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Samsung T5 500GB Portable SSD $75 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ to Metro) @ Officeworks


Seen in the catalogue: while stocks last 500GB Samsung T5 Portable SSD $75 @ Officeworks

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    rather the t7. but good deal

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    rather the 1tb or higher. but good deal

  • Wish it's T7.

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    rather the t6 but good deal

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    Rather the T1000, but good deal.

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      Get it after skynet becomes aware

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        what about sylark?

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    Grabbed a 1TB T5 after realising I can shuck it into my laptop. Oh my lord it’s fast. Makes the previous Plextor 128GB SSD look like it’s a HDD. So took it out and now it’s the compact external.


    • Planning the same for my Dell latitude E7240.

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      You can? What form factor is it?

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        msata, it's actually the only place you can get brand name msata ssd from anymore. The form factor didn't really catch on and manufacturers stopped making them once m2 took over.

    • What's in side it? A m.2 or mini pcie? Or a sata 2.5"?xoxo

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        M sata

        • Ta bra

        • -6

          SATA or NVMe? Size?

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            @Geekomatic: mSATA, Google it

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            @Geekomatic: msata is only sata, there's no nvme msata drives.

            Not compatible with most modern devices with the exception of some of those hobby micro boards similar to the raspberry pi.

            You can get msata to 2.5" adaptors from aliexpress for around $8 each but not sure why you would bother when you can get Crucial MX500 500GB 2.5" SSD for $70-80 on Amazon

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      Can you put a 1TB portable T5 into this laptop:

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    rather T minus 3 days, but good deal

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    thanks OP bought none

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    Rather than a Floppy Disk 1.44Mb - But good deal

    • It's the save button floppy didn't exist for new gens

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    Rather the writing everything with a chisel and stone tablet but good deal

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      Patiently wait approximately 3 days then hit F5.

      • -7


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          No really, the sale starts in 3 days.

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      I'll get it for you now.

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        Name checks out

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    Rather dreame t30. But good deal

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    weird times, ozb buys 1tb sd cards, but 500gb ssd

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    No issues with using this as external PS5 storage?

    • +1

      I definitely have an issue with people lucky enough to have a PS5 using this. :(

    • Have one each for PS4 and PS5, works great. Doesn't take much to fill up 500gb tho!

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      I used this for PS5 but changed to gen 4 instead. T5 can only store and won't be able to play ps5 games. It is great for ps4 games tho

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      Can really only use it to play PS4 games. PS5 ones need to be on the internal.
      With that in mind it works great. Gives them a nice speed boost.

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      It's great for playing PS4 games on the PS5, I've been using the 2TB T5 for a few years. (Note that native PS5 games can't run off external SSDs)

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    Personally I rather wait for T7 (much faster) with 1Tb, they constantly go into the $150 price range on Amazon, it could be more future proof.

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      Currently $158 @ officeworks & binglee

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    rather this in orange. but good deal.

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      But then we will start comparing apples and oranges

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    Rather the 1.21jigabyte version.

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    Rather a T2 ..steeped at 80C for 8 mins.

  • Good to see a T5 deal for a change. I use them in my Blackmagic 6K and could do with a spare. Will be checking the 1TB price at the same time though.

  • Does anyone know if these portable SSD's will work in an Xbox Series X as additional INTERNAL storage expansion rather than buying the overpriced authorised SSD device which is only available from Seagate?

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      I used one as external storage which worked well. You can’t install it internally.

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      No, these are msata drives which are much much much slower than what the XBOX Series X uses internally.

      The only solution for DIY XBOX Series X expansion I know of is this adapter:

      • But with the adaptor cost around $30 and the size 2230 sn530 1TB for $240 OEM (seller warranty), I would get it from officeworks for $329, or get JB hi-fi to price match and use gift card.

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    I have no idea about these things but $75 for 500gb? Really, is at where we are in 2022?

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      Seen the physical size? That, and the device inside… to the niche audience, it’s worth every dollar

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    Thinking of getting one of these but would somebody be able to inform me of the use case? How's the experience transferring large files (after the cache runs out) - I was thinking of just buying a cheap SSD + SATA to USB converter, but from experience the DRAM-less SSDs tank to 25MB/s. How does this fair?

    • +1

      Don’t know about synthetic tests, but I transferred a 370GB virtual machine to the drive in about 15mins. So I got about 460MB/s.

      This was using a USB-C cable. USB-A took longer according to windows’ ETA.

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    Rather the petabyte storenator but good deal

  • +2

    The T-90A is better bro

    • I would prefer T-90M

  • Rather a CD - ROM but good deal

  • Rather the unreleased T8. But nice deal

  • Hi OP. Seeing you have the catalogue early, can you please check if there are any good deals on Printers pages 29-31.. especially laser colour MFC's? Thank you.

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    rather a bag full of eneloops, but good deal

  • Rather it not work but thanks

  • I picked up a T7 500gb on the weekend for $24. That’s a deal

    • -1

      How is it better when it's out of stock.

      • Was in stock yesterday when I commented

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    Why expired? Didn't the sale start today? Online still shows the standard price

  • Yeah weird. I have been refreshing on this once since early today and never saw the price drop.

  • Went to my local Officeworks (Nowra NSW) this morning & they were full price.

  • Boo. It's still in the catalogue, but looks like the online price hasn't been dropped.

    • +2

      Try it now. I clicked through the catalogue and the price was correct, and now clicking the link via the deal shows me the correct price too.

      • 👍

  • I just ordered online click n collect for $75. I'll return the full price one I purchased.

  • Not expired….just bought one

  • Ah yep same!

  • +3

    Whilst looking at the T5, came across these two. For more storage and faster read/write speeds, seems to be worth it?

    $149 for 1TB - https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/wd-1tb-d30...
    $289 for 2 TB - https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/wd-2tb-d30...

  • Thanks I bought for my tesla :)

  • https://officeworks.youinstock.com.au/search/sassd1tbt5/vic

    dont forget this ozbargain tool that the OzB community made - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/688914 for stock checking

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