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[Back Order] Nikon Z 9 Mirrorless Camera (Body Only) $8099.10 + Delivery Only @ JB Hi-Fi


Best price for this camera!
Delivered with tracking by Wednesday 10th August.

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    Sending this link to a few of my boyfriends. Fingers crossed.

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      Username checks out

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        Username… also… checks out, boyfie

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      Legs Crossed :$

  • My D200 is getting old! Very old.

    • Makes my F3 look like crap,

      • +1

        Nice camera classic 👍

      • I got F100 that i never used!

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    Looks to me like it's a bit cheaper from Amazon Australia (Yes, Amazon Australia is an authorized Nikon Reseller in Australia).
    Obviously the Z9 is likely the best flagship camera, throw in Nikon's second to none glass, and this is easily the best camera / system available right now.

    If anyone finds a spare 8k or something and want's to buy me a Z9, let me know and I'll DM you my shipping details.

    • Shows as 8879 on your link for me?

      • Yeah, the price has been updated. JB had it at about $9000 when I commented.

        • Use the 10% off code

    • +1

      There is no best camera / system.

      If there was it would not be Nikon. If anything they are on the back foot globally second to Canon, and now also Sony not to mention Fuji in the APS-C space as their market share steadily continues to shrink and they chase profits from selling fewer, premium camera bodies.

      There were late to the mirrorless space with competitive bodies and their lens system, both first and third party, is slim unless using an adapter to their legacy DSLR line.

      Stating they have the best glass is also a false assumption. Canon and Sony both equivalent if not sharper, lighter and cheaper lens and at more price points. Their accessories range are also wider, more accessible in the used market or in stock and generally cheaper.

      Their services in Australia is almost non-existent. Canon until recently offered workshops yet still have the best after sales support and Sony at least have a wide variety of photography events.

      • -2

        Thanks for the essay 🤪

    • +1

      "easily" lol

      Every camera has their strengths. There is no best.

  • That’s a cool camera! I’m still after a D500 + 200-500mm lens deal.

  • You better have a plan to make some money from your photography if you buy this bad boy.

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