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Lytmi Screen Strip Light for Windows PC (17-44" Screens) US$22.50 (~A$32) Delivered @ Lytmi


Immersive Gaming Experience — Enjoy the ultimate gaming world with the LYTMI Sync software. Synchronize your ambient lighting to dynamically match the on-screen color in games, movies. Letting you immerse into the world of the respective character.

Multi-Color Modes — The LYTMI monitor backlight comes with 12 scene modes, screen mode and music mode. You can adjust the color and rhythm of the light strip according to your preferences. This will let you enjoy a personalized approach with variety of lighting styles in different scenes

Support Multi-Screen Linkage — The LYTMI software supports multiple screen synchronization starting from 17–43-inch displays, including modern standard (16:9), old standard (4:3), ultrawide (21:9), super wide (32:9). Note: One screen requires the purchase of a set of products.

Button & Software Control — Except for controlled by software, strip lights can also controlled by a control box which can be used to turn on and off the strip lights and change different modes.

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  • Anyone using this and can comment on?

    • I don't use this specifically, but I do use Hue Sync and 3 Hue Play bars behind my monitor. The extra immersion is great and really adds to any game you play. It's also great for productivity to have a plain white/yellow light behind as it helps the eyes adjust to the contrast at the edge of the screen.

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    How does it pick up the monitor signal? Mentions a HDMI connection, so it taps off that? Thing my GPU card has both HDMI and Display port, I use the latter for the monitor. So I'm assuming I just connect this gizmo to the HDMI out on card, and I'm good?

    Advice appreciated - thanks.

    • The system only seems to have a USB connection, so I imagine that it's just UBS into your computer and then you need to run their software to control it.

      The website also says that it doesn't support DRM content, which I imagine would include most streaming services which is odd.

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        I reckon you're right.

        There will be some sort of screen capture software sending commands to the addressable LEDs.
        Which explains the DRM as the browser/OS (??) blocks any form of screen recording (by magic I haven't yet worked out).

  • This is from $22.50 USD, for the smallest size. Right?

  • Looking for something which could work with a TV.

  • I saw Aldi selling something similar to this yesterday. Saturday 14 May special buys item. https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/special-buys-sat-14-...

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      Not even close.

      Not addressable (individual LED control) and no means of interfacing with PC/monitor without an additional controller.

  • Questions.
    Can these be powered exclusively by USB or do they ned to be plugged into a wall socket?

    Will it come with standard Au plug? or will i need something like a EU or US adapter?

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      It is powered exclusively by USB and comes with standard AU plug.

      • if it's powered exclusively by USB why does it also come with an AU plug?

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