Microsoft 365 Family 6 Users 1 Year $98 / Microsoft Office 365 Personal 1 Year License $68 (EXP) (Email Delivery) @ SaveOnIT


Microsoft 365 Family 6 Users 1 Year digital license. Delivery by email with no shipping cost. Australian license suitable for new subscription or renewal of your existing subscription.

Microsoft Office 365 Personal 1 year license suitable for renewal or new subscription. Email delivery with no shipping cost. Always the latest version of Microsoft office.

Check out this page for the May Frenzy Sale:
* Norton 360 Standard 1 Device 1 Year digital license @ $8 :
* Norton 360 Standard 3 Device 1 Year Email Key @ $13.99:

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2022

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  • +16

    Good outfit at Saveonit - never had an issue with these guys. Email with code is usually instant once you pay up.

    • +4

      Agree, been getting Norton licences off them for a few years now. Cheap and reliable

      • +6

        Company dogbots?

        • Hahah I didn’t even notice that that’s awkward. No dog in the fight here

      • +24

        been getting Norton licences off them for a few years now

        I am deeply sorry to hear this.

      • Why pay for Norton when the free one with Windows does the job

  • +2

    Can we purchase multiple of the 1 year family subscription as add on to existing subscription that gonna expire in jun22?

    • +2

      yes. I do this every few years. Mine now doesn't expire until 2026

    • +18

      Yes. If you need multiple years there's a hack where you buy the first year(s) as the Personal (1 user) subscription. After you have applied those to your account buy one of the Family (6 user) subscriptions and apply it to your account. Your entire subscription then converts to the Family (6 user) for the duration, saving $30 a year on the first years.

      • Just did this now. 3xPersonal plus 1xFamily.

      • Won't work for existing subscriber will it?

      • Is there a limit for how many years you can buy/apply in advance?

      • +1

        Bought 4 personal 1 year licenses and 1 family license. Applied to one account and finally the family license and the hack worked.

        Ended up 5 years validity for family (6 users) in total.


        • So that costed you $370 in total to get 5 years of Family. Instead of $470 if you bought 5 x family subscriptions?

      • Does that hack work with HUP ( as well? How do I do it? Do I just buy personal subscriptions with separate emails and setup each separately, then somehow combine them all in a family subscription? Thanks.

    • Yep, I think mine is currently good till 2025.

  • +1

    getting this error when trying to check out for credit card or paypal "Request has been timeout. Please try again."

    • +1

      Same here.

      • +1

        Got the same issue when using work laptop.
        Paid using payid from mobile browser.

    • Well in Opera on my laptop I didn't even get that message. It just kicked me back to the enter details page after entering credit card details and saying it was processing. So I removed my positive vote. That's dodgy as f**k and just bad coding. If the payment times out, you go to a static error message, not some perhaps random popup that may or may not appear and then disappears leaving you with no idea what has happened.

      Samsung browser on my phone at least showed the error.

      Although Paypal ended up working. :/

    • Got that on my mobile, worked on my desktop.

  • Just paid from the Microsoft website :(

    • Microsoft usually lets you refund in the first few days at least, no questions asked

  • +3

    I have an existing MS 365 family subscription. Microsoft is offering me a price of $90.30 per year if I turn on recurring billing. Might be worth checking your account before you buy this deal.

    • +1

      What the hell are you guys doing to get these offers regarding recurring billing, I never get those? :(

      • haha..Microsoft randomly emailed once giving the offer. $90.30 per year.

        • +3

          This whole offer isn't anything special because your local computer store will sell you the same thing any day of the week for $99.
          See here for example;

          • @dazagrt: The personal license is still cheaper through Saveonit though.

        • I've got the same ($90.30) for Premium because I bought it through my employers Home Use Program. Anyone here could check if their employer offers the same deal.

      • +1

        On occasion I've received 50% off after a major update was released for Windows.

        Once the installation was completed I get the notification after my computer reboots, but only once, and If you skip you lose that opportunity - I found that out personally, ouch!

  • So the one user/one year is by your email and password, so can i use it on my desktop and laptop or do i have to buy one for each?

    • +1

      1 user/1 year by your email & pwd and you can install on upto 5 devices + 1TB of OneDrive.

      If family subscription, you can share with 5 more people who get the same options as above.

  • +6

    This is the normal price from these guys. Not a deal really, though cheaper than MS directly.

  • Can we get any MS Office by paying once off lifetime license

  • thanks! received the office family 365 code in 20 minutes after osko payment. I like my subscriptions paid annually rather than monthly so this works.

  • -2

    What do you guys do that makes you buy Office? What can you not do on free web version of Microsoft Office? Or Google Docs/Slides/Sheets, Apple Pages/Keynote/Numbers?

    • +15

      Actual work

      • -1

        In which case it gets paid by the employer

    • +10

      6TB of cloud storage for $98pa.

      • Without knowing much about the TB/$ going rate.
        That seems like an excellent price for cross platform data storage and use of MS Office.

        Cheers buddy, and OP

        • +1

          Pretty sure that 6TB is made up of 6 x 1TB so don’t think one user can use more than 1TB.

    • +3

      1tb per person is amazing.
      Office 365 desktop app is a lot better than the free Google apps.
      Never used Apple pages

    • +1

      Share files that others can actually access, read, edit.

    • +1

      They don't do things like macros very well, or pivot tables - all though I haven't used those programs for about 2 years now so not sure if they've improved since then.

  • +1

    Thanks, bought a few years. Now time to find some friends to split it with… Code came instantly paying with paypal.

  • how much does it usually cost the following year?

    • +1

      $129 - unless you topup using a code like this deal.

    • No cloud storage amongst other things

      • So if I dont need cloud storage, the lifetime license could be better value

    • +1

      I do wonder how stacksocial do it at $50 when MS is selling it at $650..

      • Has anyone purchased above and any inputs whether it is legit?

        • +1

          On quora “ Do NOT purchase the MS Key for the discounted Office Pro software (~$50), is a total misleading product sale by StackSocial, READ ALL THE SMALL PRINT, this product is horrible, I suspect they are selling the free web version of the Office Pro package. If it sounds too good to be true, it is! My StackSocial purchase has been a horrible experience and they took me for $50, buyer beware.”

    • Is it legit?

  • +1

    I would prefer a 6 year license for one user

  • Good price for business too ( I need it for business)

  • If your employer is eligible, you can get it cheaper through HUP:

  • Can this be claimed on tax?

    • Do you have a valid reason to buy it for income producing purposes?

  • +1

    Just did 2 years and saved myself 60 bucks. Thanks

  • I'm still using office 2016 and no yearly payment for it. I paid once off fee. Any benefits to 365?

    Then again I don't use office on the daily.

    • 1tb cloud storage to store any of your important documents and photos.

      I usually upload all my receipts and important documents in the personal Vault folder for easy storage and easy find, no more having to worry about faded or losing my receipts/documents.

    • Cloud storage and new feature updates (monthly basis) for Word/Excel/PowerPoint etc.

      If you don’t use Office products that often or don’t need it apart from the basic word, spreadsheet, presentation editor… then getting the standalone versions (2016, 2019, 2021) will suffice. I mean, Word, Excel and PowerPoint have free versions too but require you to have a Microsoft account (free) and an internet connection as it’s accessed via a web browser.
      The free versions are simply called ‘Word Online’, ‘Excel Online’ and ‘PowerPoint Online’. They’re surprisingly very powerful, probably have all (if not more) features than Office 2016 (maybe not VBA part).

    • +1

      to be fair… he is the Wombat cave

  • Top selling software item on Amazon is a lifetime office key for 20$

    • +2

      my office key only cost me $4 to cut at bunnings

  • Purchased 3 X of the businessstandard. been great, will be getting them again from these guys when expiry time comes around

  • Link now showing up as $98 free shipping.

    Product Code :6GQ-01143 license
    Manufacturer P/N :6GQ-01143 license
    Manufacturer :Microsoft
    Microsoft 6GQ-01143 license Microsoft Office Suite
    Microsoft 365 Family 6 Users 1 Year digital license. Delivery by email with no shipping cost. Australian license suitable for new subscription or renewal of your existing subscription.
    Quantity : 1

    Price($) : $109.73$98.00
    Don't Pay: $129.00
    Free Shipping!


  • How long have people be waiting for their code?

    I paid by Osko 24+ hours ago and nothing yet.

    • I received my email delivery within 15 minutes of payid payment. They are known to be quick.
      I suggest to initiate contact with their support

  • Does Google has anything similar for their cloud storage? $125/2TB/year is a bit expensive in compared to this.

  • +1

    hmmm why do i get the error message
    "You're currently sharing a subscription with someone. To start your own subscription, we need you to stop using the shared one.
    Or wait for your subscription to end before starting your own. Just hang on to your product key until then"

    I do have current family subscription…so was just adding it to extend??

    EDIT: Idiot….wrong user logged in. Wasn't on the primary family account. Will leave here if it helps others :P

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