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1/2 Price - Motorola G50 5G 128GB (Meteorite Grey) $199 ($189 with Perks Voucher) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Superfast 5G speed
6.5" 90 Hz Max Vision display
48 MP triple camera system

$10 Perks voucher

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  • What's this like compared to the Moto G31? From the specs on GSMArena they look very similar (other than the 5G).

    • I was going to buy the G31 at OW but checked for a pricematch, found this G50 deal and bought it for 189.05 at OW. It is for a friend overseas, so the gap (48 aud) had a heavier weight.
      To me, it looks like the g31 is better, mostly because of the screen. The G50 has 3 back cameras but it is REALLY just one, no zoom nor wide.
      The G50 has 90hz and 5G. Similar specs (processor, memory, battery).

    • +2

      Here's the comparison for anybody interested: https://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=11070&idPhone...

      The G31 at $237 https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/motorola-g...

      G31: Lighter, higher PPI, arguably better screen (OLED but lower refresh rate, though personally my current OLED phone looks no better than my previous IPS LCD to me, but might notice it more outside in the sun), seemingly better camera? Has a compass which the G50 lacks.

      G50: I think a better CPU, probably better battery life with a lower res screen.

      • could the battery life be better? the G31 has massive battery life, I can't really believe how good it is!

        • Oddly my G31 battery life seems pretty unimpressive new compared to previous new phones, and I'm worried it might be refurbished or something, or maybe the cheap chip or higher res screen drains the battery size faster. It's not awful, but there's usually a honeymoon period where a brand new battery is mindblowingly good which I didn't get with this phone, it's just been adequate.

    • +1

      G31 has better screen with AMOLED and pixel density. This has 5G which costs more per month to connect to .


      I have the G31 at the moment - very happy with it.

      • Is it dual SIM if you bought from office works?

  • +15

    4GB RAM, pass.

    • legit. if it was 6gb, id have a new phone.

    • -11

      4gb ram 🤮

  • +6

    720p screen is also in the 'phones for the olds' category.

    • +13

      Or "low cost phone for the kids" which is who I've just bought one for. It's a step up from what they already have (it's missing a crack across the whole screen for a start).

      • +7

        That's what I was thinking, not sure where the Olds come into it….most of the Olds I know are sporting s22 ultra's

        • +2

          Yes my father in his late 70s knows better about ram and type of camera modules in the phones. :))

        • +2

          grandfather is on oppo with android 12 and oled screen, etc …… i think with old people they don’t change phones often, might be the hassle factor or it does what they want, his previous one he used for 5 years and it was only aged battery that made him upgrade.

    • -4

      720p screen 🤮

    • +13

      But a 15.6" 1080p laptop is acceptable? I honestly don't mind the resolution alone, but the issue is usually that these low res panels are not only low res but cheap in other aspects too.

      • +1

        1080p is actually preferred IMO, I had a 4k laptop and everything rendered so small it was difficult to use, had to speed up the mouse to get across the screen with the touch pad, and it sucked the battery

        • +2

          u don't scale it?

          • +1

            @truebunny: you can scale, but not everything scales. Lots of legacy software looks bad or becomes unreadable, so it becomes choosing between having text that's big enough to read or losing text because it doesn't fit in spots.

            So there's trade offs, and considering it's hard to notice a difference above FHD anyway it's not worth the cumulative tradeoffs

            • +1

              @Jackson: Yep had this same issue. Work provided laptop can run 4k, but I run it at 1080 because it's just easier. Otherwise everything has to rescale everytime I connect or disconnect from the monitors, and things get crazy

              • +1

                @moar bargains: Yeah, not to mention sometimes you plug in to dual monitors and the video can't handle the total res

            • @Jackson: I think you are talking about partial scaling. 200% works pretty well in windows 10/11

    • i usually don’t have memory issues as i don’t open a lot of tabs ……but screen is important because that’s what i look at when using the phone, lack of FHD kills it for me.

  • Hmm, got the Dimensity 700 not the Snapdragon 480 like the one in the review I just read. So after Motorola security updates stop in very short order no chance of a custom rom.

      • +34

        Are you OK, easternculture? You've thrown up three times already this evening…

    • There seems to be a Pixel Experience one: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/gsi-rom-root-pixel-experi...

      No replies to the thread though so not exactly well tested.

    • if you are worried about updates you are better off with a new phone ……. once android hits the end do life 3 year of updates, things have moved on.

      • This won't get 3 years. It will take 2 years from the launch date whatever that is. August 25, 2021.

  • +3

    OW sells this too so could get a 5% reduction over there too I think.

    • +1

      Yep, $347 now

    • +1

      I got it about 1h ago.

    • +11

      5G on a $100 phone?

  • camera also very bad

  • +30

    People ask too much for 199 dollars.

    • +3

      If it dont have an 8k oled screen with 24GB RAM 5TB internal storage and 6G modem. For $199. No deal


      • -2

        4GB RAM can only allow 1.5 Apps running at the same time now in my exp. Minimum 6GB for reasonable use these days. Other specs are less important for a budget phone.

        Imagine copy giftcard info on Shopback and paste to another App like Chrome. It may be closed and need a restart due to small RAM.

        • +5

          Havers, I've had a 4GB phone for a couple of years and I can have YouTube or Spotify running in the background and swap between email, RIF, MFA apps, web browsing etc. with no problems. It'll go back to exactly where it was left. Perhaps you have a load of background apps sucking up the RAM.

          • @banana365: It works for some people, but not the majority. Most people you meet in real life do not know about android root, 711 chopper, etc.

            • +2

              @Neoika: I think you've got yourself some confirmation bias there, with maybe a little selection bias thrown in too. We're posting on a web site where a significant proportion of posts are technology related, most of those about phones and getting the best bang for your buck. Rooting phones has nothing to do with it (not done that since my original HTC Desire). I still push the phone fairly hard and have used it instead of a PC when out of the office. If 4GB was as bad as some here make out then manufacturers wouldn't still be making them and selling them by the tens of thousands.

              I've given up wanting the latest and greatest technology. After working with it for decades you kind of get to the point of "does what I currently have do what I need it to do or does this replacement add something that will make things significantly better?" The idea of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on new tech does little for me these days, even if it's somebody else's money. Work will supply me with a $1,000 phone each year if I wanted. Unless they push me to take it, I'll stick with my sub-$300 phones that work for me (and many, many others).

              • -4

                @banana365: There were TCL similar ones e.g.$199 with 6GB or so recently.

                Also Dont expect granny or grandpa to know better.

                • +3

                  @Neoika: Know better than you what they want from a phone? Man, the arrogance coming from your posts is really getting up there.

                • +2

                  @Neoika: As a granny - I can tell you that you're full of 💩

                  • -1

                    @jebdra: Ok, I did not expect there are still replies. In real life, some grannies have difficulty in using touch screen, dialing numbers. Obviously, the grannies seeing this comment disagree with it while far more do not have a chance to see it or know how to upvote.

          • +3

            @banana365: Yep, currently on the Moto G31, which is 4Gb RAM. The only time I have trouble is when I'm playing a game and switching to several other things and then back to the game. But you don't buy a $250 phone expecting high end gaming…

  • +11

    How about https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/vivo-x50-lite-128gb-nebul... ?

    8GB ram,Full HD AMOLED screen.
    No 5G. Android 11.


    • 128gb is good too at that price

    • +4

      Can't be delivered and only in stock in two stores (Wagga Wagga and Tamworth).

    • Got this a year and half ago for $215. No deal for me. Occasionally freezes. No updates.

    • out of stock, in most jbhifi branch.

    • +3

      Double the Ram but almost half the SoC performance.
      Snapdragon 665 vs Dimensity 700

    • no stock android experience on the vivo - there's a lot to be said for stock android

  • +1

    I need a bday present for my mum, whos mobile usage consists of taking pictures browsing facebook and playing games like bingo lol.

    Would this phone be ok for that sort of thing?

    • +5

      More than OK.

      • +2

        She won't need 5G though so I guess the question should be - Is there a 4G phone with a better camera for $199?

    • +5

      Probably not.

      Reading some of the earlier posts, mobile phones don't work unless they have more than 4GB of RAM.

      • mobile phones don't work…

        my 8 years old Android 2.2 phone with 256mb ram still running fine for "mobile phone"… just not the app XD

        • My htc desire hd from 2010 still works as a phone.

      • Note to myself - sarcasm doesn't always work in the written format.

        • Works fine if you remember the /s

          • @jebdra: You may be right - but I guess I still live in hope that good sarcasm can be done without the need for flashing red lights.

    • +1

      Main selling point of this Motorola phone is 5G support
      Other than that it has poor HD screen, and fairly standard 4GB ram
      Unless you need 5G I'd say look elsewhere

  • Just in case anyone has experience with both phones: How is this phone’s camera versus Pixel 2 XL? I understand more MP, newer phone, Andorid updates, I am simply asking for the cam. Does anybody know?

    • +3

      One of the earlier comments mentions poor camera on the Motorola

      The pixel 2xl has a pretty good camera

    • +1

      the pixel 2xl is still the king of cameras. buying this would be a downgrade.

  • Good timing, I was just about to buy a Samsung A23 to replace my Moto G5S+ that broke. I will take a slight downgrade on the screen for $200.

    • Just replaced a screen on my old G5S+, awesome if not dated phone. Passed on to another fam member

      • Did you do the repair yourself? I think my problem is with the battery and I couldn't find anyone that repairs this model.

  • -1

    How is this compare to G60?

  • Bought one for my technologically illiterate dad. Thanks OP.

  • Good buy for the price. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Can the bootloader be unlocked and phone be rooted? Saw that some cannot be bootloader unlocked.

  • Mmm tossing up whether to get this for my mother or just get replace a cracked screen on the S10 and give that.

    • +1

      Old flagships tend to be better phones than a new cheap phone

      • S10 screen replacement ain't exactly cheap. A new one of these is still cheaper than replacing a S10 LCd

      • yes they are often better. But battery life is a big factor as phones age

    • +4

      give her a new phone ….means also a new battery and new warranty ……

  • Any good for a parent with hearing aids?

    • Hearing aids have bluetooth now, so pretty much any phone will do

      • LOL! not my mums ones.

        • update your mums from a funnel to electronic one you tightarse……

          • @zombie hunter: Cheaper to turn the volume up on the phone. Decent modern hearing aids can cost thousands.

            • +1

              @banana365: and even then, if the earmold isn't spot on, it'll be for nothing.

      • If only!

  • +1

    Lol same here, I told my mum to upgrade hers but she still couldn't hear me

  • Thanks, got one.

  • Honestly not a bad phone for young kids and elderly I'm talking 70+

    • +1

      So you don't recommend it for a 69yo?

      • -4

        Probably not. Because they might be more tech savvy from my experience

        Keep negging guys. It seems freedom of opinions is now toxic to your keyboard Warriors

        Don't stop negging and I mean it. Do it Now!!!

        I'm not trolling you guys are

        • +1

          "Expressing your opinion of my opinion via negs is infringing on my right to free speech"

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