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Virgin Australia Tasmania Sale: Hobart/Lst Depart Melb $59, Gold Coast $79, Sydney $79, Perth $149, Cairns $189 @IWTF


Virgin Australia is having a Touch of Tassie Sale - lots of flights to Hobart and Launceston have been reduced. Prices listed include carry on luggage.

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Departing Hobart

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  • +9

    Hire cars are very expensive in Tassie at the moment… Be sure to factor that in to your trip costs!

    • And book early!

    • +2

      Hobart car rentals for 3 early Feb 2023 - $170.00 - $400.00 per day. Ridiculous!

    • Accommodation is also expensive due to the housing crisis atm. Adding your accommodation + meals + flights + car etc and it's not a cheap trip for most. Even early bird rates suck atm

      • +1

        I visited this month ("off season") and rented a car from Apex for $64/day. I saved $300 by cancelling my original booking that was made months in advance and rebooking on arrival with cheaper rates.

    • Look at motorhome rentals. They're not cheap but by the time that you factor in car rental and accommodation, it might be cheaper or similar in price and it's a fun way to explore Tassie. Lots of good caravan parks.

    • +1

      Would highly recommend checking out Car Next Door for cheap hiring of cars in Tassie! Used it recently whilst in Tassie and helped save $1k+

  • +11

    Come to Hobart and I'll give you an unofficial tour of the city underground. A few OzBargainers who visited weeks ago took me up on the offer but sadly there was a big downpour and flooding 😓

    • Auspost stamp machine meetup round 2?

  • most of the promotion tickets are only available half a year later from feb/2023
    what will happen in 2023
    does virgin aus still exist

    • Yes. They've been existing as VA 2.0 for quite a while now …

  • +4

    For anyone who hasn’t been and is considering it, Hobart (and Tas in general) is really, really enjoyable. It’s got a very fresh cultural scene, MONA is incredible, wonderful restaurants, beautiful nature throughout the city and it’s surprisingly affordable.

    Happy to give tips, did a ten-day road trip last September.

    • +2

      I was there last week for 4 days and think Hobart is expensive for accommodation. (My 4th trip to TAS).

      I can recommend YHA. Had room with private bathroom. Very clean, heating was good. Great location. Stairs for fitness. $100/night less 17% cashrewards.

      Check days that MONA is open at the moment.

    • I agree with everything but the "surprisingly affordable" part. Car rentals are expensive at the moment and the housing crisis has pushed the government to house people in hotels (not to mention some are renting hotel rooms). It's a lot more expensive than it was pre-covid and I hope this stops soon.

      Edit: I always go North, but I know Hobart is more expensive in general

  • How much more for check in luggage?

    • +1

      Get a Choice fare if you want checked-in luggage

  • "A Touch of Tassie". Never been to the state, but I love going there every night.

  • +2

    Went to Launceston on 24th /25th 2020. Arrived late around 3-4pm due to flight change by virgin ☹️

    Used uber and was suprised that no conveint dedicate uber pickup location at airport.(In fact, there was but not very close to the main entrance of airport.)

    Hotel that I stayed at was located on the hill so I actually saw some cows!! 🐄I was very very suprised. More suprisingly, super cold like 8 degrees next morning on Christmas day!! Although, I did go for a walk for a couple of hours.

    It was very short visit but I really liked the city and reminded me my hometown. I will visit again🙂

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