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Sapphire Radeon Pulse RX 5600 XT $484 + Shipping ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Hey guys,

Was looking at getting a 5600XT when i stumbled across this deal.

Cheapest anywhere in Australia at the moment. Free shipping with amazon prime.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel K Keepa.

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    Do the 5600xt suffer from all those problems plaguing the x5700xt?


        You're technically correct but no. It still has one issue, everything else is gone. That issue is the DirectX 9 downclocking. I have never experienced this myself (not even CS:GO) but others have.


          I've experienced downclocking in the witcher 2 which is DX9 with a rx5700xt. Switched to an rtx card and it runs fine. I don't think AMD have ever acknowledged the direct X 9 issues at all. There are people still getting black screens and this is more then 6 months post launch.

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      I don't think so, and for what it's worth, I've got a MSI 5700xt mech that has been 100% issue free.


      What issues are there?

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      not really no but there are definite things to watch out for like vbios being up to date etc (making GDDR ram 14gbs rather than 12) .. this is a great round up of the cards in this category :)

      HU Review

      Fwiw this is one of the better 5600XT cards… :)


      The same driver issues? Yep.
      Nothing will fix AMD drivers until they do a tear down and rebuild.

      The same heat issues? Not as much.
      The power targets are a bit more reasonable. Still a hot card, but less nerding required out of the box.

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          I had plenty of issues with Turning and Nvidia drivers in the past. Crashes, black screens, blue screen of death issues, artifacts. Having used GPUs from both teams, they all have issues and nobody is perfect.


        The heat issues don't exist at all. It's down to the AIB vendors. As for drivers they're getting pretty close, but their problem is DX9 downclocking, they still haven't fixed that one, and it may take a vBIOS update.

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      The people talking about black screen issues do you actually own a 5600XT or 5700Xt? I have a Sapphire branded 5700XTand never had those issues. I know a friend who had an issue with a different AIB, and since the 20.2.2 driver update it has not occurred for them.


      In general, not anymore. The 5600XT and 5700XT are fine now, but at launch the 5700XT was a messy pile of hot garbage. I'm a day-one owner of a 5700XT and I've had countless driver issues, random black screens, restarts, instability…etc. Over time, it's gotten better, but in the first 3 months or so, it was just horrible. I was also a day-one owner of a 780, 970 and 1080, no such issues. The only other time I've had an AMD card, the R9 290X, same deal. My RX 580 was fantastic, but that's just a rehash of the RX 480.

      Clearly AMD rushed the launch of the 5700XT to coincide with their Ryzen 3000 series launch and they horribly botched it, releasing an under-tested and beta product. I've no doubt that had they waited for a month or two more, most of these issues could have been ironed out. Personally, this has left a sour taste in my mouth for AMD (this isn't the first time this has happened to me, the R9 290X was the same back in the day).

      With the RTX 2060 KO going for a little above $500, I'd say go with that instead if your budget is around the $500 mark and you're concerned about all the issues. Not to mention the NVENC encoder is the bees knees.

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        Yep. I switched from a rx5700xt to 2060s so I could play the Witcher 2 stutter free. Navi cards still have big issues with DX9.


      Definitely not. They would've at launch, but now Navi is 95% bug-free. Had a 5700 with no issues since March. It's in RMA now for high temps, darn MSI. There's an issue with tunnel vision with the 5700s. Owners who are having any issue with their PC will blame the 5700 when it could be faulty RAM, shitty power supply and many other reasons. I was helping someone on reddit and they returned their 5700 XT for a 2070 Super only to be met with the same issues.


        Had a 5700 with no issues since March. It's in RMA now for high temps, darn MSI. There's an issue with tunnel vision with the 5700s. Owners who are having any issue with their PC will blame the 5700 when it could be faulty RAM, shitty power supply and many other reasons.

        That may or may not be true, but it doesn't excuse the swathes of complaints that AMD has had over their 5700XT. It's clearly not just other ancillary factors because such complaints are nowhere near as prevalent with the Nvidia cards. It's also not an AMD-specific thing since the RX 580 is an extremely popular card which seems to have very few issues.


          Yeah obviously AMD has had those complaints, but the issues are mostly gone at this point. Also the complaints are more prevalent on AMD cards because of the tunnel vision at this point, but in the past this was not the case. Also previous AMD architectures also had driver issues at launch.


    Thinking of going with a Ryzen 3600 build. Does Nvidia RTX card play nice with an AMD build?

    This or a 2060…?


      Yes, they play fine together.
      If you're a nerd, who likes to overclock, then the AMD card will perform a little better; you can just rip it to hell with manual overclocking.
      If you're just a typical gamer, who just wants to "slide the sliders to max" to get the best gameplay, then get the RTX.

      If you plan to leave them both stock, then eh; whatever is cheaper.
      5600 should perform a chunk better.
      RTX will remove the driver instability risk.
      Your call.


      If you can somehow find it in stock and at a similar price, the 2060 is a better bet because of DLSS 2.0 (NOTE, DLSS 1.x is a complete disappointment). DLSS 2.0 is absolutely bonkers in the few games which it's available in so far (see here).

      Even if you completely ignore DLSS 2.0, better drivers plus other features (RTX audio, nvenc) make the 2060 more appealing imo.

      It's quite hard to find the rtx 2060 in stock though so $484 for a great model of the 5600xt is still a good deal.


      As someone who owns both a 5700XT and 2080 Super, I'd suggest going with the RTX card if it's in a similar ballpark. If you can get the 2060 for around $520 or so, then go with that. Anymore and it's probably not worth it. Also depends on what you want. If you care about CUDA, RTX Voice, NVENC, DLSS 2.0…etc. then go with Nvidia.

      If you just want the most fps per $ spent, then the 5600 XT will be better value, but it's behind on basically every other front. If you do a lot of compute work, plan on learning TensorFlow or get into machine learning…etc., then Nvidia has the entire market under lock.


    Is this the best value GPU for this price range? Should be good for the next 5 years at least?


      Most processing chips are rated for 10 years, bar minimum; I wouldn't expect it to fail in 5.

      My CPU as an example has had a massive overvolt and overclock for 7 years, and it's still stable. (5820k, 1.39v @ 5Ghz, all 12 threads).
      GPU's spend less time working hard typically, so I'd expect a longer lifespan.


        Sorry, I should have clarified, I mean being future proof +5years of new games. My old mid-high range GPU struggles now and graphics looks crap.

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          With ps5 and New xbox coming out with ray tracing I doubt this card will last 5 years .
          I've never had a GPU stay current and able to play new AAA titles for 5 years , Then again I've never bought a flagship GPU .


          Probably not, if you need it to last that long, splurge on the best of the best.
          I'd consider a 2080ti, if I need it to last that long on high settings, on AAA titles.

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