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Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 i7/16GB/512GB $1220 Delivered @ Microsoft eBay


This ~49% deal is back again. However, this time you can also use the May eBay coupons for additional savings!

Kinda glad I missed out on the original deal now.

Also available are the Surface Book 3, Pro X, (and that 8GB RAM AMD one that no one wants).

Use whichever code gives you the best savings. TOPITUP, PLSMAYY7, SNSMAY etc. Varies by device

Original Coupon Deal

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  • Is this good, what number are they up to with the surface line?

    • 4 for the Surface Laptop currently, 5 rumoured to come out this year

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    These are all 10th gen intel so I’d probably avoid these of you want a laptop that will last

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      These are all 10th gen intel

      That's probably why they are half price?

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        Even at half price it's still more expensive than recent higher performance laptop deals, eg MSI Prestige 14 off the top of my head.

        • that's cause you pay for the after sales service don't think you get any form MSI

    • Agreed, this is a few gens old now. Their Ryzen stuff is still using the 3000 series tech too. Can get way more value performance wise from recent Lenovo / MSI deals, but if you value aesthetics I can see why this might be a good deal.

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      Not necessarily, most just use around 60% of the laptop performance and seeing that this is on clearance, would good for a student..

    • Just due to age or is there another issue?

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      I am still using 8 th gen intel, Surface book 2, havent had a problem at all with CPU or any other component, except battery life, (not above 8.5 hrs of my normal use which is a lot of browsing, usually only 6 hrs ish)

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    Big response seems to have been gen of the CPU for the money …. I have a surface laptop and the screen is superb, the build is great ……. gen 10 or gen 11 won't determine lifespan as it's more the battery over time that becomes un-useable, gen 10 is windows 11 ….. only new breakthrough is gen 12 I7 with economy cores and gen 12 laptops are way more expensive for same build.

    Mine is work supplied, for my own money I'm limited to plastic cased 15.6" economy laptop.

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      I know that economy laptop feeling.

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      hah, I know that Acer feeling :P

  • They are good deals

  • +1

    Have they pulled the deal already?
    Clicking the above link is showing "No search results found" for me.

  • Can't find the item

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    Back in stock

  • Available again but only in blue.

  • All colours available

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      Like the sound of it.
      But, i7 512 GB Vs Ryzen 5 256 GB.
      I would go with Surface 3.

      • Thanks, that’s my gut feel too. Doesn’t seem to be many other difference between the two models.

    • +3

      You're have a fair point. I was almost tempted by the $1220 deal, but for $179 the ryzen 4680U absolutely thrashes the crappy 10th gen Ice Lake crappy i7-1065G7.


      notebookcheck lists it way above the i7 across almost every single benchmark. not to mention efficiency and battery life will be way better.
      interesting to look up that list and see how insanely good the 5600H/5800H is in the recent Lenovo Yoga Slim Pro deals.

      Makes you doubt the longevity of the 10th gen i7 considering my current surface laptop 2 with 8th gen Intel feels super sluggish and its less than 3 years old.

  • 2022 model X pro Matebook?

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