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Sapphire NITRO+ Radeon RX 6600 XT 8GB Video Card $499 + $7.99 Delivery ($0 w/ mVIP or SYD C&C) @ Mwave


Same model as yesterday's OOS Amazon post, seems like a decent price. Will need to scroll down on the GroupBuy page linked and click Buy Now directly, as clicking on the item itself displays no stock (whereas "Buy Now!" puts it in your cart directly).

Free shipping with mVIP, or free Click & Collect in Sydney, otherwise $7.99 is the cheapest option.

Not sure what else to add, first time post, please lmk if anything's off!

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    I've logged in, added to cart, even on the final page it shows "$499.00[This item is sold out]" I suspect this will act as a preorder with a huge lead time or get cancelled.

    • Ooh yeah I can see that too - you're probably right

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    Since this has RGB why aren't the lower end models cheaper? $500 is the lowest price on this model overall. Does an asrock cost the same to manufacture as this?

    and a preemptive **** you to downvoters who have contempt for lower prices. Undecided on whether the downvoters or the retailers are the bigger scum

    • They down voted wetwork's first post, not you directly.

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        Lol I wasn't talking about this post. They've downvoted all my "this card is too expensive" or "asrock is a budget brand" posts for weeks. They'll downvote anything threatening further price falls and any comments encouraging holding in the hope people don't see the comments and pay the current stupid price for the stupid gpu. They are a pathetic gremlin cancer that may as well be paid by nvidia to distort market sentiment.

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        Yeah I'm butt hurt.

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