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Menulog Delivery Order: 50% Cashback @ Cheddar App


Inb4 members (like myself) listing unending grief with this pos of an app/cashback mob.

I was going to order menulog anyway, so if this does work out it’s a nice bonus.

Does not seem to be a max cap like last time. And does not seem to be limited to new menulog users. Cannot use gift cards. Check all t and c before going ahead.

Like all cashback deals (sb/cr etc) I suggest to not base your buying decisions based on assuming you will get cashback. and instead treat it as a pleasant surprise.

T and C

  • Cashback will not track or be offered if the Menulog app is used. Mobile site only.
  • Cashback is applicable only to delivered orders
  • Promo codes not listed on the Cheddar App will not receive cashback
  • Cashback may take up to 10 days to track
  • You must return and click through Cheddar every time you make a new transaction.

Tracks in 10 days
Cb redeemable at 75 day

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  • how do u get cashback?

    • +1

      Get app
      Checkout through app
      Assume everything goes to plan
      Withdraw in approx 75 days… hopefully

  • Tried to use this for lunch earlier today but it would always fail to load the menulog site through the app.

    Also still waiting for my $50 bonus to be approved from almost 3 months back (5 April), even though the actual purchase I made for it tracked successfully and was eventually paid.

    • I’m waiting for mine from April 14

      always fail to load the menulog site through the app

      Safari mobile is ok for me. But I did see others report same issue with android and windows

    • Hi @Shekster,
      Thanks for flagging this pesky bug with us - can you please slide into our DMs with your account email so we can investigate.

      • Same issue DMing you too ty

    • UPDATE: Credit where it's due, DM'd the cheddar rep and had $50 ready to withdraw within a few hours.

      • what did you write? ive been pleading with them to approve mine (even though ive received the item i bought) and still nothing

        • Hi @Jason Genova,
          Your purchase can take 30 to 90 days to be approved by our brand partners.
          Can you please slide into our DMs with your Support Request ID and our team can prioritise a response?

      • May I also ask what did you write? I wrote to them exactly a week ago but no response

  • It would be nice if I could withdraw, but every time I try and withdraw I get an error message. Their support is also nonexistent, so the funds are forever locked. On the positive side, they don't seem to skim through "untracked" transactions like certain other cashback sites.

    • +1

      Send @getcheddarapp a pm. The rep did reply me a lot quicker than their email team

    • Hi Tyrx,
      Sorry to hear you're having trouble withdrawing your cashback.
      Can you please email [email protected] with details of the error you're seeing, and we can help troubleshoot. Feel free to DM us with your Support Request ID so we can prioritise a response.

  • +1

    Inb4 members (like myself) listing unending grief with this pos of an app/cashback mob.

    Tell me about it. Currently waiting for cashback from 3 weeks ago.

    • +1

      Mate I was already committed to my $50 kfc order with or without cashback , so this is a nice bonus (assuming I don’t get screwed on it). I wouldn’t have bothered if I hadn’t an order ready to go.

      • +1

        Jokes aside, in 99% of cases it would have been significantly cheaper to order delivery via the KFC app if you don't get cashback for this.

        • My kfc orders through kfc app generally go through DoorDash, and two times now I’ve had dramas with DoorDash kfc orders. 1 time they ‘ran out of chicken’ so DoorDash couldn’t pickup - and getting a refund was a pain in the arse as kfc and DoorDash both denied having the funds. The second time driver got lost and ended up taking 50min total to deliver my food. Might as well have put my pants on get it myself. Menulog has been ok so far, hence me using menulog. Haha

    • Hi @ChillBro,
      Your purchase can take 30 to 90 days to be approved by our merchant partners. In the situation it hasn't approved in this timeframe, please contact us at [email protected] and our team can investigate.

  • +7

    “How do you get cashback?” You don’t. They lie to you. I went from hundreds of dollars in cashback to nothing during their last 50% cashback and I even asked them on this website if there was a limit and they said as long as there was no suspicious activity then all will be paid out.
    Don’t get stung. Don’t waste your time giving this company money. They’re liars.

    • Oh damnnnn @getcheddarapp - what’s your thoughts on this? Hope member above is ok with you sharing a public dialogue on this e specially if there’s any hope in saving cheddars reputation on ozbargain.

    • +2

      I didn’t ask them but these were their words

      • +1

        Completely forgot I asked that lol

    • +2

      I'd keep pushing for your money - after 3 months they denied all my Menulog cash backs stating that I must not have used the App - despite the app tracking the purchases??

      A few negative reviews and public comments later and they money was mine.

      • +3

        Yep all my Menulog purchases from march were marked as declined today. About 8 of them, just like that. I find it highly unlikely that they've manually reviewed each one and deemed it didn't meet the terms.

        Have complained to their support address but man, what kind of a business is this??

        • +1

          A shit one.

        • -1

          1 out 5 approved, 4 orders were used code , so fairly ok for me

          • @Smallman: Yep I used a code on one or two so didn't expect all to go through. But weirdly they were on all different dates, so why did they all suddenly get cancelled today? I am sure I will get some money but man it shouldn't be this hard.

            • +1

              @fLaMePrO: Not sure, but from my past experience, cashback from Menulog was pretty strict, my very first order via CR was declined, they(CR) only told me Menulog dislike me so declined my cashback :(

              It is pretty easy to deal with if you email cheddar support but may take a few days to get back to you.

              • @Smallman: Maybe i am one of the lucky one then all my cashback from Menulog approved

    • +2

      Likewise, I am chasing them up on my declined transactions as I expected hundreds in cashback too

      • Hi @keepintrack & @fLaMePrO,
        Thanks for flagging your cashback was declined.
        Please email us at [email protected] and our team can investigate. If you can please DM us your Support Request ID, I can pass this onto our team to prioritise.

        • ive emailed you guys multiple times and it takes anywhere from a week to two for a reply, with the same generic response

          • @Jason Genova: Hi @Jason Genova,
            Can you please slide into our DMs with your Support Request ID so I can look into this one for you please?

    • Hi @NuttyGoodness,
      Sorry to hear you're having trouble with your cashback approvals.
      Can you please email us at [email protected] and we can investigate? Please DM us your Support Request ID also so we can prioritise a response.

  • +8

    How to get Cheddar cashback…..my experience.

    1. Make Purchase.
    2. Wait.
    3. Wait some more.
    4. Complain to Cheddar about lack of tracking and/or cashback.
    5. Get some super delayed lame ass reply from Frederic at Cheddar thanking me for my patience in these 'busy times' (every email they send states this) and denying cashback for some non-sensical reason. e.g. You must have used your laptop for purchase and not the App - despite there being no cheddar website - huh?
    6. Complain louder to Cheddar.
    7. Get cashback.
    8. Repeat steps 2-7 for every purchase.
    9. Withdraw cash asap.
    10. Delete App and tell myself never again.

    (They are big on TikTok apparently….someone needs to educate these poor kids about using CR/SB instead!)

    • +1

      Get some super delayed lame ass reply from Frederic at Cheddar thanking me for my patience in these 'busy times'

      LMAO so true, thought it was just me! Pretty sure all their CS reps are just called that to deny accountability.

      • +1

        I feel a bit sorry for Frederic if he's just the one person - his inbox would be copping it!

  • Got my $50 with Cheddar but hello fresh $40 never showed up …… It's a grey vague kind of world when it comes to Cheddar shopback and cash rewards

    • +1

      Hey there,
      Apologies for your missing $40 - not sure what has happened here but we'll get it sorted for you.

      Can you please email us at [email protected] with some more information, and our team can investigate?
      Please provide your support request ID and/ or account email.

      Team Cheddar 🧀

  • +1

    I also got a declinal on my first purchase, from Menulog in March when it was 50% cashback. It did track and showed as pending but now declined.

    • +1

      Hi @Shaz73,
      Our team have responded to your DM and are investigating your purchase for you now.

      • Thanks for sorting this out :)

        • Happy to help and apologies again!
          Team Cheddar 🧀

    • Update: cashback was updated today after sending an email enquiry yesterday. Another ordered placed tonight has tracked almost instantly :)

  • Also got similar offer in CBA bank app and using a credit or debit card to get $15 cashback on $30 spend on Menulog. Expiring 1 Jun.

    Does this deal stack with CBA card and Cheddar? And yes, i know Cheddar is CBA owned.

  • I just got my 50% cashback from menulog from march paid out. I had to uninstall the menulog app for tracking to work in thw first place ( i use android)

    They have recently added the tracking time frames to each offer, which they didn't used to do. Menulog is 75 days for approval.

    • Do you have the latest version of the app? I used it on iOS and it works fine without taking me to Menulog app.

  • Dumb name

  • Have made a few purchases via the app and only 1 was approved, an uber eats order. Made at least 3 orders from uber eats and they’re not even showing up anywhere in the app lol.

    I had 2 orders from Myer during the 40% cashback deal. They got declined but they credited my account because they didn’t mention anywhere that electronics were excluded.

    I didn’t get all my orders credited fully but it was better than nothing, cbf complaining. Withdrew my money and have been hesitant to use the app since.

    • Yep my recommendation for All cashback programs is , if it needs cashback to be a deal, it ain’t a deal.

      In this case, I’d only suggest it if you were going to get menulog either way

      • Hmm.

        So for example, cheap items with BWS 40% cashback isn't a good deal? or 40% Laithwaites uncapped?

        I understand it could be a gamble for some users, but the option is there for anyone to take, it is not exclusive.

      • So you’re saying you not expecting it to work is a good thing?
        Thumbs up followed by, “They might stiff you” is a weird message

    • Hi @johnnytran,
      Sorry to hear you've had issues with your purchase tracking.
      Can you please email our team at [email protected] and we can investigate? Please DM us your Support Request ID so we can escalate a response with our team.

      • I think your App is great, I have now made 2 purchases and received the cashback on both purchases. So I am very happy :). The 50% off Menulog is an excellent offer. Please keep these offers coming. Great to see CBA diversifying into new income-generating businesses, such Cheddar, Klarna and Steppay (unlike the EXTREMELY LAZY NAB credit card department, which is now the ONLY Big 4 bank that does not have any cash back program linked to their credit cards)

  • +1

    Ordered burgers for tomorrow.

    Dice has been rolled.

    Update : Cashback tracked immediately.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Going to use this 50% cashback deal tonight.

    Also just to come in the defence of Cheddar. I haven't had any issues with orders not tracking. I got my orders tracked and even got the $50 bonus paid out without emailing them.

    Check out my screenshots of the approvals. There are two photos so scroll down:


    I even have $71 available to withdraw to my bank account which I will do now 🙂

    • I made the mistake of using bigw as my first purchase to get the $50, so now that amount is stuck on pending for 75 days from my purchase to withdraw my money :(

      • lol. I used Uber eats but then I realised I used a unique voucher code that was available to me. I read they don't accept promo codes not listed on Cheddar so I bought something the next day from Cotton on to get my $50 bonus. It was approved in 60 days I think. The funny thing is the uber eats cashback was approved as well for some reason even though I used a code not listed on Cheddar. Check my link I posted and you will see Uber eats (2 transactions) are approved now. lol

  • +1

    Just to share my recent transaction proof. I just placed my order via Menulog for the 50% cashback. Store is McDonald's and the cashback tracked straight away.


    $18.37 pending.

    I can't explain why everyone else is having issues but I might just be lucky 🙂

    • Mine has tracked automatically too. Which is surprising because I've had $200+ or so in cashback and this is the first time it's tracked.

  • I am looking at using this deal again. Does anybody know if there is a max cap on how many times you can use this 50% cashback deal at Menulog?

    I actually PM'd the Cheddar rep on Friday about this but they replied and told me to email them. Huh? It would have been faster if you told me the answer instead of asking me to email them lol.

    • +1

      Honestly don’t know what the point of a rep is if they can’t answer basic questions

    • +1

      Did you get a response? I did two transactions and the first one instantly tracked and has a cashback amount, the second instantly tracked but has been pending for days. So maybe its only one 50% per account.

      • Hey. The same thing as mine. The second one is pending since Sunday.

        So it maybe one per account but the terms don't say that. Take a screenshot of it for your proof before they remove the deal.

        If you go back on the Cheddar app and go to the food & drinks category .. you will see there is 3 different cashback offers for Menulog: 50% cashback sitewide, 5% cashback for existing customers and 50% off your first order.

        So as you can see it doesn't mention the 50% is for new customers or once per account. It doesn't say anything.

        I assume we will get it but may need to contact their support email or their rep who hasn't been helpful to me in not answering my question. So who knows what will happen.

      • lol mine just came up on the app as $34.90 pending now. Sale value was $69.80 and total cashback is $34.90.

        Now the waiting game to see if they approve it in 2-3 months.

        Let me know how yours go?

        • Yes same, it looks like it has now moved from pending to giving a cashback amount, and it just changed in the past few minutes.

  • +1

    I was declined for a $88.99 March order even though I ordered correctly, was also only notified in May like others here. I wouldn't recommend this app to anyone.

    • Hi @Cognition Technician,
      Sorry to hear there's been an issue with your previous purchases. Can you please email our team at [email protected] and our team can investigate this for you?

  • Instant tracking this time. Hopefully it will get approved 🤞🏼

  • Did they update the term to delivery only? I remember pickup was included as well?

    • Had a look at the revision, it has always been delivery.

      • -1

        Thanks, I must be too excited and forgot to check the term carefully.

  • Still available, Cheddar app says 3 days left.

    • Ta mate updated - and fwiw I finally got my $50 sign up bonus as redeemable

  • +1

    3 orders placed via this deal, 3 orders tracked. Bloody hell, I'm starting to like these guys lol

  • +1

    Thanks OP - made an order last night. Tracked within few minutes.

  • Just placed an order through cheddar- wrong sale amount tracked and therefor wrong cashback amount….

    • Hi @itsmehuey,
      Sorry to hear there's been an issue with your purchase tracking.
      A friendly reminder that cashback is tracked on your order amount (excl. GST & delivery fees).
      In the situation it still isn't correct, can you please slide into our DMs at [email protected] for our team to investigate!
      Thanks so much,

      • Hi the amount is still incorrect and I’ve alway sent through an email for assistance.

        • Thanks @itsmehuey, our Customer Support team will come back to you as soon as possible.

  • NOT happy, my 50% off menu log has been declined. Very doggy app

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