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Buy 1 Get 1 Free - Blu-Ray & 4K Movies and TV Shows + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Deal is slowly coming live on the website. Looks like collections are included. Happy hunting!

Starts online 18/5/2022, in-store 19/5/2022.

Buy one get one free when purchased in the same transaction. Cheapest one free. Trade not supplied. Maximum two copies of the same title in the same transaction. Excludes pre-orders, services and blank media. While stocks last.

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    • What are these Star Wars sequels/ pre all about I have lost count how much different editions I have from box sets to steels etc I’m not even sure what these are and i see come in blu ray and 4k

  • "Some items in your cart can’t be delivered together. Please remove an item to refresh your delivery options." :( JB HI FI's shipping has baited me once again

    • wow so this was trying to checkout with Akira Collectors edition and Beserk Complete edition (which saves a total of $65), after a refresh it looks like akira collectors edition has been taken off the JB online store… sweeet

        • This is the blu-ray and not the 4k one. Is it just as good?

          It is the collector's edition though

      • I wanted to get Akira collector's edition ever since I saw it and didn't want to pay over $60 for it. Was thinking what to pair with it and went back online late at night and realised it was gone. Then saw your message, sigh. Favourite anime movie of all time. Didn't realize how popular it would be…

        Thinking if getting the non collector's version in 4k is worth it or not.

        If JB is sold out don't know how to ever get it for a good price.

  • Prices for Weathering with You and Your Name seem a bit steep at the same price as full movie collections, I enjoyed both movies but not enough to pay that much

    From what I understand they aren't even native 4K either

  • +3

    A reminder (especially for movies that are a touch older) to check whether it's real or fake 4K.

  • Is the Star Wars: The Originals set actually the originals? Or is it the "special edition" versions with the re-done special effects etc? I'm pretty sure it would be special editions because everything sucks, but if it's actually the original movies just polished up to look and sound the best they can then I'd be all over it.

    Also, I find it bizarre that none of Wes Anderson's movies are available in 4K. Not even The French Dispatch which just got released earlier this year but only on DVD and BluRay, not 4K.

    • It's just the 97 special editions. There have been rumors that Disney will be doing a 4k version of the originals pre-97 though in the next year or so.

      • +1

        Nope, Unfortunately you'll find it's the 2011 Special Editions. Including Hayden F&(**ng Christensen, Naboo Celebrations, a Dug in Jabba's Palace, Vader having a "NOOOOOO!" fit, and Sheep Shagging Boba Fett

        If you own the films (not a pirate) just go for the fan 4K restorations until Disney does the right thing.

        • I own the original trilogy in its THX remastered form on VHS tape - is that good enough to justify a 4K download off the high seas? :D

          • +1

            @AngusD: If not you can borrow some of mine. 2x VHS releases, 2x DVD releases, 2x Bluray releases as well as laserdisc (ANH only).

        • I completely forgot about those, haha. I'm a huge SW fan but have a remarkable ability to blank out in certain moments…

  • +2

    Random comment .. Where the hell is the remaster of The Abyss .. geez I swear it's been rumoured to be "almost ready" every year for the last 5 years.

    • +2

      True Lies in the same boat, too.

  • Are animated movies (like Toy Story 3 etc) worth it in 4k? Always would've thought there'd be more of a discernible difference between movies shot on camera.

    • +2

      Worth buying in 4K, yes. Worth buying AGAIN in 4K if you already own them in HD…. questionable.

  • For those in the movies are all on streams camp don't forget about concert Blurays (music section). Just grabbed 2 for $17 after $10 voucher and BYGOF.

  • Hmm, wanted to split 2 x LOTR 4K with a friend but it looks like they blocked that one title from being able to buy 2 at a time. Nothing else interesting around the $69 mark.

  • Finally got LotR and Hobbit trilogy 4k, been waiting for this deal a while.

    • Same finally had this combo.

  • BYGOF up on Amazon too!

    • +1

      Only certain but not all movies

  • This might be a stretch, but anyone want Neon Genesis Evangelion blu-ray collection in Sydney or something around the $90 mark and go halves?

    • Sydney


      Still have a $10 voucher, it works out $40 each.

  • For deals like these, do they always end at midnight EST time? Do people in Perth get extra time to buy stuff or it ends early for them? A bit curious for when time tight and may miss out.

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