Asus Radeon Dual RX 6600 8GB GDDR6 Graphics Card (Bonus $20 Steam Gift Card via Redemption) $399 Delivered @ Computer Alliance


I believe this is a new low you also get a Bonus Steam $20 Steam Gift Card until 10th June 2022

Card payment incurs 1% surcharge

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    if you count the steam voucher off the price then yep otherwise JW beat them to it yesterday @ $397 for the same card.

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    Difficult time to upgrade, was hoping to upgrade my 1070 Ti that I bought for $400 in 2018 ($421.62 in today's dollar) but it still performs better than this at the same price. And that's a 5 year old card…

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      Pretty sure an RX 6600 is between a GTX 1080 and 1080 Ti. Still not a big upgrade from a 1070 Ti. Best to keep waiting for a decent 3060 Ti, 3070 or 6700 XT deal

    • Unfortunate times. Wait a few months for a 3080/7700XT atleast if you got the money. 1070Ti is not a bad card to HODL for a few more months.

      • would you still buy it if this is $99? I don't think so, what that makes you? starts with a T…

        • We both are.

          • @John Doh: I would buy this at $99, 10 of them, for my new rig.

            • -1

              @non-LHR: Except you can't. So stop trolling.

              • @John Doh: So do you

                • @non-LHR: Why are you annoying me, I didnt do anything to you. You are just worried if people hold, GPU prices will come down and that means your GPU resale value will go down. lol. Go mine with your GPUs if you got nothing else to do. 99$ 6600, stop trolling.

                  • @John Doh: you'll make lot of enemies if you want gpu price to come down. a lot. best just keep it to yourself.

                    you just want 1 gpu for gaming, get a used one cheaply or something no need to bring the whole market down.

                    if you're nice to me, I'll sell one of my gpu at mates rates.

                    • @non-LHR: mates rate! lol. Thanks man, but I need a next gen one.

                      • @John Doh: next gen needs new pin, new psu, its not eco friendly. less wattage, less damage to the planet.

                        • @non-LHR: Not really. 4090 is 450W. 4080 below 400W as its new node and core count not that high.

                          Only reference card need new pin and will come with an adapter. AIB, which most of us buy will still run 8 pin/ 6 pin connectors. So all good.

                          A 4080 on new node will almost consume the same as 3090 but with much better frame rate. So buying a 3080 is indeed bad for planet.

                          And look who is speaking about planet! A miner!

    • but it still performs better than this at the same price

      This may be true for 4K, but isn't for 1080 (or likely 1440p).
      It's in the same ballpark of course, so i'm certainly not arguing that it's worthwhile for you.

      I'm curious what memory bandwidth/bus width the 7700XT has, how well it scales to the higher resolutions.

    • The RX 6600 is equivalent to a 1080 Ti for rasterisation, not a 1070 Ti. The RTX 3050 is closer to a 1070 Ti, but then it has DLSS to leapfrog all of them for the games that support that feature.

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      It's actually like 10% faster than GTX 1080. But AMD sneakily cut down their cards. RX6600 has 128 bit memory and x8 pcie. Meaning it's only designed for 1080p or less. GTX 1070ti is x16 256 bit

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    Prices drop when they're not cleared out of stock. Retailers hoping these measly $20 price drops will tempt those to weak willed to hodl. If you had any brains you'd stop buying them. Only thing to fear would be eth magically reviving itself, won't happen overnight lol.

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      I agree with the sentiment but honestly I don't see these dropping much more until the next gen. I think i've commented on one of your posts before, but I think this is almost the "right price", maybe slightly less, until next gen (hopefully) takes an axe to this price-performance ratio. I could see $380-$400 6600's across the lineup (of whatever brands distributors are sitting on, perhaps not all).
      I agree these cards are barely moving any units across most retailers, but there has to be a floor where the suppliers simply won't go lower than cost, right?

      • Indeed retailers will probably hodl these prices for a few weeks at least even if they don't sell. But it happens every gen. Prices are following the same trajectory as 2020.

        May 2020

        November 2020

        I expect to see sub $400 6600xt, Sub 700 3070, $500 6700xt etc within a few months The fact it's taken 18 months to reach msrp means I'll wait another few months for further 20% drops.

        • Haha pathetic miner tried to censor this historic trend showing prices will fall by November. Because of that I'll now repost it on every deal

    • would you still buy it if this is $99? I don't think so, what that makes you? starts with a T…

      • I'd pay $250 for this and $330 for 6600xt. Melting over people not willing to be ripped off is funny. Your 3080 be worth $99 soon.

        • I don't have 3080, sold all over $2k to buyers like you.

          • @non-LHR: If they were buyers like me they wouldn't have bought them They would've hodled and ran an RTX 970.

            Lucky you didn't expand and treat gpu's as an asset like most idiots then! Watching all these farms on marketplace slashed from 20k to 7k is laughable. Hopefully you also didn't pay the difference for full hash rate cards.

            People really need to get a life when they're treating technology as an asset. Their ROI figures were hilarious, I remember laughing at these idiots ROI's back then, they honestly didn't expect gpu's to fall? It's a computer part not a house! Nerds were dreaming. It's like a dog shit collector believing dog shit will become the next property market because he loves dog shit so much. They were dreeaming

            • @Jimmy77: its not dog shit, its called NFT. tho they might sell NFT with dog shit pic on it.

    • If your point is that this card will be cheaper in November then I don't think anyone will argue with you. I'm fact with reports of high performance next gen stop might be even more.
      That's 6 months away though.
      What is having this (our other card) for 6 months worth to you?
      Maybe $100-$200 difference for 6 months of gaming is worth it.

    • Assuming we can skip the war in the pacific, monkey pox lockdows or alien invasion(s).

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