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[eBay Plus] Dell 27 Inch Gaming Monitor S2721DGF $409 Delivered @ Dell eBay (Starts 24/5 8am AEST)


Kicking off the ebay plus weekend promo with the popular Dell S2721DGF monitor. This price is even lower than the last deal thanks to our friends at ebay.

Only 500 available. Pay with discounted gift cards for further savings.

These are all direct links, but I would really appreciate it if you went through my site Best Aussie Markdowns.

Thank you everyone for the support - DB.

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  • +10

    I only just bought the Viewsonic 2KP because I thought I'd be waiting forever for a reasonably priced one of these again. RIP me

    • +3

      Kizzerato was a good man

    • Same, except it was the LG 27GN800-B for $370 when I saw the dell was $468 over the weekend.

  • +11

    I dream of buying two more of these for a sick triple monitor setup. I’d have no desk space afterwards but it would look amazing

    • +14

      Yolo bro

    • +2

      I am tempted to do the same. Race ya?

    • i was thinking of getting a 4k display as the secondary or third to this. Curious where you'll see benefit from 3 high refresh screens?

      • +4

        I’d prefer to have all three displays the same model for conformity; same size, resolution, refresh rate and colour gamut. It’s probably not hugely beneficial and would be a bit impractical on my desk but a man can dream

        • +3

          This is exactly what I did. I had a Viewsonic and the Dell and my brain just broke every time it noticed the different frames and stands. Grabbed a second Dell then my brain broke once more because I neeeeded moreee! Still don’t know why I have 3 of them, but they look slick!

      • +2

        Sim racing.

        • these monitors are great for sim racing.

          source: i bought 4.

      • I have two S3221QS monitors and looking at a third. I like the quick swap between different computers. Left and middle for work right and middle for private. At the moment my right monitor is different and it is driving me bonkers.

    • buy a bigger desk

    • monitor arms would fix the desk space issue!

    • +1

      I hear you on the desk space.

  • +21

    So op scared me in the last deal saying
    ‘PS. I've seen the prices for May and they are scary. Don't say you haven't been warned!’
    and now it’s even cheaper!??

    • +1

      Just dealbot doing dealbot things :^)

    • eBay is funding some of the cost as part of their plus weekend promo. I don’t know how much they are funding though.

      • +9

        So where are the "scary May prices"? There's one week left in the month

        • +2

          Yeah I think that was hot air as I bought the AW3423DW off eBay after the deal bot posted and mentioned the May prices. A few weeks after that Dell sold the monitor for even cheaper.

        • $467 via 22% promo for eBay plus as part of Dell’s 20% promo or $479 without eBay plus.

          This deal is part of the eBay plus weekend promo.

          • @dealbot: Whys their ebay plus weekend promo start on a tuesday?

    • +1

      ikr, got rug pulled :(

      But thank-you for getting a better deal for the community.

    • Yep pretty annoyed at that, I jumped at that one rather than researching the MSI instead

      • What was the MSI screen you were going to research ?

        • +1

          msi optix mag274qrf-qd. Hardware unboxed said it is a better monitor. Wanted to figure out if it's a $250 better monitor, although at $700 that is full price

          • @Shunto: Ooh yes, I looked at this screen too, but the higher price tag, out of my budget range.

    • You weren't the only one to notice that…

      Lesson learnt here… Be careful of anyone posting comments who claims to know about future pricing being much more expensive. It's just a sales tactic….. But unfortunately for OP it has damaged trust between buyer and seller.

      • +1

        Pricing was reflected accurately when I did the Dell deals. Now that the ban is lifted, maybe it's time to get back into the swing of things! ;)

  • Really want another 1 to help with productivity, but small table, not sure if will fit with my new speakers coming. May risk it anyway, lol

    • +1

      Buy a bigger desk

      • May need bigger room for that, lol. Might be possible, damn my not big enough desk. Just got a desktop so that takes up some space along with bookshelf speakers.

        • Get an arm. That way it doesn't need to take up space on the desk, it can just float. Also, speakers can go under the floor?

    • +1

      Stack on top? 😅

      • Is that a thing? Lol

    • Monitor arm?

      • Table not wide enough for them side by side I think

        • +2

          If you use monitor arms then that should be a non issue. The monitors can protude past the edges of the table, unless you have stuff blocking the table on the sides.

          • @brifog: Haha well my bed is there. But thinking more about my speakers being blocked by the monitors

            • @JL1: Speakers can go behind the monitor? It will have a minimum impact.

              • @lordra: You think so? Haha I spent quite a lot on the speakers so wanted to enjoy them properly.

    • +2

      Get a smaller head.

    • You could mount one vertically. I’ve seen some setups like that but never tried it myself

      • Haha seems strange to look up that much, used to working side by side I guess

  • Any extra discount for the AW2721D?

    • +1

      Not as part of the Plus weekend promo. 22% off with eBay plus via current promo.

      • It's currently ~$876 on both eBay (after 22% off promo) and Dell website (35% off Click Frenzy), but adding vivid5 reduces it to $833. Is it possible that there is an additional coupon on top of vivid5 on the Dell website, similar to the AW3423DW deal?

  • Is this wall mountable?

    • +1

      Yes. VESA 100x100

    • +1

      Yes vesa 100x100

  • +9

    Just want to add to the chorus of "this monitor is excellent value" for anyone considering the purchase. I haven't looked back and use it daily for work and gaming.

  • +2

    Any 34" or 32" promo on top of 20% off?

    • +7

      Yes, TBC.

  • The cheapest this has been is $359? This would be an excellent price if if could be repeated.

    • +1

      Yep, I picked one up during that sale. Back then we had an abundance of DGF deals basically one every couple of weeks. That deal was actually part of a much larger eBay deal post on OzB and from what I recall it didn't receive that much attention due to a variety of factors: OzB DGF oversaturation and also it was a staggered sale. Good times haha :)

  • +2

    Anyone know how this HP X32 QHD Gaming Monitor $419 compares to something similar in 32" dell, lg etc or whats a better option..

    • +1

      Looks like a solid discount

    • That is a great price for those specs on paper. The direct competition to HP X32 would be Dell G3223D and Gigabyte M32Q, all are flat 32" IPS 1440p 144hz+ monitors. I'm interested in these specs so have been weighing up M32Q vs G3223D myself, so this adds a 3rd option. Because HP X32 isn't as widely reviewed and no rtings review, hard to say whether response/picture quality actually lives up to advertising. Also less ports/no USB hub/no kvm on the HP

  • which Iron man movie is that in the thumbnail ?

    • The one where Tony doesn't die.

    • +1

      It's a character from now defunct video game 'Disintegration'.

      I love that monitor companies still use that image. The game released in June 2020, and the multiplayer servers got shutdown 5 months later in Nov 2020. In March 2021, V1 Interactive (the developer) announced that the company was shutting down.

      • Didn’t realise it was from a game, I thought it was just some artwork commissioned by Dell for advertising the monitor.
        I guess the monitor was released when the game was relevant and Dell never updated the promotion images

  • +3

    any good deals on 27 4K monitors? high refresh not required

    • Yes. Non gaming everyday monitor please.

      • +1

        Check out the latest Aldi catalogue. 32 inch LG monitor for $279.

        • +1

          thank you for your reply dealbot. I was wondering about the S2722 and s2721?

        • Which LG model is this? Is it the special buys catalogue from June 1?

  • +1

    G3223D looks good on the EBay sale, have only just started looking at monitors.
    Has it been cheaper before?

    • +4


      • +1

        can you do split screen with this monitor?

      • +1

        So I bought one a few days ago for 549 AUD on the 20% off promo, told them to delay delivery since I'm moving. Is it worth canceling my order or should I just let them deliver. (I see it's also no longer on their eBay page)

      • I'm also interested in G3223D which has dissappeared.
        Is it coming back?
        Wait for when?

      • +1

        Hopefully they have only taken it down for a better deal 😁
        Otherwise I'll be a little sad if they really are sold out 😂

  • Is 8am when this deal starts, or when the eBay plus weekend promo starts?

  • Any recommendations on glossy monitor for macbook. One of the option is lg 5k but it hardly goes on sale.

  • i got one and IT IS AAMZING.

    • whats so good about it ?

      • it looks great like a batman monitor lol great picture for gaming high fps really good tbh also adjustbale stand

        • I see OK

  • +

  • -1

    dealbot, any word on whether Best Aussie Markdowns will become a proper website?

    • +2

      No it won’t be. I created the group to reach out to a new audience and for people that are affiliated with brands to post their deals.

      • Keep up the good work mate

  • Does anyone know what happens if there's a dead pixel, IPS glow or anything like that? Can it be replaced or refunded? I'm not sure how it works with Dell via eBay.

    edit: I think this might be it. Can anyone confirm?


  • Any deals on the 38 AW coming?

    • I would also like to know this. Keeping my eye on the AW38. Lowest I've seen is $1299. Maybe EOFY will drop the price?

      • $1299 won’t happen unfortunately. The best I can get it to was the last eBay price.

        • Thanks for replying. I'm assuming that's $1559 with Ebay plus?

  • Two of these or a single 32 in ultrawide?

    • If it were me, two of them.

    • Mate I have a 34" ultrawide which is fairly old, not 4k, like 70hz or something, and I just can't bring myself to go back to dual monitors in a normal size, even for the better picture. Just waiting and saving up for a same size replacement.

      • 34" ultrawide which is fairly old, not 4k,

        How about Dell S3422DWG? I am also using 34" LG Flat FHD, thinking either this Dell or 32" UHD VA (cheaper)


        • I've spent the morning agonising over that monitor. Just not sure the upgrade is worth it (mine is still 1440p so the upgrade would be response time and hz only)

  • How does it come to $409? Isn't ebay plus 22% off? Which would make it $561.25 - 22% = $437.77 ?
    Or will the price drop down to $409 for ebay plus members ?

  • Any sign of 32 inch curved 4k (S3221QS)

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