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ASUS-TUF Gaming F15, 15.6" 1080p IPS-144hz, i5-10300H, 8GB, GTX1650, 512GB NVMe $799.00 Delivered + Surcharge @ Shopping Express


Pretty good all around laptop. Ticks all the boxes and looks to have good battery life. Ordered myself one. 1% surcharge for select payment methods.

Asus FX506LH-HN004W
CPU:Intel Core i5-10300H
Graphics Card:Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650
Graphics Card Memory (VRAM):4GB
Integrated Graphics:Intel UHD Graphics
Screen Size (Inches):15.6"
Screen Resolution:1080p FHD 1920 x 1080
Screen Panel Type:IPS-level
Screen Refresh Rate (Hz):144Hz
USB Type-C:1
USB Type-C DisplayPort Support:Yes
USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A:2
USB 2.0:1
HDMI:1x HDMI 2.0b
WLAN (WiFi):802.11ax
Ethernet Port/RJ45:1x Gigabit Port
Webcam:720p HD Webcam
Audio In/Out Type:Combined 3.5mm
Backlit Keyboard LED:RGB
Colour:Bonfire Black
Weight (kg):2.3kg
Operating System:Windows 11 Home


It looks to have an extra slot for a second nvme drive and one bay for a 2.5" SSD along with 2x DDR4 slots ..very good upgradeability

EDIT: My laptop came in and i can confirm it comes with a single stick of 8GB of DDR4 SODIM at 3200Mhz running in single channel mode. so buying an extra 8GB's is a easy way to upgrade.. also the GTX1650 comes with DDR6 ram.. confirmed by Nvidia drivers and CPUZ

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  • Not Behd for the price.

    Just a pity about the 1650ti is relatively slow in this day and age.

    • +4

      Its 1650, without ti, way too slow for a "gaming laptop"

      • -3

        *unless you like to game at 240p

        • -2

          Even then might be hard to reach 144 fps

        • -1

          240p is the pinnacle of gaming 😉

          • @cook99: Neggers don't understand what you're saying. +1 from me.

            • @Roddi: Thanks Roddi, nice to see someone has sense and class 😉

        • +2

          It seems it will run a bunch of fairly recent titles on ultra settings at 30-60fps, and you can probably drop a few things for big gains.


          Honestly for the price it seems pretty damn good to me, especially if you're not necessarily trying to play the absolute latest AAA games on it, which I increasingly don't bother with on my better desktop because there's such a good back catalogue and recent stuff feels all so samey.

          • @CodeExplode: Recent releases like vampire survivors maybe

          • +1

            @CodeExplode: *that would be the desktop version
            The mobile version is heavily throttled

            • @Drakesy: Ah I've never had a laptop and didn't know there was a difference.

          • @CodeExplode: Ultra settings are a total wank half the time. Even when they do yield a reasonable improvement, the frame rate hit is arguably not worth it.

      • +2

        Gaming laptop because of backlit keyboard, 144Hz IPS, dedicated GPU, and HEAVY 2.3kg weight

        • +4

          Pffft, 2.3kg on a 15” isn’t heavy. I had a Dell Inspiron 15” Gaming Laptop that weighed in at 2.65 kg. The old Alienware 15 (2018 and older) weighed 3.5kg before Dell switched to the lighter m15 design which was 2.2kg in the first model

        • +1

          Most of that weight looks to be in the copper cooling :) its got some awesome cooling one of the best out there

        • +1

          Bollocks. I went through uni with a Dell studio xps. 3kgs plus extra 6 cell battery (laptops only lasted 2 hours Max back then) and a massive brick charger.

      • +3

        There's no significant difference between this and the Ti edition, except for the latter has GDDR6 memory.

      • +2

        The 1650 Ti isn’t a big step up from the 1650.
        You might be getting it confused with the 1050 Ti which was a big improvement over the 1050

      • +1

        Minesweeper here I come

      • For the money though? Can't still play all the new releases, albeit on 'low-mid' at 60 fps

    • +7

      Beats any integrated graphics in any CPU out at the moment.

      • +5

        You'd hope so given it's a discrete graphics card

        • +6

          I should say it absolutely destroys any integrated graphics.

          • +3

            @vid_ghost: You mean to tell me a modern discrete gpu can outperform integrated graphics slapped onto a cpu. Woah

            • @Pugkin: Honestly how far integrated graphics has come is quite impressive

              • @FireRunner: Oh no kidding, my 5700g is a beast, better than my old gt 1030 that’s for sure. Was a great investment to wait out the joke that is the gpu market

  • +3

    Good find Op.

  • +2

    Super mid range, it needs a ram upgrade so factor that into your cost.

    • +6

      You mean entry level. I don't think there's a dGPU that's lower than a 1650 in that generation.

      • +2

        MX 450?

        • Okay, you got me. But still very every level.

  • +1

    if only 16g ram

    • +11

      Nothing $40 won't fix

    • My laptop came in and i can confirm it comes with a single stick of 8GB of DDR4 SODIM at 3200Mhz running in single channel mode. so buying an extra 8GB's is a easy way to upgrade.. also the GTX1650 is essentially a 1650 super as it comes with DDR6 ram.. confirmed by Nvidia drivers and CPUZ

  • +1

    Very good buy I just wish it had USB C Charging

  • +4

    Pretty great for a complete system.

    You could also get a Dell with a rtx3050 for $975.


    • +3

      $176 extra for the dell laptop on Ebay buys you

      256GB vs 512GB nvme storage
      15.6" FHD 120Hz WVA vs 15.6" FHD 144Hz IPS
      1 Year Warranty vs 2 Years Warranty
      Orange Backlit Keyboard vs RGB Backlit Keyboard
      2.449 kg vs 2.3 kg

      Better CPU
      Better GPU

      If you already have a good gaming desktop..Best to save the $176 and get the Asus for a better all around portable PC

    • Guess it’s worth the extra money.

  • Would those able to do 4k 60hz through USB C? Or HDMI?

    • it has HDMI 2.0 so YES .. 4k 60Hz… HDMI 2.1 is 4k 120hz

  • +3

    I'm having this laptop for about 2 years, pretty old model, bought it for 800$

    still works fine.
    using it for CADs mostly. have no idea about gaming, I guess the video card is too slow for gaming

    I've added 8GB ram and a second SSD, the battery still can do about 3-4 hours on it

    • Try turn off the dGPU when not using.

      • How do you turn off the dGPU? .. Just disable in windows Device Manager?

        • +1

          Nope, that can cause power being sent to the GPU even while not in use. Use Nvidia Control Panel to pick integrated graphics as the main GPU. You can also go into Graphics Settings in Windows and pick the integrated GPU instead of dGPU. I do this on my Zephyrus G14 to save battery life

          • @Zackeroo: Thought it would auto use the igpu in desktop and nvidia during gaming only

            • @vid_ghost: Nah, it's not that smart :)

              If you open task manager, you can often see it showing that it's using dGPU

          • @Zackeroo: what about radeon mobile cards? and what if I just wanna stop using it ever tbh

            rx 550x, literally the worst integrated mobile gpu ever.

            • @abjsdhasehasee: Not sure about Radeon but I'd assume the Graphics Settings in Windows should still manage that

    • rwt ~ Did it come with 2x4GB's of RAM already installed or 1x8GB?

      • +1

        it was 2 years ago, don't remember

    • All good thanks

    • Can you share your exp? I'm looking for a laptop to run autoCad 2D and solidworks 3D

      • +1

        I'm using it for ArchiCAD 2D & 3D + twinmotion rendering + photoshop/illustrator/lightroom, occasionally AutoCAD - can't complain at all, its enough for all my tasks (with 16ram and second SSD)
        Never have had drivers issues or overheating
        Not the best screen but I'm using a 32" screen

        Better than Lenovo ThinkPad which I used previously - they were always crushing especially when I ran AutoCAD with heavy blocks and hatches

  • +1

    Why are people frothing this? The Acer nitro with a 3060 that's been available as low as 1100ish would slap this thing around.

    • +6

      I agree, but that still costs 37.5% more.

      • +1

        Off the top of my head I'd say the gaming performance would be at least a 2x, and that being said there is no nitro 3060 on sale now. I just think the money could be slightly better spent on future proofing yourself at least a little.

    • +3

      Because it’s a good price. Plenty of shops selling laptops with dodgy Celeron, AMD A9 or Pentium chips for similar prices. To then get these specs for 799 bucks - great deal.

    • +2

      In a word, "Acer".

    • +1

      Some people just have a budget and know exactly what they need from a PC.

  • Grabbed one! OP, you are a legend!

    • No worries.. :) I hope postage is quick.. wanna play around with it over the weekend

  • +2

    Can this laptop run two separate external monitors? I assume so, since it has HDMI and USB-C with Display port support?

    • +1

      you answered your own question :)

  • Curious to know how this would stack up against an i5 6600K with RX580. Thinking of transitioning from my old desktop to a laptop, and still be able to play Arma 3 (and Arma 4 when it arrives).

    • CPU is faster but GPU is slower.. i think overall it will be around the same. few FPS here and there

    • If you want to spend $799 on a laptop that will only be capable of running coolmaths..com games then I’ve got 20 year old 1bedroom townhouses to sell to you for 750k.

    • +1

      A side grade it is

  • I go to get 1 and the message is ….
    "Sorry, we don't have enough 'Asus FX506LH-HN004W 15.6" 1080p IPS-level 144Hz i5-10300H 8GB GTX 1650 512GB SSD WiFi 6 W11H Gaming Laptop (FX506LH-HN004W)' in stock to fulfill your order. Please change the quantity on order in your shopping cart and click update. Then try to checkout again."

    • +1

      Maybe its out of stock.. There are heaps of +1 for this deal.

  • Is Shopping Express a legit retailer?

    • +2

      Well I've used them for the past 10 years and spent over 30k in building Office PC's for work. so i hope so :) hehe Delivery is one of the quickest in Sydney

      • +1

        It is good to know that you used them for 10 years. I was concerned to see 125 1 star reviews on this website


        Anyways, I am glad to know they are legit.

        • +1

          It's safe to assume people mainly leave reviews when they are unhappy.

          • @Juiciness: The big banks and insurance companies have the worst rating.. same with telecom's like Telstra, vodafone ext :)

        • My laptop has shipped already.. i should have it by tomorrow YEY :)

  • Oos for me

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