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Philips Water All-in-One Water Station $349.99 ($80 off) Delivered @ Costco (Membership Required)


Same deal as a couple of months ago.

This Philips All-In-One Water Station value pack comes with seven micro X-clean filters, giving you pure tasting, filtered water from refreshingly chilled to piping hot. Hot water comes out within seconds, at the temperature you like, bringing out the maximum aroma in your drinks. Different from other instant heating technology, this two staged instant heating module helps to achieve true boiling. The efficient cooling system provides chilled water down to 8C. The Philips Micro X-Clean filter reduces chlorine, limescale, heavy metals and emerging contaminants such as microplastics and PFOA.

It features six temperature settings for your different needs: cold (chilled) or ambient, 40C, 70C, 80C, 90C, 100C . From blanching, brewing-up, sterilising, cooking to tea, coffee, spaghetti, baby's bottles or cold drinks, you can do a million things with it. It also has six volume settings at the touch of a button (200ml, 250ml, 300ml, 350ml, 400ml, 500ml and continuous). You can always find the suitable water volume to fill your favourite cup, or even jug and pot.

The unit takes Brita and Brita compatible water filters which are on sale at Costco

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    r/hydrohomies unite

  • This is good find!

  • The unit takes Brita and Brita compatible water filters which are on sale at Costco

    Thanks! I was wondering whether I can use Brita filters.

  • I was literally looking for one this morning. Thank you OP!

    • Did you find it?

  • i'm tempted but my experience with brita/maxtra filters, the first 10 litres or so, it always leave small bits of 'charcoal' residue in the water. which i have to further 'flush' out with more water.

    my experience with their in-line tap filters are a bit different, which doesn't happen as much, and i can get about 4000Ls per 'flush', vs a 4-10L flush per cartridge replacement.

    ymmv. overall, a very convenient way if you have cheap electricity.

    The Philips Micro X-Clean filter reduces chlorine, limescale, heavy metals and emerging contaminants such as microplastics and PFOA.

    how does one verify that? re: pfoa and microplastics..

    • Could be a stupid question but do u do the 2 flush and dump after cartridge swap? I had similar problem back in the day and my fault for not reading the instruction. Didn’t have charcoal taste after letting it filter through twice and dumping the water.

      • Yes. Important for every change of filter, gotta do the dunking step to rid the black stuff out first before installing the cartridge.

      • i do, and i feel that that's 'wasting water' (i ended up reusing them for plants watering), the problem i have with these is that the 2 flush don't work all the time, i have to do about 4-6 flushes.

        the in-line version is better in this case because it's less flush per cartridge change, if that makes sense.

        • How’s the wasting energy part of the machine?

          • @onlinepred: no idea, i am currently on a in-line tap setup to a kettle on gas.

            moving into a machine and still retaining my in-line setup, i would probably be double filtering, or run it without a filter. the only tangible benefit is reducing bench spaces because i avoid using vacuum flasks to store hot water throughout the day, and also less gas combustion in the house.

            gas is much cheaper than electricity where i am, and i don't have solar, so that's something people have to factor in.

            • @slowmo: Are you using gas bottles? Assuming you are rural for having to filter water?

              • @onlinepred: not sure where you are going with this, but i'm not in rural. gas is piped in.

                i do have issues with buildup in my kettles if i were not using filtered water. it was after weeks of finding out the cause which resulted in me putting a filter in place. no more buildup in my kettles or pots.

                i didn't die when i drink straight from the tap, but i'm not a fan of trying to solve problems when the problem can be addressed with a cheap inline filter.

                • @slowmo: Gas has a daily service fee, something like $1.35 a day just to get access to it. Often this is more expensive than electricity if it's only for a few items.

                  I was more questioning the "waste of water", while you are producing plastic waste through using filters etc which is probably far worse than wasting water. Although getting buildup after a few weeks sounds like you got issues with your water source/pipes. That sucks!

                  • @onlinepred: i think we are agreeing on the plastic point though. having to just change 1 inline filter which processes upwards of 4000L vs a replaceable plastic cart every 300L or so while flushing many times, are not just wasting water but plastic.

                    i worked out the numbers, my water heater is gas so i'm paying for that already whether i like it or not. thus ymmv re: cost.

  • +1

    I was going to get this from last deal until I watched a review showing how slow the water comes out…

    • i've not seen it yet, mind sharing a link? may change my mind… is it faster/slower than a coffee pod machine?

        • thanks for sharing…. looking at the video. 0:46-0:52 gets you 50ml. I personally don't think that's very slow. it's about 12 seconds for 100ml of hot 100 degrees water. but yes, nothing like pouring boiling water from a kettle :)

  • Got tap into this awesome deal…

    • +3

      polite golf clap

      • Lol no more golf claps!!

  • Can someone confirm that these filter only last 4-10L? …

    • Filter lasts a month or so, we probably do at least double that. Filter looks to be similar to a Brita (and slot is Brita compatible)

  • +1

    I only have the Kmart $60 hot water dispenser and it has been awesome to use! instant hot (or close to hot) water saves so much time and I use it multiple times a day. the Philips version with the cold/chilled water function seems like a good upgrade (and I assume would be better quality that the Kmart version) :)

  • +4

    I have this. I use it for cold water.
    Don't be concerned that the water is initially not cold. It takes a day or two to get to a low temperature.
    The cold temperature is higher than the fridge temperature (maybe around 8 degrees C). It still tastes "cold", but you need to drink it, not leave it around.

    I am not sure that this is economical to run. You can hear the fridge running all the time. Can turn it off, but that's a hassle.

    Also, the controls are touch - not pressure. It doesn't work well if your hands are wet. It takes a bit of getting used to. For cold water, have to touch it twice. Once to unlock.

    With all that said, I do like mine.

    Filters last a month. It doesnt stop working if you go longer.

  • +1

    "From blanching, brewing-up, sterilising, cooking to tea, coffee, spaghetti, baby's bottles or cold drinks, you can do a million things with it".

    Am considering purchase. Could you please list the other things in full.

  • Does anyone know if this would work without the filters?

    We have a puratap and I'm wondering if we could use that to fill the tank with filtered water and then just use this machine instead of a kettle and having bottles of water in the fridge.

    • Should work the same.
      Not sure how puratap compares to standard filters though, you might need to descale it a bit more often, otherwise I can’t think of any difference.

    • Yep - it sure will.

  • +1

    Just drink tap water, stop being precious.

    • Well, people can afford to?

  • +2

    Anyone thinking about buying this should seriously look at the Breville Aquastation. It’s $50 cheaper, looks nicer, has a digital display with more settings/options and a bigger water tank. The filter is extremely fast and filtering water too, never seen a faster filter.

    I’ve had one for a few weeks now and highly recommended the Breville, both myself and my wife love it!


    • +2

      The linked AquaStation doesn't do cold?

    • +1

      That model does look nicer.
      But no cold water.

  • Would consider one of these if they did ice as well.

    • Specced a bit different… no cold water, and 2.2L tank vs 3L tank.

  • Genuinely curious, for the vast majority of the population tap water is of a high quality. Why would you need/want this?

    • +1

      my guess is people who need this do have water source/pipe issues..

      people who want this, are people who are really into their tea and coffee and want consistency of taste. i had a colleague who buys those digital kettles to brew their water to exactly X degrees for tea consumption, i totally will see him buying this because it will give him water that will not 'taint' the taste of his loose leaf tea.

      • Yeah, I'm not that fussy. Lol.

    • Flavour. Water tastes better

      • Meh, tap water taste fine to me. Would one of these filter out the fluoride added to our water?

        • I do not believe so.

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