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Ozito PXC 2 x 18V Brushless Chainsaw - Skin Only $149 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Bunnings


From Bunnings website :

356mm Bar & chain is ideal for trimming branches, felling trees up to 330mmin diameter, cutting logs and sawn timber
Tool free chain tension ensures fast, easy and safe chain adjustment and replacement
2 x 18V Delivers 36V of power
Automatic chain oiling keeps the chain sharp and ensures longer chain life
Safety chain brake protects the user in the event of kickback
The Ozito PXCCSS-0182 Brushless Chainsaw is ideal for trimming branches, felling trees up to 330mmin diameter, cutting logs and sawn timber.

Features include an automatic chain oiling system that keeps both the bar and chain lubricated, this reduces the level of friction for maximum cutting performance and helps prolong the life of the tool, while the tool-free chain replacement and tensioning dial ensures fast, easy and safe chain adjustment.

Safety features include a chain brake that will engage in the event of kickback and bucking spikes that assist with the cutting action and help reduce the possibility of kickback plus the trigger safety lock to prevent unintentional starting for increased operator safety.

Choose the 18V Lithium-Ion Batteries for the runtime you need.

Batteries and charger sold separately. This product is intended for DIY use only.

I/N: 6290574
Ozito PXC 18V 4.0Ah Li-Ion Battery

I/N: 0018372
Ozito PXC 18V 5.2Ah Ultra Battery

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      I'd buy the Aldi, have the 4Ah batteries already, Ferrex stuff uses Quality LG cells where the Ozito batteries have generic poor quality cells, the Ferrex chargers charge slower than Ozito chargers which extends the cells life, double whammy killing the affordability/ownership cost of the lower quality Ozito cells.

  • has anyone actually used it?

    i'm guessing a little less power than the corded grey ozito one that I'm currently using :)

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      I'm very happy with mine. It cuts through trees like a similarly sized petrol chainsaw.

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      Yep, I have one from last time it was discounted. It's pretty good. A bit plasticy feeling, but seems suitably robust. I am not gentle with it, and have had no issues.

      It has less power and a lower chain speed than my petrol saw. However for 90% of my use, it cuts just about as fast, and is much nicer to use.
      I mostly cut firewood when camping on a friends land, and the occasional pruning at home. It will happily chop through large section of hardwood with no complaints.
      A pair of batteries is enough to chop a decent load of firewood. It will leak bar oil from the cap if stored on its side or upside-down, but that is expected.
      You don't have much excess power available, so a sharp chain and good technique is needed to get the best from the saw.

      I have used an older Ryobi corded saw, which is similar to the Ozito corded saw. The dual battery Ozito 36V saw gives a similar chain speed, but the corded one will have significantly more power available. Hard to compare more specifically, because the corded saw doesn't deliver the power is the same way in my experience, and is slower to reach full power, and bogs more easily. Overall, the cutting experience most of the time will be pretty similar - though I suspect a bit faster with the corded saw. That said, I prefer the way the Ozito 36V saw delivers the power. It never feels hugely fast or powerful, but is very easy to use and just churns through stuff.

      I have also used the smaller 18V Ozito PXC Chainsaw, which is also pretty good - just slower overall. The big one is definitely worth it IMO if you are doing much more than pruning or light firewood collection. Some of the other small 18v saws are very compact and good for tight pruning. The Ozito 18v saw is quite large in comparison.

  • Where can I find discounted Bunnings gift cards?

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    Tempted but does anyone know how much it used to be?

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      Powerpass app shows it was $199 now $149

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    It's no $65 ozito chainsaw from the previous deal :( :( :(

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      As good as that deal was, it's not the same chainsaw.

      • I want the smaller chainsaw. Hoping to see that deal back

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      Yes, I'm still saw about missing out too

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        are really cut up about it

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    Real ozbargainers use the Ozito PXC 18V 165mm Circular Saw to cut trees and wood.

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    Tool free chain tension ensures fast, easy and safe chain adjustment and replacement

    This is the only negative. If Husqvarna can't get this right then ozito have no friggin chance.

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      I have taken it apart to clean, and the Ozito tensioning system is quite different to what Google tells me is the the problematic Husqvarna one.

      It's hard to explain, but it's a two part rotating system where the movement is from a kind of spiral between the sides. The attachment to the bar, and how it pushes on the bolt etc all seems pretty robust. No issues in my use so far, and it stays tight.

      • Good to know. Cheers

    • Agreed, I've never seen a tool-free chain tensioner from any of the big players that actually works better than the OG screw-threads.

      That includes the newest Stihl and Huskys.

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    Shame they didn't drop the price on the brushed one as well. Given how often I'd use it I don't really care about brushes, just want it cheap enough to justify not just getting out a hand saw (and couldn't find stock on the last deal).

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    Beat me to posting.

    Suspected they might price match the Aldi deal, so been monitoring for several days.

    Noticed price drop first thing this morning, ordered for click & collect, but wanted to make sure my order was confirmed before posting here.

    Considering that the non-brushless model (with battery and charger) was $139, and have 2 x 4.0Ah batteries from other Ozito purchases, happy to pay just $10 more for the much more powerful model skin only :-).

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    Been waiting for this to come on special. Thanks, OP!

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    Did a test. Good for 5 adults zombies and one midget zombie before battery died

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    I have both the small 18V and this 2x18V. I do not recommend the small 18V version as in my opinion it is dangerous compared to its big brother. The 18V has less power and less rotational speed so it grabs and kicks back on small branches etc. I do not notice this with the 2x18V and I use mine all the time as I have a wood heater and I highly recommend it. Hardly ever use my petrol chainsaws now.

    • I also have both. I think the 18V has larger gaps between its teeth which also contributes to the kicking up effect (or it may also be due to its lightweight bar). It also has a strange delay between activating the button and the motor hitting max RPMs.

      If you can pick up the 18V saw on special with the 4ah battery, I reckon it's a no-brainer - just be aware of these few issues. For the 36V saw, you need to be in the Ozito system already or pick up two 4ah batteries at $48 a pop…not cheap, especially if you're only cutting once every so often for that camping trip.

  • Been waiting for this since I saw the Aldi catalogue

    Sadly comes up as unavailable :( can't get it delivered, click and collect or any other other way

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      Just bought click collect from Fairfield VIC

      • Hmm, what a nuisance. Regional nsw, completely unavailable. Will ask in-store tomorrow

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    I have this. Excellent machine. 6x 4Ah batteries gave me about an hour of continuous/active cutting, which equated to a 7x4 trailer of redgum.

    Toolless tensioner is fantastic, coming from the old-fashioned worm screw adjuster on the two-stroke machines.

  • Keep in mind the Ultra battery puts out more amps so if you need an extra kick, use 2x 5.2's. It not just about lasting longer.

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    Ah crap i missed this. :( Been waiting ages for it to go on sale.

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