Kogan Full RGB Mechanical Keyboard - Red $22 / Brown $20 + Delivery ($0 with First) @ Kogan


Price drop on these keyboards, including on Red and Brown switches this time. I have been using one with brown switches for 3 years, and am happy with it. It's a bit noisy, especially the space bar, but types comfortably and the backlighting works well. Can't complaint for that price. Build quality is solid IMO.

Rounded up to the nearest cent for simplicity.


  • Full RGB mechanical keyboard
  • Per-key lighting allows for colour customisation on each key
  • 104 Backlit keys
  • Outemu Brown switch
  • Aluminium top keyboard
  • Fully customisable RGB backlight with software
  • 13 Preset Light Patterns each with 8 colour options
  • Full anti-ghosting and n-key rollover capabilities
  • 5 Onboard customisable profiles
  • Compatible with Cherry MX keycaps

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  • Hot swappable switches or are they soldered?

  • +3

    Had mine for about a year and have had multiple keys become sticky/not work periodically, cleaning sometimes helps but not for long.

    • That's bad. Thanks for the heads up.

      • +3

        Weird. Had no such issue even after 3 years.

        • +1

          Same, brown switches, no issues, used daily

          • @Master Bates: Pasting my experience with 2x of these browns

            WASD is notorious. I can temporarily fix it by taking the keycaps off and spraying the switches with dry contact cleaner. But it inevitably dies again after a while.

            • @CVonC: Do you game with it?

              I don't, so maybe that is the difference. I also put o-rings on mine.

              Did you de-solder and re-solder a few switches?

              • @Master Bates:

                Do you game with it?

                Yeah FPS for a couple of hours every night, hence why WASD dies so often lol.

                Did you de-solder and re-solder a few switches?

                Nah just spray dry contact cleaner. Can't be bothered to de-solder and re-solder cos it will die even if swapped for other ones.

    • Have red switch version with same issue, a few keys have gone bad.

      swapped around some less used switches which fixed it for a while but they have gone bad again.

      Not sure if its crappy switches or some bad PCB traces, but cant be arsed opening it up again to troubleshoot.

  • +1

    Damn it, I purchased the Red version for $27 last week! Happy with it so far perfect for the office, I have 2 x Corsair K70 RGB’s and this isn’t too far behind.

  • $17?! Get outta here

  • Yeah why is it cheap? What are the tradeoffs? dont know much about mech keyboards. Is this a good deal?

    • Switches will feel a bit scratchy and the stabilisers will sound/feel rattly as well, in saying that, these Outemus won't be any worse than Cherry MX switches though. It'll practically feel/sound the same as any mainstream gaming mechanical keyboard, eg. from Razer, Logitech, Corsair, etc.

      Board may be a bit flimsy, the legends on the keycaps may look a bit tacky or 'gamery' (not to everyone's taste)

      Is this a good deal? It's a very decent price for a mechanical keyboard, yes.

      Mechanical keyboards are always hovering around the $20-$30 mark on AliExpress, this isn't any different from those.

  • Got the blue, soo clicky loud

  • which colour is the quietest?

  • What's the difference between red and brown again?

    • +1

      Red = linear, no tactile feeling when pressed
      Brown = tactile feeling, no click

  • $15.99 Shipping and my postcode is exempt from Kogan First free delivery…… Need to wait for the free shipping vouchers before buying any more Kogan junk.

  • I'd seriously consider this if I didn't hate their type face.

    I used to have one and hitting keys was very twangy. They refunded me and then I lost the usb receiver.

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