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65W PD QC Fast USB-C Wall Charger, 100W Cable Included $29.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ YESDEX Amazon AU


Seems like a good deal although not sure about the quality yet.
An extra 12% off if you buy two.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Buy first, ask questions later! (I bought 2 for the extra discount)

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    Previous deal - $25.99 for discussion/comparison.

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    I have this, C port wont charge my powerbank, charge switches on and off as though renegotiating

    I'd avoid

    • I bit the bullet earlier in the week and bought it.
      Will see how it goes with my powerbanks.

  • Is this GaN or not?

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      Lots of reviews stating buzzing noises! Might pass, thanks…

    • It doesn't say gan anywhere in the product name or description…

    • Given the size, unlikely. But some 'GaN' chargers don't even have GaN chips!

    • The Amazon product description says "Gallium Nitride"… though the unit itself does look rather bulky for a GaN charger…

    • Is this GaN

      If it's GaN they've not done anything to take advantage of it.

      It's as bulky as any non-GaN unit I've ever seen.

  • Bought previously, returned immediately. Didn't even charge on any ports!

  • Bought the Baseus 65W GaN charging brick hasn't skipped a beat, very happy with it.

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    Yikes, really rolling the dice based on the frequency of bad reviews: large, buzzing, doesn't charge, renegotiating, stopped working, can't connect cables.

  • It says "GaN Fast Charger" on the box. I bought 3 last time, no issues.

    It's pretty small too - check the pic and see the size compared to the USB ports.

  • Arrived yesterday and it looks good so far. Fully charge my Microsoft Surface in around two hours.
    On the box it said gan charger but I have no idea how to confirm it.

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