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[Refurb] HP EliteBook 840 G3 14" FHD Touchscreen Laptop: i7-6600U, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 1Yr Wty $599.99 Shipped @ Manly Laptops


Use the discount code provided to get the Refurbished HP EliteBook 840 G3 14" FHD Touchscreen Laptop i7-6600U for $599.99 ($100 off) + free delivery.

Comes with 1YR WTY

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    6th Gen no deal. These are dual cores too I believe.

    I bought this exact same laptop for around $550 4yrs ago

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    This eBay deal for $556 is probably better using the PLSAVE20 coupon.

    • That does look good, but bit heavy for a 14inch laptop

      • I've had the 840 for work before and it's like lugging around an iron block.

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    I wouldn't rate this as a deal and for those considering it I would avoid it. Intel launched the 6th gen CPUs in 2015. I'd be surprised if this was equivalent to a 12th gen i3 cpu.

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      It's not even close to a 12th Gen i3. 6th Gen were garbage even when they were new.

      Anything less than 8th i5 Gen is functionally obsolete for most use-cases.

      Nobody should buy these laptops at this price, they are worth $150 at most.

    • Forget 12th gen - the 6th gen i7 can't even beat 8th gen i3!

      i7-6600U i3-8130U
      Cores 2 2
      Threads 4 4
      Core Freq 2.60GHz 2.20GHz
      Turbo Freq 3.40GHz 3.40GHz
      Cache 4MB 4MB
      Lithography 14nm 14nm
      TDP 15W 15W

      via Intel specs

      Architectural improvements between 6th and 8th gen are likely to make up for the 0.4GHz core frequency difference.

  • These are decent laptops, but really quite old now.

    My workplace ran a fleet of them about 6-7 years ago. We literally recycled the last of them a couple weeks ago.

  • Most people will be significantly happier with one of these, even despite the lower screen resolution.

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