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GOOLOO GP2000 Car Jump Starter 2000A Peak USB QC3.0 Type C $99.99 Delivered @ GOOLOO Direct via Amazon


This popular item is back. Enjoy :)

$60 off with promo code U2DTQTP4.

About this item

Starts Most Dead Auto Batteries - GOOLOO GP2000 12V portable car jump starter battery pack is powerful enough to start vehicles (up to 9.0L gas engine / 7.0L diesel engine) quickly and easily, with heavy-duty jumper clamps (included). It can even work in extreme climates -4~140℉. Start your expedition without problems.
Portable Power Supply – More than a car battery charger, the GOOLOO GP2000 car jump starter battery pack includes three USB Ports (15W TYPE-C, USB 5V/9V/12V Quick Charge, USB 5V / 2.4A ). Provide portable electronic devices with additional charging convenience.
Ergonomic Design with Multi-Features – GOOLOO GP2000 portable car jump starter battery pack is lightweight, easy to carry, and includes an integrated LED super bright work light with three lighting modes (flashlight, SOS, strobe), providing maximum convenience and flexibility. A flashlight is always needed when you have a flat tire, camping, or need to find something in the dark. The GOOLOO GP2000 is more than just a jump starter.
Safe and Secure – SUPERSAFE is a safety protection technology by GOOLOO, which automatically detects reverse polarity to ensure a precise connection before providing power to most automotive batteries or electrical devices. You can rest assured to use the GOOLOO GP2000 car battery jump starter power pack.
Affordable and Powerful - Get an all-in-one car starter, power bank, LED flashlight at an affordable price.
In The Box - GOOLOO GP2000 Portable Car Jump Starter Battery Pack, Smart Jumper Cable, Wall Charger, USB to Type-C Cable, Storage Case, User Manual, Cigarette Lighter Adapter.

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  • +2

    Hmm just bought the 1500 for $89

  • +7

    Can I use this on a Mercedes? Asking for a friend who just started work at a dealer.

  • +3

    Yo Askhole, GP4000 is back to $149.99 if you want to repost.

  • I read a review and someone said Rooboost is better.
    Is Rooboost 2000A better than this one?

    • +1

      Highly doubt it… with the price of Rooboost 2000A $145 after the discount, i would just get the GP4000A for $5 more if that's what you really wan't.

      • If similar price, on eBay I can buy it for around 125 after $10 off or I can wait for the amazon flash sale as I don't need it urgently.

  • Really happy with mine, really easy to use and started the car on the first go.

  • How often do people actually need these? It seems to me that for most people this would be a white elephant.

    • +4

      It's the same reason as buying jumper cables or car insurance, how often do you need to use them?

      • -1

        I think most people would call Battery World or similar, who drive out, replace battery, take the old one, job done.

        I like how this device is also a USB charger and torch. But the torch is underwhelming. An improvement I can think of is adding bright coloured LED options with different pules modes. In case of breakdown on side of road, a pulsing amber light beacon emitting in all directions is good to have. Amber means "caution" more than a flashing white light. So I guess it needs a light-strip on the edge, or LEDs on the corners. As it stands, it's an ugly plastic lump with generic torch shoved in one end.

        • +4

          If you are out in a bush a few hundred kms from a town?

          • -1

            @edfoo: I said "most people". The few who find themselves in middle of nowhere with flat battery, would obviously prefer to have this device than not.

            Keep in mind that simply having jumper cables will also cover many circumstances where you're a long way from town. That leaves the only use for this device being when you're in bush, and nobody else around to give you jump start. Very rare circumstance, that for me would require a better torch, safety beacon, to justify its permanent storage in my car!

            • @cerealJay: Just like a lot of products, they are not necessity for most people. This product is more useful for those out in the bush when no one around to help out. But there are also many people driving around urban areas cbf calling for Battery World or other road services, or waiting for other people to jump their batteries, when they can just jump start themselves right there right now.

        • +1

          That seems like an expensive process if say you leave your lights on and not happening if it's the middle of the night. These are a cheap item to solve a major inconvenience

    • +1

      I needed this 3 weeks ago when my 4WD wouldn't turn the engine 90 km from home at 3pm. Strangely the car was fine in the morning. RACQ came within the hour and got it going and it was connection plates inside the battery that apparently broke. Would have got me home without having the 1 hour wait though the hassle of keeping it charged and present in the car not make it worth while when you have RACQ membership.

    • +2

      I have one in each car, used it about 10 times.

      • -4

        You need better cars

        • +2

          Once was on my car, a classic v8 that doesn't get driven a lot. The rest were helping complete strangers.

    • +2

      It depends on what your use cases are.

      I've got the bigger model. It replaces the second battery on my boat (always want a secondary way to start when on the water). When I go camping I use it as a large power bank and to power camping lights.

      On top of all that it serves as a jump starter and emergency backup in the rare case I need it (so far never).

      If your buying it to throw in your boot as an emergency starting device you're better spending half as much on a set of jumper leads which never go flat.

    • -3

      Yep and almost guaranteed to be flat when you need it

    • Bought one. A few months later coworker's car had flat battery. While I didn't need it, it helped someone who did.

    • Got this, used 8 times to jump people at work and on side of the road. Just 2 weeks ago turned up to my dad with a back injury having lugged out a battery, a charger and the cables for his flat battery. Jumped with this. He now wants one haha

  • What is the actual gutz in these things. How long are they expected to last.

    • I have the model one down from this, started my 3.0L diesel with not a problem whatsoever. They say that you should charge it up every couple of months to keep it up. I hadn’t charged mine at all in the 12+ months I had it. It still had 4/5 charge apparently, but will keep it charged now. Just bought this one for our second car.

    • Got the 1500A in 2018. Still going strong. Jumped the Commodore a bunch of time when the battery was on the way out a year or 2 ago, Lancer when the battery was fading a couple of months ago. Gave me enough time to get a new battery at a convenient time to me. Jump started strangers in the street when they had their head under the bonnet and I asked what was wrong. Finally, 18000mAh power bank when needed.

  • +3

    Thanks Op just got one ..can somebody comment will this work with Hyundai Accent 1.4L hatchback or it this too powerful as the car got a small engine ? Sorry not really a pro with the cars and battery . Oz bargain rule buy first and ask later..😊

    • +3

      There is no too powerful. It supplies 12 V, and the car pulls as much current as it needs.

      • +2

        It supplies more like 15-16v which is why they're so good at jump starting against flat batteries.

    • +1

      It will work just fine.

  • -1

    These suck

    I bought one a few months ago from a previous sale

    First time I actually need it I realise it no longer works

    Had to walk home to get another car to jump start

    • Happened to me too. I keep it in the car and check its charge regularly. A few weeks ago, I checked the battery and it went from 3 quarter charge to 1 instantly. Now it won’t charge.

  • +1

    Literally just used one of these on Monday which saved me all sorts of headaches, pain, and time. Just bought this one for our second car. Thanks for posting!!

  • How long is this sale on for?

  • i have a few project cars that drain the battery after 6 or so months and these have been so easy to use and work every time - even when half charged

  • +1

    Also great to use as a massive power bank for phone, laptop and iPads.

  • +3

    Have one it's good. I jumped started someone in need last week and didn't even get a thanks, that's life I suppose.

    • Super kind to help out. Well deserving of a thanks

  • Great deal thank you ,grabbed one.

  • -1

    Does using these cause excessive strain on the battery vs. say a plug-in battery charger? I know letting the battery go flat in the first place isn't great but if you were given the choice and you knew the battery was going the go flat at home, what is the better option?

    • These do not charge your car battery at all. Once connected they boost the amp so the starter motor can crank your engine. Gets your engine started and you moving.

      I've used mine several times as I knew my 10 year old car battery was on its way out when it barely could turn the engine one day. Used the gooloo several days in a row starting the car from home, shopping centre, work, until SCA had a sale on car batteries, then bought the correct model at a discounted price. That's the OB way.

      • That's the true OB way

  • How safe are these to keep in the car? Can they handle the heat from the sun during the day? I know you shouldn't put normal lithium battery packs in cars, which is why dashcam batteries cost a small fortune as they are designed differently.

    • -1

      I don't claim to be an expert on dashcams. But I was intrigued by your statement that the batteries in them are "designed differently". What google tells me is that dashcams only have enough power storage capacity to ensure the end of the image file gets stored and closed off correctly. So cheap dashcams have a small cheap lithium ion battery in them that's not designed any differently to any other lithium ion battery, but because of that probably only have a fairly short life. Whereas expensive dashcams don't have a battery at all. They have a supercapacitor. It is more expensive but is reliable and long lasting.

      • +1

        Sorry, I should have explained myself better. I was not talking about the batteries inside the dashcams, but external batteries used for parking mode etc where direct connnection to the 12v battery in the car is not possible, epecially in hybrid vehicles that use lower powered car batteries. Lithium Ion batteries can not withstand high temperatures typically found inside a car on a warm summer day. There is on the market battries such as BlackVue B-124 Ultra Battery Pack for this exact purpure, they use Lithium 'Iron' Phosphate instead of Lithum Ion.

  • Thanks, ordered one! Chose this over the Baseus as this brand seems to be more reputable on OzB. Seems to have an extra port for DC out which may come in handy.

  • Would the GP4000 be worth the extra $50? We only have cars between 2L turbo to 3L V6 cars at home.

    • No

    • Yes, if you can afford the extra $50 then grab the GP4000

  • +1

    fast delivery ordered on 21 May 2022 delivered today .. love Amazon for such a quick service ..

  • I bought one of these in a previous sale used twice and charged probably 3 times . Went to use the other day was dead flat. Tried to charge but just keeps flashing and won't take charge . Tried a few different cords and chargers still no good. After googling them I found lots of people have same issue . Make sure you charge often otherwise you will have an expensive paperweight

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