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Corsair RM850x (2021) 850W 80 PLUS Gold PSU $159 + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


Corsair RM850x (2021) on sale at PCCG.

The Corsair RMx Series fully modular power supplies are built with the highest quality components to deliver 80 PLUS Gold efficient power to your PC, with virtually silent operation. With a fully modular cable design, you can completely customise which cables you use to keep your build super clean. Cooled by a high quality 135mm magnetic levitation fan for excellent performance and very low bearing noise coupled with superior reliability.

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    Excellent power supply. If you’re building a PC soon or have a budget power supply, get this. I would argue that it is the most important component in the entire system.

  • +2

    Crap, I wish I could replace my rm750 with this. As GPU power usage goes up, it might be impossible for me to buy some of the next gen GPU models

    • Not the case.. there will always be a 150 to 250w card that will run games fine. . The RX7600XT and RX7700XT

      Are supposed to be around that power usage and be at around RX6900XT , RTX3090 levels of performance

      • Also, you can run a 150 to 200w gpu on a quality 550w power supply no problem anyway.

    • +2

      I know how you feel, as I'm in the same boat. I've decided to stick to the 3060ti/3070 220w power level as long as possible. Thinking about a 1440p monitor though.

  • +5

    The cables on the 2021 models stink really bad. You need to leave them in the sun for a week.

    The old ones never had this issue but those came in a velcro carry bag.. these new ones are in an air tight clear platic bag.

    • +1

      gamer stank

      • I smell… nerds!

    • +1

      weird, i didnt have this problem. i have this exact same one and also from pccasegear

      • +1

        Its a heavy plastic offgass smell.. not nice to breath in and doesnt go away in the PC case

        • yeah i can imagine the smell & im especially not a fan of that type of plastic smell. I guess im lucky mine wasn't a smelly one hahah :)

    • Don't know about yours, but my new RM850x that I bought 3 months ago has no stinky plastic smell at all.

  • +1

    This or the MSI A850GF that's $109?

    • +2

      Just get the MSI. It is also A tier on the LTT PSU Tier List. Also has nicer cables imo.

      • The MSI is multi rail so there's a power supply limit on each component, the RM850x is single rail.

        • Is there any drawbacks when using a multi rail PSU on a i5 12400f+3070?

          • +1

            @benniboi88: For your particular scenario no, but it does limit you if you wanted to get a more powerful graphics card in the future. Say something like a 3080ti or 3090 due to the TDP limitation.

            • @Abstractium: The MSI A850GF can deliver up to 480w for 2 PCIe outputs (there are 3 PCIe outputs on the PSU so one shares the wattage I think?). It seems fairly well balanced for a multi-rail PSU. That being said, I don't know how PSUs work i'm not an electrician lol, this is just from me googling around for multi-rail PSUs and their performance with newer GPUs.

              TL;DR: From my limited understanding, it should be fine. Correct me if i'm wrong please.

          • +1

            @benniboi88: Below a 3080 no

            Above a 3080 yes

            EVGA had the same problem as well,3090 and 3080ti kept tripping the power supply

            This will be 100 times worse with the 4080 if the 500watt TDP is true

            • +1

              @reader64: I may be wrong but I swear I heard so much chatter recently about how the current gen PSUs are going to be incompatible with the next gen Nvidia and AMD cards (as a new PSU standard is arriving) ???

              • +2

                @akyeeeahdude: not incompatible,just not fit for task

                95 percent of ppl according to steam data,have a less than 800 watt power supply

                If the rumour of something like a 4080/4090 needing 550 watts or even 600

                That means it could spike as high as 700 watts in extreme cases under load,this will trip many ppls power supplys

                ATX 2.55 has also been around for like 12 years

                Intel finally created atxv3 whihc now allows full 12v rail control

                Long story short,if u dont need a PSU right NOW..wait till october when the new standard is launched

            • @reader64: I must admit I don't totally understand the single and multi rail ins-and-outs, but wouldn't the fact you can merge 3 current-gen PCIe cables into one PCIe 5.0 (or is it ATX 3.0?) connector mean it won't matter if it's single or multi for cards like the 4080? The multi rails will act like a single rail because they're being accessed in parallel?

        • +2

          We laugh about the Gigabyte P850GM, but it's a single rail 12v.
          Mine hasn't caught fire yet.

          • @wetwork: Yeah, a revision changed the over power protection (OPP) trigger point which Gigabyte believe made them 100% safe. The verdict is out in terms of the tech review site that first broke the news about them. Gigabyte's statement is here:


            • +1

              @akyeeeahdude: It just can't be trusted

              GN retested and still found the PSu to be substandard

              there is a reason it's always on sale at 99 bucks,because it's a piece of shit and no one wants to risk their computer blowing up

    • +5

      Get this if you want a silent build. The RMx series turns off the fan below ~50% load.

      • +1

        Fan kicks in at 40% load, but remains under 5db from 40-60% so yes, very quiet.

    • +2

      Ignore the dude below

      1.The MSI is multirail

      you might have issues with anything 3080 or better,let alone the 4080 series due to transient power spikes over 600 watts

      2.MSI one is made a by a subcontractor for CWT

      The corsair at this price,is Far superior the only power supply better than this under 200 bucks is the seasonic ones

      Corsair give you 10 years,and when they do pop off like one of mine did they replace all attached components that died in my case it cooked my 1080ti at the time replaced it

      The corsair runs quieter as well

      at 159 bucks,there is no question here

      I've have a corsair R750 running nearly 18 hours a day non stop for about 4 years now..with zero issues

    • Upgraded my PC recently and bought the MSI A850GF power supply, it worked fine for the first 12 hours before it blew. Got the Corsair RM850x and have had zero issues with it so far. If I must fault it, the cables were a little too stiff to cable manage properly, but that is also dependant on your motherboard and case too I suppose.

    • I've had the MSI psu for a few months now running my home sever, no issues thus far. One small thing others have missed is Corsair psu can supports more power cables.
      See: Corsair 850 vs. MSI 850

  • I bought this to run my 5600x+3060ti just to keep the fan never spin.

    • Huh?

      • They bought a higher-capacity PSU than what their system needed just so that the PSU's fanless mode would mostly be active due to the lower power load.

        • Righto. I am powering my i5-12600K and 3080, never noticed any fan noise from my RM850x at all. The only fan noise (quiet) I can hear is from the CPU air cooler fan.

  • +2

    I would trust this PSU any day over that Gigabyte one currently being sold off Amazon for $95.

  • +1

    $22 shipping so Sunny coast kills the deal

    • The shipping rate of $16 in Sydney still makes this deal a Meh deal.
      $175 isn't an instant jump on.

  • Does anyone know if they do in store pick up?

    • +1

      They do not

  • Didn't do my research and found that the Corsair SF750 comes with 30cm cables, so I need to buy extensions to get the power from the bottom of the Corsair 4000d to the motherboard.
    Got these for $37, but you can get black n white for $29 but won't deliver for nearly 3 weeks
    Cooler Master PVC PSU Extension Cable Kit, Red/Black https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B08BFDYZSJ/

    • -1

      Hey watch out when buying extension cables. Because it has to be made specifically for your PSU brand and model. Or else it can fry every component in the computer if the cables are wired up differently than what the PSU is.

      That Cooler Master PSU extension cable would be made specifically for a Cooler Master PSU.

      Or else this is what can happen if the cable is wired different from what the PSU is. Every PSU manufacturer does the wiring different.



      Courier has this web page showing which type PSU cables you need.


      • I know you do have to be careful with PSU cables, but wouldn't extentions specifically all be fine, given they have to output the same pin design that comes in?

        • -1

          Even although it's an extension cable from say Cooler Master it doesn't guarantee that the extension cable is wired up the same as say a PSU cable from Corsair.

          • @hollykryten: I thought "extention" cables were ones that plugged into the existing cable to extend, but are they ones that are longer than factory but are plugged direct into the PSU?

      • +2

        They say it is universal. I am not plugging these into the PSU, rather the cable out of the PSU, which should be ATX comparable.


        The reviews even mention an SF600 being extended and no problems.

        Also they look straight passthrough with no twisting between ends

        • I wouldn't trust that claim.

          It turns out according to the Corsair PSU combability list your PSU uses Type 3 and Type 4 PSU cables.

          • +2

            @hollykryten: Not to imply you've gone Computer Senile Holly (or got droid rot Kryten), but I think you're missing the trick here. The cables plug into cables, not direct into the PSU, so they can't muck anything up between brands

  • +1

    I've had this psu die within a year, but i could've just got the bad egg of the bunch so to say. Warranty is good and have since had no problems with the replacement.

  • Going to be on off-grid solar soon, this or worth putting in the extra for 80+ platinum? Any ideas for the actual kwh I could save? Thanks!

    • If you’re going off grid running a gaming/mining pc will kill your dreams fast. Forget this and stick to a laptop or tablet if you’re looking save the planet or your wallet.

      • Got the computer already, moving into a place, 32kwh system for just me and my partner, all major appliances on gas and we have a backup generator.

        Will save mining for sunny days and I don't game for more than a few hours a week, was just wondering how much of a difference it will make gold vs plat.

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