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Google Nest Security Products 30% off with Code - Nest Cam (Battery) $230.30, Nest Cam (Wired) $118.30 Delivered @ Google Store


Received an unique code email from Google Nest with 30% off for Nest Cam and Nest Doorbell promo offer

"Pair Nest security devices with your Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max to get a better picture of what's happening in and around your home"

Price after applying unique code:

  • Nest Cam (battery) - $230.30
  • Nest Cam (wired) - $118.30
  • Nest Cam with Floodlights - $384.30
  • Nest Doorbell (battery) - $230.30

Please check your junk mail if you have registered your email with any Nest Hub/ Hub Max devices
(Mate received 15% offer for pixel 6 and buds A series)


  • To redeem your promotional code, visit store.google.com, add the eligible item to cart and apply your unique code during checkout to receive discount.
  • Code can be used only for one product
  • Available only while stock lasts.

Mod: Use the [Code Request Megathread] 30% off Google Nest Security Products @ Google Store if you want a code or have one to give away. Do not ask in the comments.

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  • +1

    Targeted ?

    I have checked, and no email for this Promo …strange

    BUT, good deal

  • +1

    No Nest smoke detectors?

    • +1

      It's not a security product.

  • The Nest Doorbell. Is it possible to get it wired?

    • +1

      From what I've read you should be able to get it hard wired.

    • +1

      There is an old wired one already
      You can wire the battery one I believe
      And there will be a new wired one coming out this year apparently

    • +2

      As above, yes. I have two and have hard wired both of them.

      • Hi mate, can you please help what is the transformer output rating for your wired google doorbell? i.e. we had installed 18V AC and 1.33Amp, it did NOT work.

    • Yes, I have two and part of the install explains that you can.

  • Wish they gave us the option of the grey doorbell

    • +1

      Received my Ash doorbell on Monday ordered last Thursday from the US us$225 incl shipping duties etc. Got it from B&H Photo which was mentioned in a different thread on ozb. At the time on par with AU price so went for it. Still renovating so haven't installed it yet.

  • PM if you need the code

    • -1

      Can I please get the code.

  • +6

    Please check your junk mail

    If Google promo emails went to junk in my Gmail account they have really flapped up.

    I've got nothing.

  • Would love a code please VIA PM! Thanks :)

  • Would like a code please

  • Would appreciate a code if possible, TIA.

    Any OzB user experiences with Nest Cam (wired)?

  • +2

    First come, first served!


  • Not planning to use mine. ZOXW0OV289XR0DLDD1PJX2S

  • Would also love a code please :)

  • Here's mine as well: 6I8G829R2FW52JCT1CK9ON8

  • +1

    Any reviews of these from those that already have them?

  • Can I get a code too please? Cheers!

  • if anyone has a spare code. please dm!

  • If you want a code or have one to give away, please post it in the Megathread. All request/giveaway comments below this notice will be removed.

  • We just sold our Nest Doorbell (battery) and went back to a Eufycam camera and standard doorbell

    • What's your thought about the product?

      Pros and cons?

      • +5

        - the motion notifications are quick
        - you get a nice little gif of the motion detected fairly quickly (on iphone)
        - you can use any google homes as chimes

        - annoying to stop certain google homes being used as chimes
        - very slow to show up on Google Nest Hubs
        - Very slow to load the live feed up from notification on iphone ( most of the time if its a delivery guy, they've already dropped and ran by the time you can open the stream)
        - awful battery
        - expensive subscription to see anything recorded more than 3 hours ago
        - slow to alert on google homes/nest hubs

        to sum it up, bad battery and too slow to be useful.

        • Would these pros and cons apply to the Nest Cam wired?

          • @Qbagger: My list is about a wireless doorbell, not a wired camera. So sorry, probably not.

        • I agree the battery could be better so we wired ours.

          The slow factor is more than likely your network because ours runs very fast and smooth.

          • @solidice: Nah, it's not our network. I've heard plenty of reports saying the same. Our Eufy cameras are very very fast.

  • Are these any good? I have a few nest products and was thinking about security

  • is the 3 pack battery cam eligible for the code

    • +1

      Yes, brings it down to:
      $629.30 or $209.77 each

      • thanks, just need to get my hands on a code now

  • Google and security in the same sentence ?

  • I'm 4 cameras into the nest ecosystem (not cheap) and have the expensive subscription to access 10 days 24/7 recording, but not sure I'm that keen on nest as a ecosystem anymore. It was only brought to my attention recently there are two nest apps; 1) the classic nest standalone app, and 2) the embedded nest functionality as part of the google home app.

    This is a poblem because I'm in the market for a smart floodlight/cam solution, however the nest one only works in the newer google home app. I was going to accept having to switch between the two apps as my existing devices run in the older standalone nest app, however it would appear that my premium nest subscription ($100+/yr) doesn't work with the new app - this requires another nest subscription!

    As I plan to mount the floodlight in my driveway I want the 10day 24/7 recording, not the crappy event based alerts in the cheaper plan.

    For this reason, I'm now looking at Eufy stuff and will pull the trigger on a Eufy floodlight cam 2 pro when it's on discount.

    Anyway, potentential nest ecosystem adoptees beware.

    • I don’t think there is much of a point in spending a lot on smart cameras and subscription fees these days because traditional CCTV cameras from manufacturers like Hikvision and Dahua now have decent bit of AI built into their cameras/NVRs so they can do a fairly good job of detecting people and vehicles. They can’t tell you who is at the door, but they can tell you that a person is at the door, which for me is good enough. But when it comes to picture quality there is no competition. Night time performance of cameras like Hikvision colorvu is just unbelievably good, no nest cam can come close. And you don't have to pay a subscription or rely on your internet connection for recordings.

    • Thanks for the info. what is the eufy ongoing subscription fee (if any)?

      • +1

        You can pay for cloud storage but the default option is to save to internal 8gb storage

    • I installed the Eufy Floodlight Cam 2 Pro about four months ago and am really happy with the results. The floodlights are brilliant and light up my steep driveway like daylight. The 360 Degrees' camera is brilliant and twists and turns everywhere following people. The best bit is it takes a snapshot of a face and plonks it on the screen to zoom in on. I love my Eufy and I am a Google Smart home owner.

  • Does the code only apply to one item. Eg if you buy a camera and doorbell, it's only applicable to one item?

  • Damn, the Wired camera is indoor only, not weather resistant unfortunately.

    • +1

      You can get the battery outdoor and then add on a weatherproof cable for power

  • I don’t have a code either, they are probably targeting people who don’t have any google products but not loyal customers Aaaargh!. Because I do have a bunch of google products in the house already: a nest hub a couple of nest minis, a couple of pixel phones and a couple of chrome casts with google TV, and I’ve been a Pixel user from the original Pixel to now a P6P.

    • I got a code and I have 3 nest minis, Pixel 3, Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max. I don't have any of the security things - but trying to work out which one I need/want. My Hub Max sits in the kitchen so I can see all that area - I have a cat tunnel built from a huge cage that goes into a kitchen window. I can lock the window but I leave it open when I duck out to the shops. But yeah the tunnel isn't obvious from outdoors and not that big but a small kid could climb up and fit through it - so anyway that's my indoor cam situation sorted. I might go with the Doorbell while I've got the chance with this discount. Thanks to everyone for their feedback on the various offers.

  • No code and I have 4 cameras, 3 smoke detectors and 3 nest hubs.

    Really wanted to add the floodlight camera, but not at rrp

  • Can we pay for these with Google Play gift cards?
    Would JB HiFi price match the discount?

    I plan to take cameras from Australia to setup a system for my parents' home overseas. Would Google be a good recommendation or should I look for something else like Eufy? I do intend to buy the Max Hub so I can put it in my grand mothers room and talk to her as she is not tech savvy.

    • You can't pay with Google play GC

  • Hi All, Im looking to wired the google door bell battery, any of you know what is the correct transformer rating for door bell, we had installed 18V AC and 1.33Amp, it did NOT work.

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