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[eBay Plus, Refurb] Dell Latitude 7290 i5-8350U 1.70GHz 16GB RAM 256GB SSD 12.5" Win 11 $371.07 Delivered @ BNEACTTRADER eBay



We have a large quantity of these units available and have priced to clear.

Units are present in very good condition and are fully tested and working. They include a 12-month warranty

Intel i5 8350u 1.70Ghz (4C8T)
16Gb Ram
256Gb SSD
12.5" HD 1366 x 768 -> yes I know not FHD but it's only a 12" screen
AC wifi
Loaded with Windows 11

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  • +14

    awww screen not full HD :(

    • +18

      I know, I had heaps of hesitation putting a post up for that specific reason. But being a 12" it shouldn't be that much of an issue.

      • Probably not IPS/VA as well?

        • +5

          I can live with low resolution. I cannot stand TN.

          • +1

            @Juiciness: Other way around for me :p

            • +1

              @gakko: As an owner of a FHD TN screen laptop, I regret not paying the extra for a better screen technology every time I use this machine!
              Both are very important, FHD marginally moreso cause more pixels is still more pixels even if they're shitty at anything but just the right angle!

      • +1

        Its, 12.5", so not massively smaller than 13.3". Good specs otherwise.

        • +3

          That's not what she says.

      • -1

        Any LTE version available OP?
        Are you able to lower the price on this any further?

        • +3


          can't lower the price, but I've checked a few units and they all have WANN Cards, so a yes to LTE. But if you want it specifically please let us know beforehand or add a note to your order.

        • +2

          Hey mate I have some spare LTE cards happy to give you one if you shoot me a PM

          • +4

            @Michegianni: From what I know (from observing the Latitude units), there may be variants of the screens where the antenna cords run from the bottom of the laptop (where you plug it into the LTE cards) and run into the screen.

            So while you can physically plug in a LTE card into an open WWAN slot, if the latitude screen doesn't have the antennae in the screen.. you may get not-optimal reception.

            Disclosure: I work for Dell EMC not Dell, and definitely am not an official Dell store rep, so I can't help anyone in an official capacity either (sort of like working for Big W but commenting on Woolworths posts)

            • @cwongtech: Yeahp I figured that have been reading up - the sim slot and antennae will be separate - otherwise you'd have to find a way to get antennae into it.

            • @cwongtech: This is correct. The Pannel needs to be Wann capable

      • Hi Op
        Have you just upped your price? I was just about to purchase then checkout price changed….

        • Sorry mate, all allocated stock has run out. Very popular deal :-(

          • +1

            @Calmago: eBay listing shows 136 sold (as of 9.40AM) but didn't you say you have 200+ on the day you posted the deal ?

            • @opt: Was gunna mention that…

            • @opt: eBay isn't our only sales channel.

              • @Calmago: Obviously I was asking how much stock was available for Ozbargainers.

                • @WatchNerd: You snooze you looze :)) Oz bargain motto.

                  Thanks a lot for the deal Calmago! We appreciate your service.

                  • +1

                    @Handymancan: I never said I missed out, was just thinking of others that assumed stock was still available until the eBay sold tally hit 200.

        • I'm in the same boat; had it in the cart, applied the voucher… then got a long phone call.

          Got off the phone, added my message to seller (please ensure WWAN card) then as I changed the payment method to PayPal, the price went up :(

          The hunt continues.

    • +4

      Has a similar PPI to 17” FHD. I still use a 27 FHD for work which has an even worse PPI but still quite usable, so 12.5 screen with a 1366 x 768 resolution IMHO is quite alright, especially with these specs at this price.

      • +1

        But no matter how physically large the screen is, the task bar and menus always take the same amount of pixels (at no scaling). You can't even view Word comfortably on 768 vertical. Half the screen is menus!!

        Obviously it's very cheap, but even for uni it would get annoying quickly IMHO.

        • +1

          Depends on the individual, I have scaling on my 13.3” FHD notebook set to 125% because I find 1080p at 100% too small for my liking on a 13.3. As far as menus etc. are concerned 125% scaling on a 1080p is similar to a having vertical resolution of 864 at 100%. I find that quite alright, but I do have to say that I hardly use the built in screen for much productivity work as I almost always use external monitors. IMHO 1080p on a 12.5 @ 100% scaling would be too small for most people, so 768 while on the lower side is not going to be a huge concern, besides you can always have menus and task bar auto hide.

  • Battery life?

    • +3

      As per the eBay T&C's, we must provide a minimum 80%.

      • +2

        I believe niagraBzO is asking how long the battery lasts with normal use. There isn't much online I can find, but here's the manual, which I cannot see their average at new as this device can come with 1 of 3 batteries (1x 42WHr 3-cell & 2x 60WHr 4-Cell).

        With its small low-res screen, a U-series processor and only 200 Nits of brightnessA, it should give you some decent usage.

        Dell Malaysia states "All-day power: Work confidently with a laptop equipped with all-day battery life and improvements to both web browsing and video playback time", but keep in mind the specs maybe a little different to the Aussie version and that quote is for the device at new.

    • wonder if you can charge from USB power bank too

  • +6

    12 month warranty - even if it dies after 367 days you're only out $370 odd bux. Our school kids have the gen 8 14" 7300s and they're pretty well indestructible.

    • I 2nd this. I owned a 7th Gen 14" 7000 series Latitude for around 1.5 year (upgraded from 8GB to 16GB) and although I don't game, it worked for me docked as a desktop replacement / laptop during uni. The screens are dull, but the battery was extremely good and easy to replace (and affordable) and it lasted all day with little notice in performance difference from day 1 until I got rid of it

  • +4

    Imagine it's just a flat NUC and it's good value. Screen res is really unfortunate though!

    • +21

      Why would you bother at 1080?
      Just watch it at 720p

      • +1


        YouTube allows more bandwidth/bit rate on higher resulutions so there is still an advantage of going over your monitors native res.

    • +3

      3000 are total junk. I had a dell tech replacing the graphics card in my business machine (7070SFF) last week and he stated that he is embarrassed that Dell would put its name on such junk (sorry if you weren't aware of the series naming 3000 or the cheapest, 5000 good midish-range, 7000 better mid-range). In future if you want something a little more decent, then at least get the 5000 series or 7000 (if it's in your budget).

      He suggested only buying XPS if you want quality (he also does repairs for Lenovo and suggests the Yoga X1 over the XPS). If you cannot afford the price tag of anything above the 3000 series, then personally I would buy a used 7000 series with some kind of warranty either via eBay using PayPal (180-days but could be a problem if it's outside their return period) or buy from Amazon Refurbished store, which includes a min of 180 days (~6 months) with some having 1 year warranty. Returns are also fairly easy via Amazon, and they have great customer support (better than eBay).

      As ESEMCE stated watch with 720P on a 3000 series.

  • +5

    Have been using a laptop with a 1366x768 display, by no means is it unusable, it won't make your eyes bleed or anything. 1080p definitely is a step up, yes, but for $370, can you complain?

    • +2

      I was given a 17" work laptop with 1366x768 a year ago. Like i7, 32 GB and next to none screen real estate. That was annoying as heck

      • +5

        different story on a 17" vs 12" screen

        • In Comparison:
          38.40% larger diagonal
          91.55% larger area

          Only a slight 91% difference.

        • Still a smaller interface

      • That, or you couldn't work out scaling options……… or it just didn't have any drivers on it.

      • +3

        I’m impressed that they managed to find a 720p 17” laptop in 2021

  • +3

    Out of interest has anyone owned one of these Dell Latitude 7285 2 in1 Detachables? I am looking at something like a surface pro for taking notes, but with some repairability. If anyone could comment on the quality of pen use with these devices, it would be great. I currently have a Flex 5 and am hoping it is somewhat similar with pen use.

    • +2

      I have not. But I do own a surface pro (6). I also use a lenovo thinkpad for work. I would advise that you won't find the "note taking" that useful. Typing is quicker and cleaner in every way.

      I use the surface pro primarily for art/drawing. Some extremely light blender usage. Being able to unclip it from the keyboard is great if I want to just use it as a tablet to watch youtube or look at websites. The drawback is you cant write on ur lap or like sitting on the bed etc on the surface keyboard. That dell thing you linked would probably be the best of both worlds with it's hard keyboard, as long as it is powerful enough tbh, I assume 7th gen i5 is fairly decent for any normal writing/web browsing. The surface pro 6 I have is an 8th gen i5. I imagine the difference isnt huge.

      The lenovo thinkpad is total jank. It doesnt detach - You can flip it around to write on it, but it's pretty thick and like I said above, the "note taking" with a pen, isn't an advantage. It's sloppy and just not as useful as typing.

      • +1

        Thanks for your feedback. It's mainly drawing chemical structures and math problems that I use it for (I should have been more precise), as these options to do via keyboard suck (even with math add-ons etc in one note). I think I might just look for a surface pro deal instead. I wish Microsoft wouldn't seal them as it worries me that something will break.

        I also agree the Lenovo 2 in 1 flip design is a pain (when you need the pen and keyboard), but seems to work fine with the pen.

        Thanks Again

        • +1

          Right of course, lol. I guess that kind of usage didnt even spring to my mind, but makes sense.
          That dell one you linked might be pretty good for the price - it clearly solves the issue the surface pro keyboard cover has as a "lap" top - instead it's a "desk" laptop.
          The downsides seem to be it has a lower powered processor type and the battery isn't huge, but I wouldn't say the surface 6 I have lasts more than 4-5 hours before needing to be charged either.

      • I was looking at the surface 8, but the price (around $1,400) & keyboard kind of puts me off.
        The new magic mac keyboard is interesting and I wonder what we will see in Oct 2022 from M$ as it refreshes surface line.

        I was looking at the Dell Latitude 7285 2 in 1 and thinking could add a 17.3" portable monitor for more desktop stuff (multiple screens - however still portable requirement for traveling). The only thing is the CPU speed put me off….
        (saying that I do type stuff on a MacBookAir with a (2013/14) i5-4260U).

        Perhaps just wait until Oct….
        Decisions, decisions….

    • +1

      Looks very interesting….

      CPU performance is the biggest worry….

  • +3

    Hi Rep, how much stock do you have please?

    • +5


  • Can you send this to overseas? I'm concerned with the battery being inside of it.

    • +10

      To a Nigerian prince?

    • +3

      As long as the battery is contained within the device and it is less than 4 cells. It is fine to ship via Air overseas.

      • @calmago would you have this deal again soon?

        • +1

          Not to sure, we have some pretty high volumes of stock coming off hold at the moment and with EOFY coming up, I'll sure I can whip something up.

  • Wow nice for students Thanks

  • How old this units are .? Year of manufacture please.?

  • Can this be used for video games? Old one such as red alert etc

    • +2

      For sure. It may even be able to play pre 2016 AAA games at the lowest quality.

      • Pre-2016 AAA is a bit optimistic. I have a laptop with i5-8250u which has the same integrated graphics (UHD 620) and it can’t even reach 60fps in CS:GO low settings even if bump down resolution to 720p
        I’d say pre-2012 AAA titles at low setting for an acceptable experience

        • The games I wish to play are form 2006……so this lap top should be fine?

          • +1

            @jzx100: Yeah it’ll be more than fine. Probably can run at max settings

    • Duke Nukem and Quake, no worries

  • +2

    Warning, battery known to swell up at the 3 year mark.

    • +1

      That's pretty acceptable imo. My spectre x360 has gone through 3 batteries in 6 years. All comes down to what batteries were used when they refurbished these.

      • Refurbished nowadays means wiped and installed windows, used a 3c sanitizing wipe to clean the case front and back.

        The battery is an unscrew to remove job.

  • Hmmm. Cut above my NUC6i5…

  • +3

    I'm still using one (i7-8650U version with LTE) for work. it's very reliable, just works. Screen is mediocre but I mostly connect it to a hub to use with external monitors. It can handle 3 external monitors at 1080P. If this one was with LTE I would have bought it as a spare.

    • +2

      Checked a few units and they all had LTE. If you want to make sure, just leave us a note on the checkout and we will pick one out for you.

      • thanks. bought one and left a note on the checkout.

    • I have a 4K monitor. Can this work at 4K?

      • No idea, sorry.

  • These make perfectly good school laptops and basic work. 8th Gen Intel does support Win11 as well. These will normally be some ex-corporate so can certainly run all the normal office apps as well.

  • +4

    Note specs do change slightly per configuration (like screens, CPUs, batteries etc), but I have added a few resources that I found helpful.

    Old Dell Malaysia Advert
    LaptopMedia Review
    Amazon Reviews

    Some other point
    * You cannot extend a Dell warranty after it has expired (which is likely here, so third party warranty only)
    * These Batteries are pretty generic and sit around the $80 mark for a new one on eBay (Note there are 3 types, so you will need to check this out to see if you have the 42W or 60W)
    * I believe these have the issue with battery swelling (normally after a few years) and are straightforward to replace before things go wrong

    I hope this helps someone

    Edit: Brightness is only 200 nits and as far as docking you can use either the Dell Dock WD15 or Dell Thunderbolt Dock TB16 (If you have thunderbolt 3), which the OPs advert and listing states this is an option, but does not state if it comes with thunderbolt

    • +1

      Pretty much all laptops have issues with battery swelling. We have a discusting amount that come in with Swollen batteries. They are removed and we have to order new batteries.

      • +1

        Just raising it as a point. I'm not taking a stab at BNEACT…… and I'm sure you check them, but this is more of a note, for community members that may buy them, to keep this in mind long-term.

        You may also wish to update your listing as the word optional doesn't help the community as we cannot tell if it has the optional features or not.
        Example I/O portd: "HDMI 1.4 (1), Universal Jack, MultiMedia card reader (SD 4.0), uSIM (external),2 x USB 3.1 Gen1 (one with PowerShare), DisplayPort over USB Type-C (optional, Thunderbolt 3 (1), RJ45, Optional Smartcard reader, Noble lock-Full size, DC-in"

      • So OP do they have Thunderbolt 3 ?

        Will buy one if they do - I want to use a decent dock

    • +1

      I just bought a S/H 7280 with full HD. The battery was toast and I had budgeted for that. The genuine replacement arrived today from these guys.


      Dell direct was quite a bit more expensive.

      • How has the machine been other than that?

        • Perfect so far..

  • +1

    Can't power those through USB C, right?

    • Would also like to know

    • vendor says yes

  • Similar question, will these charge via usb c and support generic usb c docks?

    • +1

      Sure do.

      • Damn, really tempted then. Good price

  • +1

    Hmm, checkout price is $359.10 with code REFURB10ACT.
    that's better than OP

    • Are you eBay plus for that code?

      • Nope

      • "This code can't be applied to some of your items."

        Didn't work for me. Non plus.

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