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Frankfurt to Singapore $1395 Business Class One Way on Singapore Airlines @ Google Flights


I was booking a trip to Europe for next year and came across this

Might not be for everyone but it is a really good price for a non stop long haul business class flight other carriers are $2400+ with a stopover

Might be a pricing error as Lufthansa shows from 4492.18 Euros but Gotogate, Booking.com shows pricing from $1387 to $1418

I put in 1st June 2022 on Gotogate and shows $1368.73

Plenty of dates from 1st June 2022 to 16th April 2023

You will also earn 7984 miles

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    I feel Frankfurt to Singapore is a very specific flight path which may not be too common on an Australian bargain site. Maybe CheapCheapLah might appreciate this!

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      You can spend some time (i.e. a day) in Singapore and fly next day to MEL/SYD/BNE on Singapore or other airlines if you find another cheap business flight, or fly economy…

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      Cheapcheaplah had never heard of this, is this ran by ozbargain too?? Looks suspiciously similar ha

      • +2

        Yes it is, you can see the related sites at the very bottom of the page

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      I feel Frankfurt to Singapore is a very specific flight path

      When I travel to/from Europe l I usually look for the cheapest leg in/out of Sydney to Asia (same for return), then hop from there to anywhere in Europe. So in this case, coming back from Europe you could easily get a train or cheap flight from where ever you are to Frankfurt, Bus. class to Singapore, then a Scoot trip from Singapore to home.

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    A380 as well. Nice.

    92,000 Velocity points and $156.10 in taxes if you have the points and flexabilty.

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      How do you use velocity points?

    • Same question. Can't see these flights directly through Virgin website.

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        April 3rd 2023 6 business award seats as an example.

        • Ah, further out than the few I tried to test out. Thanks.

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    Now I just have find a way to get to Frankfurt

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    Pretty random but good deal if it works for your itinerary!

  • were you able to bok it

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      chickens not allowed on the flight "bok bok bok"

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    I miss being in my 20's, this would be the kind of challenge I would've loved… spent most of it backpacking, and the rest of the time saving up for next travel.

    • +1

      what happened? find a woman, had kids ? ah such is life

      • +3

        Woman and kids found him

        • -3

          Yes, I blame them… but work/responsibility, mortgage (in Sydney) changes how much time you have…

  • How can I use this bargain from Brisbane QLD?

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      Book a ticket to Germany in cattle class first. Quite simple really

    • +1

      Unfortunately, you'd need to start travelling the world instead of voting for Clive Palmer, not something they're accustomed to up north.

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        I'm leaving tomorrow to Greece on Scoot, in the best cattle class available on the market.

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          I respect that. I've done a lot of cheap as cattle class and the like… I'm getting to an age where I find it a bit harder but it's good to do your time.

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            @kiriakoz: I flew business once, it had great experience but I would rather spend this amount elsewhere at the country of destination. I used miles to book the ticket btw. Wish I could casually afford flying BC one day. But this is not an OZB way of course.

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              I flew business once, it had great experience but I would rather spend this amount elsewhere

              Same here. I've traveled business class a lot through work and it's simply not worth it IMO (if you are paying for it yourself). A $500 flight can turn into $4000 just for a bigger seat. And the extra $3500 pays for an entire week in a great hotel.

              On this subject, on my last Jetstar flight to Thailand I had a half empty plane so ended up with a row of three to myself. The ability to lie down is worth paying a little extra for, but not $4000. Each economy leg cost me $200/seat so if the airline offered an entire row for $600 I would pay for that.
              It works out better for them, less weight, bags, meals etc and better for me. In fact I worked out that if they did away with the overhead baggage compartment and put bunks in their place, you could fit two small lie flat beds in the space of 3 seats. So if they charge say $500 each bunk bed, they make $1000 for the space they are currently only charging $600 for.

              Is it just me or this not a much better idea for long haul flights?

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          Travelling on a crowded ovenight train in India sitting up with the locals and poultry some years ago backpacking with RTW ticket. Now, that's cattle class!

          • +1

            @x d: This is more like it. BTW, I've done overnight train in India and overnight Greyhound buses in USA (anything to save on accomodation costs), and I'd genuinely rather do the former.

            • @kiriakoz: Nice, though your india overnight train mustn't have been that bad :-)

              We went around the USA with a greyhound buses as well in the early 2000s and they were pretty comfy I thought. The only thing was the iffy locations of their stations. Was stopped by a security guard on the way out of one when he warned us that a group of suspicious characters were preying on us!

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            @x d: Haha I've done it without a ticket and sleeping next to the toilets. Bombay to Goa night Train

            Now it's flying business or first first for me.. On points

            I'm off to Frankfurt in August, going in business, coming back in first on SQ

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              @daft009: Nice man. I'm in the same mindset. I've done my time and seen the world on a shoestring, don't need to anymore.

              • +1

                @kiriakoz: Yeah precisely.

                Don't think I could do it anymore even if I wanted to 🤣

                • +1

                  @daft009: Well that's probably more accurate. Good to do it when you can, I'm way too high maintenance nowadays. 🤣🤣🤣

            • @daft009: Memories you will never forget and surely treasure, more so than the business class experience for me.

              Not sure though that I want my 2 daughters doing the same thing for safety reasons :-(

              • @x d: definitely not! i wouldn't if I were you

        • Have you flown Scoot before? Considering flying them to Athens.

          • @Etster: I flew many times from SG to Sydney, can't complain. You get what you pay for. Scoot was the only option from the Gold Coast to SG and then EU, so I had no choice. Emirates from BNE were about 10k+ for a family of 4.

          • @Etster:

            Have you flown Scoot before?

            I've flown them a few times and they were all good flights. Much like Jetstar it is basic but acceptable.

  • I am actually checking on this route in the last two days. For the dates that i want to travel (even flexible within 7 days), everything is $3k+ on economy! And that's on lufthansa, not Singapore airlines. If anyone can get it for that price, that would be a bargain. But one has to factor in Aus-Singapore route.

    • TK does decent mixed class fares from MEL/SYD to SIN or BKK on TG or (gulp!) JQ, then via IST to FRA for $4.1k.

      Alternatively, VN offers MEL/SYD to FRA via SGN for $4.7k (and VN is fine in J)…

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    rule 1 of Ozbargain: don't talk about Ozbargain
    rule 2 of Ozbargain: obey rule 1 above
    rule 3 of Ozbargain: never pay for business class. use points or make your company pay for it

    • Funny !:)

      • +3

        rule 4 of Ozbargain: buy first, vote later

        that is actually number 1, but nvm

    • +2

      Rule 3 - funnily enough this is cheaper than economy, def a pricing error, not sure it'll be honored.

      • I agree actually. damn it's been a while since I flew through Frankfurt

        such an interchange, you can fly almost anywhere from Frankfurt. but I've been an Emirates man for a while now, easier to connect via Dubai

        I remember Lufthansa refused to serve me a kosher meal on one of their flights because they mixed something up at the airport. they fed me fruits and whiskey till they ran out of either

        those were the days

      • +1

        not sure it'll be honored

        Yeah, I'm hedging against that possibility by having a free cancellation rewards flight booked to get home.

        I've been able to confirm the booking via the SG website and can see the ticket numbers, so that's promising. So far.

  • +3

    Nah, spending my money on flights from Timbuktu to Almaty…

    • +1

      Almaty is nice I like the city, can't wait to go back actually.

      Not sure about Timbuktu, never been to Africa :(

      • +1

        Do you know of a cheap way to get there? I have looked up tickets to Almaty a few times and am always turned away by how expensive they are

        • +2

          For reference it cost me 1900 AUD return when I went in August 2018. I went Emirates from Perth to Dubai, then Fly Dubai to Almaty there and back. Also did a FlyDubai from Almaty to Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan next door).

          Keep looking is all I can say. I booked nine or ten months out though.

        • +3

          In 2019 (just before Covid hit) my wife and I visited Almaty and found it a good and great value place. It would be fantastic if you're into skiing (we're not). To get there we flew Brisbane to Urumqi on Air China ($747 return, a price I was able to remember!), then Air Astana to Astana (now called Nursultan), and train to Almaty. From there we meandered through south Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, then basically up the Volga to Moscow. We flew S7 airline from Moscow to Urumqi via Novosibirsk.
          A great and cheap trip, of which Uzbekistan was the definite highlight. Of course travel through China is off the cards now, and we went places where the medical system is somewhat dubious. I wouldn't want to take the risk of Covid now, but boy I feel lucky to have taken the opportunity while it was there.

  • My thought process might be funny to share:

    Flight. From Germany to Singapore? This is Australia silly, and that direction, why would anyone want that? Oh man what a useless deal. And what? 1300 bucks? You kidding, this sucks. (Reads the description to see why this is a deal)

    Oh. Business class! Ok that is decent! (Adds this comment)

    • I did cattle class from Frankfurt to Singapore in 2013. Only because I was stupid enough to fly back from Reykjavik to Helsinki, Helsinki to Frankfurt ,Frankfurt to Singapore, Singapore to Perth, in one go (longest stopover was five hours).

      Business class would be bearable in this instance.

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    Is anyone actually able to book this? After selecting the flight it takes me to Luthansa's website where the price jumps to $4k+. Not sure about booking on a booking site only to have the ticket cancelled last minute.

    • +3

      Got the same error on Lufthansa and Gotogate, but booking on Booking.com (in app) worked perfectly.

      Just got my confirmed PNR a few minutes ago!

      • Hmm, not sure if I trust booking.com for flights…


        • So I went through the process with Booking.com, got to the final payment page and on the list of T&Cs it lists that you agree to the terms for: Booking.com, GoToGate and Lufthansa. Bailed out and booked through GoToGate instead. Fewer middlemen is better (Lufthansa jacked up the price to $4k+).

          Still dubious about whether the tickets will be issued, though…

  • +6

    Jakarta-Amsterdam return business class, emirates
    20/6-4/7 $3660 AUD

    • Crikey! That's cheap.

  • +2

    Have a look at

    Switch the date and it will show you all the cheapest prices for the days of the month.

    I am seeing a lot of $1365 at the moment

  • +1
  • +2

    So turns out Lufthansa have removed all options for SIngapore Airlines from THEIR website that I could see. So I clicked through and you can find it on a Lufthansa Biz flight at the same price. Not as good as Singapore, but still cheaper than Economy (for some reason).

    • Howdid u find it on the Lufthansa website. Only find the expensive tickets.

      • I went all the way to Jan and booked it

  • +5

    Manila-Dublin return 2/6-17/6 Etihad business class
    $2600 AUD with Expedia.com

    • What the hell, that's insane!? Just verified, how did you find that?

      • +4

        It’s pretty common from Manila or Jakarta,
        You just put Manila-Europe into google flights then find a cheap city, then go back into the calendar and it will show all the lowest prices/dates.

        • Nice tip, thanks

        • +3

          Yep, have snagged Jakarta-Doha-Amsterdam with QR in J for $2,100 return pre covid. You can probably have a good look around for options.

  • How did you you find it on the lufthansa website?

  • +4

    Thanks OP for posting the deal. I've been looking at return tickets from Europe.
    Just letting everyone know you can book this flight through Amex travel to save you dealing with Booking.com/Gotogate.
    Paid $1429.60 for early September. On website also says "Free Cancellation".
    I assume you can also use travel credit for this.

    • +1

      Great - thanks for the heads up. Have used Amex to book, also used $400 travel credit on the card.

      Feels a lot safer than dealing with booking.com/gotogate! Free cancellation as well

      Op should add to the post.

      • I can't seem to use the travel credit

        Did you book the lufthansa flight?

  • Is it a SQ airplane or code share on Lufthansa?

    • The flight I booked is an SQ A380, codeshare with Lufthansa

  • +1

    Hotdog! That's a great price.

    Hot dog, Frankfurt, ok I'll see myself out.

  • -3

    Monkeypox is a concern to travel to Europe.

    • Covid is still more of a concern (and risk of accident or social issues are of much higher concern still). The media are just talking about monkeypox now because it captures the imagination. It's not very contagious and won't become a pandemic.

      • +2

        Just shows how easy it is to scare people in this day and age.

      • Transmits via intercourse right? So most OzBargainers should be fine.

  • would suggest not to deal with goto gate as I had very bad experience with them. you will not have any customer care support in case any issues with the booking. Waiting for my refund more than 6 months now for the flight cancellation due to covid regulations.

  • +3

    The flight's going to be full of OzBargainers

    • @everyone wear an orange shirt so we can spot each other

  • thanks booked for oktoberfest, Xmas, Easter, Aus Day..

  • Would you book your connecting flight back to sydney for the same day or straight after arriving to Singapore. If the initial flight is delayed wouldn't that stuff up your flight from Singapore to Sydney?

    • +1

      Just be aware that based on current rules, you can't "transit" through Singapore unless both inbound and outbound are on the same ticket. If they're on separate tickets, you must pick up your bags and clear immigration, even if you don't plan to leave the airport.

      Under the government’s transit travel rules, passengers who are transiting through Changi and plan to depart on a different airline, must have both flights booked in the same booking itinerary. Passengers must also have their checked-in luggage tagged-through from the origin airport to their final destination.

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