Can't go wrong with just a regular laptop, they're designed that way for a reason, PC on the go. :)

    • No

  • What is 7+?

    • +5

      Well it's not quite a Surface Pro 7 and it's not quite a Surface Pro 8…so to answer your question, I don't know

      • +3

        Hmm … I think is because it is using 11 gen CPU, my Pro 7 use 10 gen.

        • +2

          The Surface Pro 7 Plus gets a mid-gen refresh. 11th Gen Intel CPUs, removable and upgradeable SSD, optional 4G LTE, up to 32GB of RAM, and better battery life make this a great stop-gap between the Pro 7 and the forthcoming Pro 8.

          • @delirium211: RAM upgradeable or hard soldered?

            • @dbmitch: I think 7+ only SSD upgradable according to @delirium211

            • @dbmitch: It doesnt look like RAM is upgradeable but you can change the SSD.

          • +1

            @delirium211: Surface pros SSDs are the short ones, not the standard long ones that we see most of the deals here.

    • +6

      It's like Disney+ with a different mouse.

  • You can also ask for a student/teacher 10% off of surface devices in store. I did this in the weekend and wasn’t ID checked.

    It’s either the 10% in store discount or online $60 store credit + $60 cashback.

    TGG has an online code request for 10% (https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/microsoft-surface-student-off...? ) off for students/teachers but I never received mine, it doesn’t look like it covers this model, and the code would invalidate the cashback.

    • Applied for this but they didnt send the code

  • +2

    Daughter has one for school, good device for that and i5 is fanless while the SP8 i3/i5 added a fan.

  • +1

    Good luck with the store credit. Good Guys will delay and obfuscate and do anything necessary to avoid giving out store credit, even when you've followed their T&Cs to the letter.

    Just a shitty company all around really, they don't mind breaking the law whether it comes to warranty under Consumer Law, promotions, anything really.

    • The Bad Guys was secretly about them.

  • Port Macquarie
    In stock now - Ready in 1 hour or less
    Open today: 9:00am - 5:30pm
    Wagga Wagga
    In stock now - Ready in 1 hour or less
    Open today: 9:00am - 5:30pm

  • -1

    Good price for a surface pro. For those unaware, the i5 in the spec is a dual core, in case if anyone is wanting a quad core model.

  • +2

    8 jigglebytes non upgradable …. aiiyeeeee :-( 😟😟😟

  • +2

    FYI - here's a good comparison between Surface 8 and 7+:


    And a comparison between 7 vs 7+:


  • price matched at Harvey Norman

  • Sorry folks it looks like they bumped the price back to 1399 now.

  • +2

    For those who missed out HN has it on clearance again for 1095 - https://www.harveynorman.com.au/microsoft-surface-pro-7-12-3...

  • +1

    There's also a similar deal at HN for the Surface Pro 8 bundle at 1448:


    353$ more with bigger screen, better resolution, compatibility with the pro signature keyboard / slim pen 2, thunderbolt port 2x but no Microsd slot and same processor.

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