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1/2 Price: Vodafone $250 12 Months 150GB Prepaid SIM Starter Kit - $125 + 2000 Reward Points @ Woolworths


Page 37 of the NSW catalogue, should be around a similar page in other states. Starts Wednesday 25/5/22. In Store only.

Same as previous half price deals but this time you also get 2000 Everyday Rewards points on top ($10 worth).

Vodafone $250 SIM~
Collect 2000 Everyday Rewards Points.

– 150GB data
– 365 day expiry
– Unlimited standard national calls & text
– 50 standard international texts

~Not for commercial or resale purpose. Available at Woolworths Supermarkets only (excludes online) until 31/5/22. Limit 3 per customer. Discount on full price only and not exchangeable or redeemable for cash. Subject to change. Recharge costs additional. Voucher must be activated within 6 months of purchase to avoid expiry. Vodafone starter pack terms apply – see packaging.

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  • +1

    I already have a Vodafone prepaid number. Can I buy this and switch to 12 months plan keeping the same number? Thank you.

    • +6

      work in retail @ vodafone

      you can't, even though there is theoretically a way for us to do it. only a friend or family working at vodafone would be willingto.
      easiest way is to proabbly port out for a few days and then back in

      • If you already have one of these pre-paid sims can you port another phone number to it? so i can give it to my kid instead
        the network is terrible outside anything thats not metro/cbd

        • +1

          if you mean you're already using the sim card, yes you can port another number at any time, but the old number would be deactivated

          i.e you're using number A on this plan, your kid is using number B at optus.
          you can port number B to this vodafone plan at any time (provided account number and/or name/dob match blah blah), but number A gets cancelled. there's no way to get around this

          let me know if you have any other questions!

          • @ganshenme: Would there be a way to reactivate the old number? As it's a personal number I've been using for decades

            • +1

              @SpendLess: no there wouldn't be unfortunately. even if you were to activate another prepaid, vodafone can't swap numbers across plans

    • Port out with Kogan $2.6 deal then port back in after 30 days.

      You lose VoLTE and 5G but it's cheap, so.

  • Aren't these giving 200GB now?

    I activated one bought in a previous deal last week and have 200GB.

    • If you bought one from office works it is 200 gb otherwise still 150.

      • Ah yep, my bad, that's it. Seems like it's worth waiting for the office works half price deal then unless you need it now.

        • Or price match

          • +3

            @FutureTech: Looks like OW have negotiated a 200GB starter pack with Vodafone so they don't have to price beat.

            However they still might drop the price when this goes on sale.

  • +1

    Can Wish giftcards be used to pay for this?

    • +2

      I paid with $100 Wish card last time.
      Also can claim 10% monthly discount of eligible for Wollqorths insurance or mobile

  • +1

    OMG I wish it wasn't Vodafone!!
    Vodafone is poor at my area :(

    • shit reception pretty much everywhere. i was on belong before voda and i got great reception in urban areas

      • I ran Vodafone and Telstra 4G (via Boost, dual SIM) for the past year. Haven't noticed Vodafone to be inferior. Both have black spots and where I work, Vodafone doesn't drop calls while Telstra does if I don't turn on VoWiFi. But if I'm on VoWiFi, I may lose connection leaving the office.

      • +1

        Everywhere is bit of a stretch? I'm fine everywhere I go in Brisbane except for passing Wacol prison which might be on purpose ?

        I get 5g most of the time as well.

      • yep… wish i knew how terrible the network was outside cbd/metro
        not sure why people stopped calling it Vodafail.. name still suites

  • +1

    I bought this last year and found it's not including international calls which the $30 one has.

    • +1

      I was abought to say that….no international calling…better off with amaysim deal, which was posted some days back

      • +1

        Unfortunately, don't have access to a flux capacitor so looks like that's not an option…

  • I'm interested but confused. What happens if you run out of data?

    • your data stops.

      only the $30,40,50,60 ones have infinite data, where the data slows to 2mbps when you run out

  • +3

    Vodafone signals are terrible. Talking about Sydney metropolitan area.

    • +1

      you wanna try where I am in Syd metro… near zero T$, poor Opt, NBN-like Voda.
      depends where you are I guess.
      damn shame i renewed Kogan a week ago, would have preferred this for wifi calling

  • +2

    Spotted in the VIC catalogue as well. It’s a good price if you want an esim and VoLTE/VoWIFI and don’t mind the reception limitations and lack of international calls.

    • And 5G access where available I believe…
      Like some others, I've found voda to be better than Telstra or optus in my general area…

  • Why not just go with Boost? 200GB and Telstra network?

    • This one is effectively $115. If the Boost is ever at this price, it would be sold out in an instant.

    • +3

      Vodafone is better than Telstra in some areas (like where i live on the gold coast).
      Tried telstra, optus and vodafone and voda came out on top.

      • +1

        Vodafone and optus are much better around where i spend most time in my week, stuck in a boost 12 month plan

        • Makes sense 👍

  • My 12 months was mobile is expiring. Tempted to get this one but thinking of the fact I at least save $10 a month from my grocery. I will probably still stick to wws mobile.

  • In my area Telstra and Voda same quality, voda is much cheaper than Telstra

  • Confused, does this plan include 5G?

    • yep 5G on all vodafone plans including prepaids!

  • Does it support eSim?

    • yep! easiest way to switch is through my vodafone, or go into a store with ID. takes about 2 minutes

  • Does this one includes free data for Apple Music like Boost?

  • I have tried Telstra, Optus and Vodafone and where I live Vodafone is the best option.
    Wow it’s almost like what I said is true.

  • +1

    From the sound of it, it's Vodafone all over again like it was 10 or so years ago.

    • +1

      Vodafail, Floptus, Telstrafloppyfail. Members love to whinge about bad reception on all 3 networks, just look through old posts. So I guess it depends on your location.

  • @ganshenme - hope you can assist. I m with Kogan mobile which uses the Vodafone network, could I port my mobile number from Kogan to Vodafone? I assume yes, but not 100% sure as same overall network provider.

    • yup! you can port your number to any carrier regardless of network, for kogan your DOB needs to match up on both sides for the port to be successful, i.e. if your number at kogan is under a family member's name, you'd need to either change the name at kogan before port, or port to vodafone under your family members name and then do a transfer of title if you wanted to.

  • I'd rather the 12 month Optus deal for $150

  • Will buy if it included international calls.

  • Boost are still giving $50 refunds on recharges on their $200 plan/150gb plan if anyone's in that boat. Just have to request it via chat after purchase.

    • What is this? Is this on their official website?

  • Why would you pick this over https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/700403?

      • Circles Life is on a different network (optus) for starters.
      • It's a 6 month deal, this is 12 months.
      • It's post paid, this is prepaid.

      Seems like a good deal though if you prefer Optus and need 50GB per month.

      • Yup. I might have joined this if I did not already activated my Vodafone sim since Vodafone allows 365 days for activation.

  • Will this stack? I haveprepaid 12 month Vodafone already, expires in 5 months

    • No, this is a starter kit, not a recharge. Will only work on new services and port-ins.

      You couldbuy this now, then port out after 5 months and port back in, but I'd be wary of the "Voucher must be activated within 6 months of purchase to avoid expiry" clause.

  • i need to pick this up next week..

  • -2

    Unless they were giving this away for free, it's not worth it. Vodafone reception is absolutely useless. Moved from Boost to VF and it's ridiculous. Moving back at the end of the month. The reception is so bad that text messages sometimes arrive a few hours later (or not arrive at all).

    • +1

      I'm in Inner NE of Melbourne, and for me, Vodaphone was much better reception than Telstra or Optus.

  • I couldn't find the page in the link. Can you please let me know where I can buy this sim?

    • It's approx page 37 in the catalogue, available in store only, forgot to mention that in the OP.

      • Thank you.

  • Grabbed one and defo better deal that previous ones. 2000 points is a steal.

  • Op I am confused: I thought you have 1 year after you buy this but you mention 6 months? Can you clarify? Cheers

    • +1

      Op just copy-n-paste whatever it said in the catalogue

  • Thank you! My Kogan plan expires next week so this was great timing. With WW flexi discount I got it for $112.50 (or 102.50 if including the 2000 points) /happy

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