Circles.Life 50GB/Month Post-Paid Mobile Plan for $10/Month for 6 Months


50GB for $10 for 6 renewals. Ongoing is 30GB for $25 monthly. Offers end 27 April 2023, 11:59 PM AEST. All for use in Australia. Personal use only and not a broadband replacement. Plans auto renew every month.

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  • +7

    Great deal.

    For anyone going to diss Circles Life, been with these guys for over 1 year and never had a problem porting over from Optus to CL, my bills have been the same (apart from the first bill of pro-rata and month in advance as per normal), but I never had a problem with reception, 4g etc, data collection from my phone statistics vs the bill is the same (minus a few megabytes but that's expected).

    But overall, CL has been great to me. I never once called customer service since everything is done online and/or through the app and porting took under 1 hour. They sent the sim card to me the next day which so good.

    The only thing I have a problem with is that CL took away Voicemail to MMS which was so much better on the old plans as I can replay the voicemail in my text messages directly instead of calling 321 and getting the voicemail there. Now I am on the new plans, they don't offer voicemail to MMS and I have to call 321, it's so damn annoying….

    CL: Please bring back Voicemail to MMS as an option for all your plans as an option for customers.

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      Hi Hasher22! We truly appreciate sharing your feedback and we're so glad to know you're happy with the service! Rest assured that your suggestion regarding our missed call service (SMS) will be forwarded to our backend team to make it as an option to our new plans as well. Cheers

      • +1

        I second this!

        I was so surprised to see the voicemail to MMS feature and absolute LOVE it when comparing to calling 321 or voicemail to txt.

        I referred my friends but were very disappointed to see it replaced by 321 voicemail from the new plans.

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    I've been using Circles of Life for a while now.
    Couple things that bothered me:

    1) they charged me twice for an International sms to UK. I know no one in UK. And there is not a single sms going overseas in my history

    2) Phone calls and sms does not work if you turn off the mobile data (on Android at least).

    3) Their customer service is minimum and very slow. It took me weeks to get the international SMS thingy solved.

    Having that said, I'm paying 8 bucks a month for a 30gb plan. So I guess they have to cut some corners here and there.

    • +2

      2) I have an S21 and turned off wifi and data. Sent a few test SMS and made a few calls….. it's working on my phone? Maybe your phone has some setting that prevents calls and SMS when mobile data is off?

    • Which phone you use? @marcaum

    • I think I know the reason for 1.

      It is the message sent by your iPhone when authenticating iMessage to apple servers.

      Usually any sms to that number is made free by most reputable service providers as it is not the user who actually sends them.

    • Phone calls work for me without mobile data turned on.

      Samsung S10+

      Check you aren't using WIFI calling…

    • 1) I got charged for SMS to the UK as well.
      Turns out it was a message that android sends to google automatically to confirm that its your number that is tied to the google account.

  • +2

    Is cancelling easy once the 6 months is up?

    • I whole like to know this too.
      Can one cancel anytime without fees?

      • +1

        Yes very easy.

      • +1

        Hello mate! Yes, termination is easy and no termination fee. Please also be informed that you can schedule the termination of your account for up to 3 months in advance. Circles.Life does not have a lock-in contract. You can request the termination at any time but the termination can only be scheduled and will take effect at the end of the month. As a reference to this, you may view our FAQs page provided:

    • +1

      I am not sure about the 6-month but I heard they do credit check so not really worth it

    • Hi edmobile8! We don't lock customers on any contracts so you can definitely cancel anytime and its easy. If you're planning to transfer to a different provider, just make sure to tell your new preferred provider that your service with us is under postpaid service and provide your account number as well. Also, it would be best to arrange it before the current month ends so that you won't be charged for another month. Rest assured that you won't be having issues with porting out as long as you're able to follow these steps. Cheers

  • +3

    DOORDASH100 also works for the 100GB plan!

    • How much?

      Just investigated - it's $20 after the $25 off (reduced from $45).

      Wow. Contrary to the fine print, exactly why wouldn't anyone use this as a broadband replacement?

      • Tested out this code, it's $25 a month for the 100 GB

        • Are you sure?

          Website says $45 with a $25 Bill waiver for six months.

          Makes it $20 by my admittedly limited computations…

  • +2

    Signed up for the 100gb plan @ $20 after the $25 discount using code DOORDASH100 as suggested by Jennytools. Ported over from an exhausted Amaysim pre-paid SIM which is due to be delivered tomorrow between 6-9pm. Signup was fast and painfree.

    Really just using it as a broadband back-up, since I've been chewing through my 80gb Telstra mobile plan in the first half of each month.

    A bit concerned by the critical information summary at which says that "Excess data is charged at $0.01 per 1MB unless you purchase additional data" which is $10 for 3gb blocks. I hope there is a way either to be slowed or just cease data if you exhaust the 100gb without defaulting to anything which costs extra each month. Since it's month to month, I figured I can always try it and see - and cancel if it doesn't work for me.

    Whilst I'll only be using it for "personal use", I'm curious about the "Personal use only and not a broadband replacement." statement. Exactly why couldn't / wouldn't someone use it for broadband?

    • The 100gb plan is $15 after applying the doordash100 code

      • +1

        $20 here…

      • It said $20 on the website and in the confirmation email they sent me.

  • +4

    Fyi credit check is performed (wasn't made clear to me on signup since I did it on mobile so I got hit with one)

    • What's involved with that?

  • Credit check is the only red flag… not worth it.

    • Did it online order processed no credit check

      • +1

        Check your credit report next month.. haha

        • Is there any downside for them checking credit ? can you elaborate further

  • Do they have esim and international calls?

    • Hi KILLERbOnD! We currently don't support Esim yet. Its something that our team is working on getting with the help of our partner Optus and we'll surely make an announcement as soon as its already available on our services. Regarding international calls, we don't have any international calling plan available so you'll be charged with the normal IDD rates which can be found here:

  • +1

    I've found Circles great for what it's worth. Has a more solid data connection than my Telstra dongle

    • +1

      Good day, Mate! Reading this feedback makes us feel that we have achieved our mission/goal! We're glad you're happy with our service. Cheers!

  • Anyone happen to know how long you have to activate the sim when received?

    • +1

      Think it said 30 days ?

    • +2

      You got 30 days from your sign up date to activate your sim card to make sure you'll be able to take advantage of the promo that you have signed up for :)

  • Does it combine with $10 credit when using referral code for twelve months?
    And can I refer my wife at the same time?

    If yes then first 5 months circle will pay me $10 to use this plan ($10 plan - $10 referral - $10 referree )
    6th month cost $10
    month 7-12 cost $25 and 30GB allowance

    • +2

      It doesn’t seem possible to combine two referral codes. I just tried this as @czau suggested but it didn’t work.

      • Thanks for testing it in true ozbargain spirit :)

  • Im currently with circle. My promo expires next month. Can I apply another promo or do I need to leave them?

  • Avoid this Shh1t company like the PLAGUE. Signed up using previous deal. 4G speed is the slowest I have experienced from all mvno telco, even the old Lyca mobile was better then this. It get worst when you trying to port away from them. No where on there website mention this is a postpaid service when I signed up. The postpaid is not yet the worst part. Every other telco and mvno use an account number which are all "numeric" but this company choose to add the prefix "LW" to their account number. So the other telco initiate a port, it get rejected and fail. As of today, Vodafone, Lebara mobile, and Amaysim has yet to update this system fix this issue. This morning was able to port away from circle using Aldi mobile.

  • Don't fall for it guys I went with and the worst regret of my life.

    I had chosen the option of 100gb but was given a 25gb plan, reached out to support and they advised me that they can't change the plan until 1 month later but well give me extra data to help me next month I get a bill shock of $81 dollar and after many chats and been told they well waive the $81 I get an email saying only they well waive $10 and are refusing to let me speak to a manager.

    Better go somewhere else, customer service is the worst and many hidden fees and issues.

  • Many people have had issues in the past with them, while many have not, like myself.
    Been with them for over 6 or more months and ported in & out 3 times (sim hopping), again no issues or delays each time.

    Yes it's Postpaid with a credit check, as noted, I should check mine some day, as I don't have a great credit history :(
    So not too sure how much it impacts doing this.

    My current plan is $16 for 60Gb/6 months from an old promo which ends soon, with price/data about the sweet spot for me.

    REP or others, can you have a 2nd plan for 2nd phone or just 1 at a time per account?

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