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Anker PowerPort III 65W Pod $44.99, Anker PowerPort Atom III 65W Slim $59.99 Delivered @ AnkerDirect via Amazon AU


This deal is back.

Anker PowerPort Atom III 65W Slim
Also on sale is a slightly older model, 2 USB C ports and 2 USB A ports, slim and perfect for travelling.

  • 45W max on the USB C port for laptop charging (20V 2.25A), or 30W+20W if both USB C ports are used together
  • 15W max on the USB A ports.

Both support PPS for Samsung devices, but only up to 25W (Super Fast Charging and not SFC 2.0). Doesn't really matter as the speed difference is negligible.

Perfect timing as my laptop travel charger just died a few days ago.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    45 bucks for a plug without a cable that used to be included with phones….ouch

    Dog just ate my cable this morning too. Any cable sales?

    • I can sympathise. For some reason kittens think cables are teething sticks. We had to get an Apple PC charger replaced.

    • +3

      This can charge a laptop

    • This is a 65W laptop charger… it's way more capable than the ones that come with phones.

  • Can we have the link fir the other deal mentioned please.

  • Where is the link, or delete the second item please?

    • +3

      Deal of the day: Anker USB C Charger, 543 Charger (65W II), PIQ 3.0 & GaN 4-Port Slim Fast Wall Charger, with Dual USB C Ports (45W Max), for MacBook, USB C Laptops, iPad Pro, iPhone and More https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B098WQRGNQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i...

      • This looks interesting - anyone with experience of owning one?

        • +1

          I'm still trying to work out what it connects to? A wall plug?

          • +4

            @Fergy1987: Appears to use a standard 'figure-8' power cable

            • +2

              @theMoebius: yeah figure 8 plug, has the advantage that weight doesn’t pull if out of the power point if puked in vertical into a wall socket ……. and if you do travel you can easily buy a figure 8 cord in country of destination which are more reliable then universal travel adapters.

    • For problem with the deal title & description, please report the deal to the Moderation team. Invalid negative vote removed.

      • Sorry for some reason I forgot to include the link. Thanks Mod!

  • +3

    My experience about Anker is always positive. I have 3 wall chargers and 6 lightning cables and they’re all going strong after years of heavy use. Anker makes good and quality products.
    I don’t this product so can’t speak for it.

    • +1

      my experience is that ZMI is just as good and cheaper

      • i’ve had no issues with heymix or kogan …..have anker and xiaomi chargers also.

    • +1

      Agree with the Anker statement asI have a few my self. Any one with experience with the Baseus? They seem to have the Gan3 65w that can actually output 65w on a single port when only 1 port is used, useful with laptops

      • +3

        Baseus cables are pretty good, although nowhere near Anker quality. I don't have experience with their wall chargers though.

        In general I avoid Chinese generic brands e.g. Heymix, Zyron etc. who just slap their brand on generic OEM models and don't make their own design. Obvious sign is that we can find the exact same model on different brands. Now Baseus chargers seem to fall into this model…

        • Mate Anker is a billion dollar company. Of course they can produce ODM models. Zyron is not different than Belkin, Alogic, Hyper Juice. Just that Belkin, HJ and Alogic have been there for years so no one will raise questions even though they slap their logo on OEM chargers. What Zyron sells is not generic Chinese. Zyron's 66W charger comes from the same factory as Hyper Juice 66W. Our 120W Powastone is made by same factory that manufactures for Baseus and uses Navitas chipset, same as the new Anker 7 series GaN chargers. Zyron is an Australian brand with proper and genuine Certifications. ODM chargers will be launched in near future.

  • Bought this a few weeks ago, has been great for charging MacBook Pro and ipad - much smaller and nice and compact, makes lugging it around in my work bag much easier.

  • Its a bummer its got just 1 port. Also dont buy these to charge laptops that take more than 70 watts (peak) to work, it will just eat into the battery life.

    • They're quite costly but if you have a thirsty laptop, there are two 4 port USB-C chargers available now - 120W Anker 547 and a 165W Satechi.

      • Thanks. Zyron had a sale recently and I got one and I have the baseus 100w ones already.

    • oh so not good for macbook pro

      • Yes, get a 100 watts for that. MBP will be consuming 30 watts and will peak to 90 watts(intel ones) during load. To get the remaining power (90-65 watts), it will use it from the battery. This will cause charge discharge cycles continously.

      • I used to frequently use a 60W charger with my mac that came with an 87W charger. It really depends on your workload as to whether you should use a lower rated charger.

        Personally, I'd stick with a more reputable or even the stock charger, especially for higher wattages.

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