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[eBay Plus] Google Nest Wi-Fi 2 Pack - 1 Point + 1 Base Router $258.94 Delivered @ Mobileciti eBay


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I believe this is the lowest price seen in a long time for the Google Nest Wifi 2 Pk (Router + 1 Point).
I finally pulled the trigger after watching this item for a while.
The offer is valid for Ebay Plus subscribers only.

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    I’ve got the first gen.

    The Google home app truly sucks. It’s bloated and slow.

    Also, not a huge issue, but every 6 months I have to power cycle otherwise configuration settings don’t save to the router.

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    These have notoriously bad firmware, so much so when I called Aussie Broadband support, they specifically noted it when I mentioned I had these.

    Forums are littered with on-going never resolved issues.

    I had these going strong for ages but then some update just ruined them completely and I was power cycling daily. One morning I had to power cycle multiple times (then called Aussie above, who gave everything a reset), they lasted half a day and then I snapped, chucked them in the bin.

    Long story short, they're good till they're not, then expect no support from Google and months to years for a fix. As giventofly mentioned, the app is also garbage.

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      These are pathetic

      Have had 3x people I have recommended these to all have them fail like this. Mine included

      DO NOT BUY
      DO NOT BUY
      DO NOT BUY
      DO NOT BUY

  • Mmm…not good to hear, I am with Aussie on HFC.
    I hope at least the issue shows up straight away so that I can return them.
    Let’s see in a few days when they arrive.
    I was also considering the Eero 6 but for these a number of users seem to experience issues

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    Dunno I’ve used mine on Aussie bb just fine for about a year now. I do agree the app sucks and it’s basic if you’re a geek but it works fine I guess

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    I also have these with Aussie hfc, worked fine for 2 years on Optus but now they keep slowing internet speed by about 20%.

    Aussie says this is a known problem with these, I decided to buy another brand wifi as a spare and it too has same problem so maybe not google after all.

    Apart for a couple of bugs have been pretty good for me.

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      Could be that your ISP has provisioning issues, so you're seeing more of a drop during peak times.
      Or your HFC NBN box is having issues.

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        both possible I guess thanks, have posed this to Aussie.

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    I read the above and have to say that my experience with Google WiFi is great. I have three of the older ones and the two here,there is not a room in my large house that is missed for wifi. I have the Google doorbell, external camera and floodlight, four TVs plus about fifty attached items like PCs, laptops etc. What I do to keep it fantastic is reboot the NBN modem, Telstra's Modem and the Google base router. No probs.

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    im with aussie HFC for last three years. No issues with my first gen google wifi. just set and forget. The app does suck though for those who like to tweak stuff.

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    Tl;dr they work until they don't.
    I have had these for 2x years now. Started out good, but now I have to do daily power cycles to avoid the connection speed dropping to unusable levels and the router refusing to allocate IP addresses.
    Support from Google is horrendous and I would not recommend anybody purchasing these as a long term solution.

    • Thanks !

    • Hi GowieGod

      I have support 1 customer with same issues, resolve immidately by changed to different modem router. Let me know if help or PM me with your contact detail, happy to call you for further assistant.

  • No WiFi 6 from memory, that's the main reason I avoided this product despite being a self confessed google fanboi

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      What sort of internet speeds are you on that requires WiFi 6?!
      I was able to max out my 250mb connection on AC WiFi with my TP-Link Deco M5.

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        It's not just Internet, it also improves your local network performance.

  • From my understanding it's the way in which the router processes the needs of the multiple devices it services on the home network. Best watch a video on YouTube than me trying to explain but apparently it's the new standard. I've a large number of devices including LIFX downlights, switches and google compatible speakers so for my individual needs WiFi6 was the best option and Google just didn't have the feature available.
    Currently on a100/40 connection to the ISP.

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