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Panasonic Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries 4xAA with Battery Case $14.99 Delivered @ Shopping Square

  • Panasonic rechargeable battery for everyday use
  • Outstanding capacity; ideal for high drain devices
  • Even after 10 years storage eneloop batteries still hold up to 70 percent charge
  • Eneloop batteries can be recharged 100's of times saving you money
  • Well suited to high energy consumption needs such as digital cameras and gaming consoles
  • Made in Japan

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  • They have not mentioned capacity on the product page

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    go Ikea laddas, same same but cheaper :)

    • The Laddas are the Eneloop Pros, so no, not the same (not better, just different).

      • The AA LADDAs have two ratings now, 1900 mAh and 2450 mAh. The 1900 is the equivalent of the non pro eneloop while the 2450 is the pro. (The LADDAs quote their min capacity, while eneloop advertised it's "up to" capacity but still state the min at the back)


        • IIRC, the 1900s are Chinese… could be wrong.

          • @Tuba: They are Japanese, labelled Made in Japan. Likely they are the non-pro Eneloops, which are currently labelled on package as "Up to 2000 mAh" (see packaging here: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B077PTMGWQ) on the front, but the packaging on the back shows min. capacity as 1900 mAh.

            I think it's likely due to both pro and non-pro Eneloops are made in Japan now, and Ikea is getting both versions rebadged to be sold at its stores, rather than pro only previously.

            There's a change though for the AAA LADDA, they are likely no longer the Eneloop Pros, but non-pro eneloops, being rated at 750 mAh instead of the previous 900 mAh.

    • I was about to say the same.
      Ladda are 2450mAh and cheaper.. so why are these so popular?

      • +1

        so why are these so popular

        The Eneloop Pro (higher mAh capacity) can only be charged up to 500 times while the regular Eneloop up to 2100 times.

      • Just because quoted figures are equivalent, it doesnt mean the batteries are equivalent. Take Aldi recharable batteries as an example. The mAh figures are great, but in reality they are rubbish. They barely hold their charge when not in use. Whereas Eneloops are great at holding their charge for a long time while not being used.

        • Furthermore, ALDI batteries (and like many other brands on the market) are notorious for leaking if left unused within the device.

  • Thinking of getting 4xAA, 4xAAA, and picking up a charger to boot, is this madness?

    Edit: Looks like you can get the charger and 4xAA on amazon for about $27, but no battery case.

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    Panasonic Eneloop does come in a case or bulk packing ,never heard that ? Are they genuine ?

    • I was wondering too.

  • This may be a stupid question, but I have the Ikea Laddas and Ikea charger - they work fine but could use some more batteries and dont want to trek to Ikea. Can I buy some of these eneloops and use the Ikea charger? Anyone done this before?

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      Yep, you can do this. And the other way around too.

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    These can be had for $17.50 without the case from amazon with SS, just FYI

  • AAA sold out while I was in checkout :(

  • Good buy but seems like all sold out

  • I need AAA rechargeable

  • They are $14 at GGC all the time, 4 x AA or AAA, Japanese made.

    It seems Australian stock in recent years are all Japanese ones. If not, good indication of old stock or parallel import.

  • +2

    I got some Laddas recently but not the charger as I thought there might be a better one than ikeas. Anyone with charger recommendations?

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