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[eBay Plus] Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones $316.00 @ e.t.r.a.d.e eBay


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Not the lowest ever, but the cheapest right now.

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  • Thats real good

  • +1

    Expect to see these being run out now that the XM5 has started release.

    • +10

      They are going to be sold alongside xm5 so probably not…

    • Marques says I should skip XM5 and buy the XM4 instead until Sony fixes the foldable oversight of XM5.
      I'm guessing XM6 will now be foldable because of Marques.

      • Depends on your preference because I have a pair which is foldable I would prefer it be non foldable

    • +6

      They have excellent Bluetooth connectivity if you duct tape your phone to one of the earcups

        • +7

          ??? not a clue what you mean, who the heck duct tapes phone to headphones.

          I think it was meant to be sarcastic. Unless you're being sarcastic as well and this is all one big r/woooosh

          • @CrispyChrispy: of course I was being sarcastic, after all its SB crazzy spend day

  • Just returned a pair of these to JB as they are known to not work with Samsung TV's.

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    Need to be an eBay Plus member to use the code :(

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    nice,,,,,xm5 looks urgly……..

    • +3

      Actually I think they’re quite strylish

      • I'm impressed with the XM5 too.

        These headphones while good aren't worth the full price imo.

    • +1

      I definitely don't like the design language of the XM5 but I saw thorough review of them side by side and the sound signature of the XM5 is quite a lot better than the XM4.


      • +1

        I also wait for XM5

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    These or qc 45?

    • +1


      • Is the anc better on the Sony?

    • issue with QC45, it makes plastic noise when you press it under on off / on mode

  • just tried. need to be eBay plus member damn

  • Damn no black in stock :(

  • +1

    It's been ozbargained out of stock

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    In the interest of everyone trying to save as much cash as possible, one of the unpublished deals was from doddsby

    I was able to find a officework store nearby with stock and they price beat, costing me $285. Hope this helps someone looking for a pair.

    • Note that doddsby.com is banned on OzBargain for lack of business details. The address displayed on the site appears to be for Molong Post Office and Newsagency, and the address attached to the ABN is a farm. The store also only accepts Banks Transfer/PayID.

      • +1

        Sounds dodgy! Was provided more for a price beat opportunity with officeworks :)

    • +1

      I second this! Was able to successfully price beat at OW for $285 :)

    • No luck with my local officeworks, was told that they don't accept price beats from stores that don't stock direct from manufacturer.

    • +1

      Thanks mate, I got one from Officeworks for $285 and while I was there the staff recommended a laptop was on clearance so they sold me one, total I spent $1198 😊

    • Just price matched at JB in store - I guess it’s just the luck of the draw.

      • which JB store did u go to? It appears the online chat refuses to price match that :(

        • +2

          JB at The Glen, Vic

    • Thanks for this. Just got a pair ordered for 285 including delivery.

      • oh, where did you get them from that includes delivery and price matching?

        • +1

          Officeworks. You call their customer support and order over the phone.

          • @ewand7: Thank you! Still contemplating whether to get it at 285 since I know that some have managed to stack the jbhifi frenzy 10% and giftz card 10% with price match and get it 240 - which is now not doable anymore :(

            • @Truck-kun: Mate for 285 its still a very good deal compared to the deals we've seen before, not sure how long the offer may last. Called up a few stores and they are running out of stock, but managed to snag one for myself in the end! :D

              • +2

                @Leah01: Thanks Leah. I just did a pricebeat today at officeworks too for 285 dollars. They appeared quite confused with this store but alas gave in.

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    Anyone could please share your real experience about multiple devices connection? E.g. does the headset ring when there is an incoming call on your iPhone while listening music being played on your laptop?

    I recently discovered and was shocked that XM3 is so far behind on this feature. Switching btwn 2 paired devices is such an annoying thing to do. E.g. iPad downstair was connected last time, and now I want to make a call from iPhone upstairs - I can only either go downstairs to disconnect from iPad before iPhone could connect, or have to hold the power button to initiate a re-pairing with iPhone. People have been talking about it: https://www.reddit.com/r/headphones/comments/a2xwpl/sony_wh1...

    I hope XM4 gives smoothness for this kind of matter, then I'd sell the 3 and buy 4.

  • If I pair the bluetooth to my PC, will it switch into low bitrate "headset" mode if I am in a call? I had some cheap bluetooth headphones that sounded great (A2DP) when only playing music (headphone mode), but when in a call would drop down to 64k (bidirectional headset mode)

  • Black back in stock. Just got an ebay plus membership just for this and made a purchase.

  • OOS

  • There are 4 in stock right now get em quick

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