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Xbox Series S Console $448 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Price matching HN, RRP is $499 so a $50 saving.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    After Starfield got delayed I can wait another year

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    Have had one of these for almost a year now..


    • Gamepass is great (especially buying via random countries with VPN for cheap)
    • 1080p/1440p @ 60fps is great for the price
    • compact and near silent operation
    • price.. i mean $449 for a next gen console?


    • Limited storage (364GB Free)
    • Not 4K (but cant complain when there is a 4K option console)
    • ADS in the main UI with minimal customization
    • Expandable storage is pricey
    • Sorely lacking first party console exclusives

    All in all, 8.5/10 would recommend

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    Great choice if you haven’t purchased a 4k telly yet.

    • +1

      C'mon. There really is no excuse these days.

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    Worth upgrading from original xbone ?

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      Xbox One S? Definitely.

      Xbox One X? Debatable if you mainly play old games. THese games run horribly on the XSS.

      If you prefer new games then YES.

      • +5

        Xbox One S

        no, literally og xbone. Before the OG 's' series lol

        • +5

          100% worth it without a doubt.

        • +2

          Mate of mine still uses my old OG, I'm using a One X. Unless you're playing the latest games on a 4K TV I don't see an issue staying with the OG. Added benefit of having a disc drive.

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          I would put the Xbox Series S (XsX) still superior to the Xbox One X (XB1X). The GPU power is somewhat inferior but the CPU power is much superior.

          If they both support the same game, it would be a rough comparison of 1080p/60fps vs 1440p/30fps. For cinematic games (mostly single-player) the latter would look better, but for fast-paced games (mostly multiplayer) the former would feel better.

          The Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X will get discontinued soon. However, the Xbox Series S will be supported at least until 2025. The XsS is slightly faster (or more stable?) than the XsX when comparing 1080p/60fps versus 2160p/60fps. The PS5 slots in between the two around XsS-30% and 70%-XsX. However, the PS5 now costs higher for connectivity compared to Xbox, potentially making it more expensive in the long-run (but it's got the exclusives people want).

          I don't know which direction Nintendo will go, they're supposed to release a new console late-2023. If they're smart, they'll make it a new Hybrid-Console that's much more powerful and has full backwards compatibility with the Switch. But the dock will be Active Cooler and have an eGPU inside. Doubt they'll match the capability of the XsS, most likely they will use something cheap and it will be slightly inferior to the PS4 Pro.

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      If you have a lot of discs, no. Though, apparently Microsoft is considering releasing an external disc drive add-on for Series S.
      If you intend to play Series S|X enhanced games a lot and not willing to fork out the extra $$$ to buy the crazy expensive add-on storage, then maybe not.
      If you believe the latest whinging from developers that Series S is holding next gen titles back, then maybe not.

      Otherwise, if you want to play a lot of XBox One titles in GamePass and like the QuickResume feature (and don't care about 4K), yes.

      • +2

        if you are going to buy the external disc drive add-on for Series S, might as well get the Xbox series X.

        It will probably will cost close to getting the Xbox series X and you will still be lacking in storage and 4k
        and other features of the Xbox Series X.

        Also long term, the Xbox series X will be able to handle/play more games
        while the Series S will be unplayable or get very poor performance..ie. cyberpunk 2077 scenario with the previous gen consoles.

      • no, only have just cause 3 , fallout 4 and r6 seige on disc.
        I play exclusively cloud… though i guess i could also download too :/

    • Xbox one games are backwards compatible on series X and series S, so if you have a lot of xbone or even 360 games on disc bare in mind that series S doesn't have a disc drive.

    • +7

      Ah, people still don't know that the Series consoles are the new ones o.0

  • +5

    I like mine but I got it for 300 second hand with an extra controller. It is a great little gamepass machine but definitely consider 2nd hand.

    • I got mine early last year and i got it for 380 bucks. I've heard of people around here that said it had gone for as low as 250.

      These machines are unbeatable at that price, even as purely a smart tv machine lol.

  • As someone who has a Series X i recommend getting the series X - they often come up on here and it is a vast improvement to the Series S.

    However at 448 for a Series S that is cheap esp if you are only playing games casually - Game Pass would essentially have you covered for a decade

    • but you run out of storage on the Series S
      and long term wise this console will age much quicker
      and unable play those later stage games or suffer really poor performance

      • I believe if you play older generation games then can use a portable drive. But if you want to play next gen games then yeah…storage is at a premium. Saying that for me 4k is important.

  • This is an amazing travel console. If you spend a great deal of time stuck in hotels then this is for you.

    • +3

      I'd highly recommend Switch over this for that purpose, way more quality games and more practical to transport

      • yeah switch is the way to go especially if you plan to play red dead redemption or call of duty warzone

      • recommend Switch

        Why hotel? You can do that in your own hallway.

    • Lol what is a travel console?

      • maneuver from living room to bedroom.

  • -3

    Waiting for next iteration with 1TB internal and lag free processing for the advertised 1440p resolution

    • +3

      Lag free processing?

      • Poor choice of words by me I suppose. Saw some reviews and posts that it fails to achieve 60fps in 1440p resolution. It's been a while since I last checked on these for updated system updates and so on. one such reddit post here

        • +1

          The frame-rate and resolution of any given game is up to the developers, and varies wildly based on their priorities and the rendering characteristics of their games. There was never any guarantee that Series S would achieve 1440p and 60 frames per second in every game - although it does in some. By the same token, many intense games do not achieve 4k and 60fps on PS5 and Series X, so you could similarly complain about false advertising there. The longer the generation goes on, the less each console will attain those targets as developers push more and more graphical features and sacrifice either frame-rate or resolution to achieve them.

          The Unreal Engine 5 Matrix Awakens tech demo was very heavy, with a frame-rate target of 30 (which it sometimes fails to hit) and a typical resolution on PS5 and Series X of ~1200p (halfway between 1080p and 1440p). Series S was much lower than that! That's the kind of thing that won't be too uncommon in the future for big graphical showcases.

          I would say the Series S is best enjoyed on smaller screens, but as a budget option it's not bad either. If you're a stickler for resolution, it's definitely not for you!

  • +1

    It's worthwhile mentioning that an Xbox streaming stick and Samsung smart app TV will be likely available before the end of the year.

    This will provide almost the same functionality as the Xbox Series S without the storage issues. Many of the latency & quality issues have been mostly cleared up… Xbox Cloud Gaming is a really solid product these days.

    Microsoft is rumoured soon announce that Cloud Gaming will be expanded to all Xbox titles, not just the ones on Game Pass.

    Fortnite is currently free to play on Xbox Cloud Gaming, so give it a go. It's currently the only way to play the game on iOS devices. ;-)

    • This will provide almost the same functionality as the Xbox Series S without the storage issues. Many of the latency & quality issues have been mostly cleared up… Xbox Cloud Gaming is a really solid product these days.

      Having used both, disagree. While cloud gaming is great (having tried it on a few devices over ethernet/wifi/mobile) it's never going to be as reactive as a local console. For some games, this isn't an issue. For a twitchy FPS, an extra 10-20ms (best case lag) can have noticeable difference in your game experience.

      That said, I loved being able to remote play Civ VI on my mobile while on long road trips. A little extra input lag is nothing when the turns take at least a couple of seconds to process anyway.

      • try geforce now, its the only one i tried where i could play an fps and notice no latency.

      • Xbox Cloud Gaming is way better than it used to be. It's solid… I've played quite a few games for hours from my MacBook Pro, the lag is not a problem anymore. I don't have any problems recommending it.

        But I agree that a twitchy multiplayer FPS is probably not going to be good, but racing through Mexico in Forza Horizon 5 is near perfect.

        • How does it work on a Mac, do you need to download any software first?

    • Useless in WA, So much lag. Unless they've added Perth servers recently?

  • are these the ones you get if you want a retroarch/emulation box?

    • -1

      For $448
      you can build a $500 pc or get a raspberry pi like device if you want retroarch/emulation..
      It will probably be much better as well since you can upgrade parts later on for the PC if you need to..

  • +3

    As someone who got this for occasional console gaming and media usage it's a great little unit… brilliant size aswell!

    • +3

      Yeah, I just love the tech itself. Something so tiny, quiet and relatively powerful. It's impressive.

      • -2

        "Something so tiny, quiet and relatively powerful. It's impressive."

        That's what SHE SAID!!

  • +8

    Got both the X and S. The S was much more defendable at the 364$ I got it for (then ended up getting refunded and kept the unit for free anyway lmao) with the Big Dub / Afterpay deal last year.

    For 450 though, still hella cool and worth it, in my opinion anyway. Even if you have a One / S / X,

    -The loading times are (profanity) insanely upgraded
    -Quick resume is balls to the wall one of, if not the, best next gen feature on any console
    -Retro Arch playing games full speed all the way up to PS2 and GameCube is insane considering you don't even have to mod the XSS

    tbh I don't think the X is worth 300 more than this. If you buy a lot of disc games, yeah sure. But for the most part, games look pretty great on the Series S, I have 2 4K teles and the S and X versions are definitely, you can tell the difference in plenty of titles, but for the most part, it's never big enough to care. Like Red Dead, GTA, etc. they do look better on the X, but not leaps and bounds. The extra storage space is not A: not a shitload more anyway, and B: somewhat negated by 90/90% of Game Pass games being streamable, and the ability to shove games on a cheap USB stick. You can buy a 128gb drive for ~15 or so pretty easily, slap a couple of them in the USB drives for 30 odd bucks and you're not too far off the storage offered with the X, and when you're done using them on the Xbox you can go use them on whatever the hell else you want.

    Most games still aren't 4K, and those that are, plenty aren't "true" 4K, and of those, half the time you hear many people preferring the lower res, higher frame rate performance options anyway. The S handles Battlefront in 1080 at 120FPS, and that's better than 4K 60 according to many. idk. It's individual preference. I'm about to wipe as I've finished my poop and this ramble, make up your own mind, either way, I doubt for 450 you'd be disappointed.

    Addendum: and FPS boost is a life saver on some games. I always loved Just Cause 3, enough to deal with the fact it could hit single digit FPS on the base PS4, and the Xbox version was even worse. It's a (profanity) rock solid 30 now, could probs easily go higher if not limited to 30. Games like that are genuinely night and day experiences.

    • I think a lot of us cannot offer objective opinions on Series S or Series X, especially those of us who got special deals. For me, it was $100 out of pocket for Series X (I did have to trade in my XBox One X and some games), so it is hard for me to get excited about Series S. You literally got your Series S for free.

      Cloud gaming, while it makes it easy to try out new games, isn't exactly the best way to enjoy the experience. Also, you lose the nice Quick Resume when you switch between games. With cloud gaming, you can tell the difference.

      FPS boost - again, that's very selective. If Microsoft offered it to the games you like, then yes, it is great. However, Forza Horizon 3, for example, no such thing. Once you experienced 60fps in Forza Horizon series, going back to 30fps is quite noticeable.

      When I had both One X and One S, I don't really think I was able to offer an objective opinion on One S. I found I tend to have the same issue, coming up with reasons why One S is good enough. I am pretty sure that if I also have a Series S, I would be more incline to defend it a lot more.

      • Cloud gaming as a replacement entirely? Still not there yet. Cloud gaming as a means to test hundreds of Game Pass games I'm on the fence on without having to download, wait for the download, then after 5 minutes go "ah (profanity), it sucks anyway"? Hells yes. That being said, I have played a few hours of games on cloud here and there and it's absolutely servicable, especially on a smaller (re: 42 inch) 1080 tele in the kiddo's room over the ol' 'Bone. Even played a few rounds of Fortnite in browser the other day, perfectly usable. Though I still wouldn't personally, unless I was mad desperate to play and completely out of space.

        True. It isn't every game. But there's so many. GTA 4 got doubled from 30 to 60, Lego Marvel goes all the way up to 120 I believe, I know it doubled from 30 to 60 by default. Just Cause as already mentioned is a whole new game. There's enough games that do use it to justify it as a selling point in my opinion. Not suuuuper into Sonic, but Unleashed and or Generations is now 4K 60 I believe too, which is dope for a game that's meant to be super fast.

        tbh, I think for almost all use cases, the Series S is more than enough. The X is better in all ways but price, but like, 300 bucks difference, I couldn't say for anyone who isn't like a pro gamer MLG Mc4K fancy pants, that it's worth it. AT LEAST not right now anyway, maybe a couple years down the line when last gen is truly last gen anyways.

    • +2

      Not if you sigh up to game pass and get all 1st party titles for $10 a month and some 3rd party day 1 titles and non day 1.

      • +3

        Game Pass is really the best deal in gaming.

  • 364gb storage space is a joke. Have you seen how much Microsoft are charging for their 1tb expandable card? You’d end up spending more than a Series X

    • Yes, it's an issue. However you can try out new games with Cloud Gaming and only install if you intend to keep playing.

    • About that, their storage difference isn't as big as you think it is. The series S don't need to download game assets needed for series X's quality mode, so most major game's file size is usually 40% smaller. Of course, thanks to a 100gb OS and just pure size do make a difference, it's not that big of a difference.

      • +1

        You can get by with the 364 (especially with a couple cheap USB adapters adding hundreds of gigs for 20 odd bucks), BUUUUT

        What you've said is true only in potential, not practice most of the time. GTA 5's rerelease? Same size on my X and S. RDR 2, same story. The GTA remasters? You guessed it. Tony Hawk 1+2, same thing. I think Avengers was a bit smaller (re: about 20gb) on the S but that's about it from memory. I know there'll be more titles and whatnot, but nothing I've personally come across. Ideally more titles take advantage as time goes on, but right now, you're stuck with pretty much the same required sizes.

      • So very wrong. Game sizes are 98% of the time the same on either S or X

  • Can any of the consoles do 120fps on a 4K tv?

    • +1

      Series S can do 1080p - 1440p @ 120

      Series X can do 1440p - 4k @ 120

      • awesome thanks

  • I was ready to buy recently, till I found out that I can't use any of my existing game discs. That's ridiculous.

    • +1

      Well it doesn't have a disc drive lol, there are rumours of being able to turn game discs into digital games so keep an eye out.

      • That rumour came out when they released the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition — 3 years ago.

    • +1

      No worries, grab a series X when it’s in stock next

  • *$51 saving.

  • After going through the feedback, will wait for the series X

  • -1

    anyone know where to get 1st or 3rd party wireless ctrlers?

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