Ozito PXC 18V Black Series 4.0ah Lithium Ion Battery $48 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Bunnings


The promotional 4.0Ah “Black Series” is back for $48. It appears to be the same as the red one which $75.90.

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    Is black, is better. Really! Bunnoirs' marketing dept knows no limits.

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      Lol. When I googled Bunnoirs it said…

      Did you mean Bunnings?

      I was hoping to find some dodgy french website you must regularly visit for autocorrect to choose that. I was disappointed.

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        And to think it's the context of the actual query that we find infinitely more interesting than the returned data.

        Funny as we might find it.

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        LOL… we should all google "Bunnoirs" every other day just to screw around with their (google's) search algorithm… :)

    • once you go black you can never go back…

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        Once you go back, you’ll never go black

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    Once u go black u never go back

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      Definitely lasts longer, too!

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      It's not the capacity that matters its how you use it

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        Most will just stick it in a dark cupboard fully charged, so it can eat itself to a premature death, completely unabused…

        And not even used!

        Maybe someone will post a how-to showing how one of these can be adapted to power their favourite black mamba, for hours more service than 8 D cells in-line

  • Can I use one of these with a 1.5Ah battery on the 36v Ozito line trimmer?

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      You can and it will work, but it's better to use matched batteries of the same capacity.

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      yep. just 1 will go flat faster.

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    Yeah. Essentially the same battery. They just trot this one out for price matches.

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    based on social/empirical data
    black lasts longer
    red is more power

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      That's what she said

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      Black for stealthy drilling. Red for fast screwing.

      • Does hammer mode work better on either?

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    Repost from the other PXC bargain:
    Went to Canno last night, the guys in the tool shop have never heard of the price match.
    But behind the counter at the kiosk we found a stack of the "black edition" batteries, and to their surprise they scanned at $48.

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      Just got one from Kingsgrove.
      There's a whole box full of them on the counter in tool shop area.

      The lady knew exactly what was up when I asked.

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      If by Canno you mean Cannington then they're usually a bit more switched on than that. Speak to the older team members, they're usually the ones in the know. The guy who wears very short shorts in the summer knows everything about where things are and what's for sale.

      • I know what you mean but in this case the old guy who knew what he was doing was the one trying to explain to me that Aldi tools aren't compatible and they wouldn't price match them on PXC. :)

  • Exactly what I needed. Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP got 1

  • Thanks OP got 2

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      Copy cat

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      Thanks OP got 3

  • Has anyone already opened up one of these batteries and figured out what brand/model 18650's are being used? If they are using a quality brand (i.e. Sony/Samsung/LG) I was thinking of buying a couple to extract the batteries.

    • I remember reading one of the comments on previous deal saying they are TP (Topex)?

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      Typically ozito pxc uses tp-lion cells.

      Also depending on your use case, they may be ok for high current usage, but capacity wise (~4ah/2 = 2Ah per cell) it's usually on the lower side.

      I'll crack my black top 4Ah when i get home and report back if i remember, but i believe someone has already done it on ozb.

      Edit: Here's a video someone did: https://youtu.be/pi3EVvdaPuw
      From the video, markings are: TP LI-ION 3.7V ?CR18650 2000mAh
      ? = Letter is covered.

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        I've been very pleased so far. Drawing 15A no problems from Ozito.

        Googling the part number, I think the cells are from TenPower, which explains the "TP".


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      There are three LG 18650 batteries inside Zendure A3 Portable Charger. I think Zendure A2 used same batteries.

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      Didn't think they were worth harvesting at $50?
      I've only done it myself for one pack but that was in good ol days of $30 or $40 packs, and Aldi would sometimes flog off unsold Workzone ones for $20 (and Samsung cells). Doesn't feel worth the effort at $50 :P

      • what cells are in neuron rental scooters i see dumped in my street ?

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      Well I baught a pack yesterday and finally got around to cracking it open.
      Had to get a little adventurous with the side cutters to get a better look at the cell.

      Despite what I've seen in the past, it seems at some point Ozito changed the board and the cells.

      The pack is dated 2022/1.
      The PCB is dated 2021/10/15 (fairly recent pcb updated?)
      The cells are labelled: SunPower Li-ion Cell 3.7V INR18650-2000 122521

      Heres pictures for future reference:

  • out of stock when checking out

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      Try a Click & Collect from a nearby store.

      • that worked. thanks!

  • ooh, first time ive seen it in stock at my store, definitely ordering one to pickup later on

    Thanks for the share!

  • love it! got 1 thank you.

    • Who can guess what MSPaint got slapped for. /drum roll

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    Almost worth me buying this and a ozito to dewalt adapter thingy for my dewalt tools.

    • where do you get the adapters from? wondering where sells quality ones. cheers

  • Now I just need a 2.5 aH battery and my collection will be complete.

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    I went to my local (and they checked the computer and supposedly had 20 in stock) and they had no idea about it, said they hadnt been in stock for a very long time.

    They did indicate that stock might be on the way but couldn't tell me when. Im hestitant to put through a C&C order when I've been in there and they cant find the 20 that the computer has recorded.

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      i also went to my local after putting in a click and collect but turns out the stock entered and showing up on the system is for a different battery (i'm guessing the red version) and so they had to refund me. Quite frustrating, wouldn't be surprised if a lot of stores that have it in stock actually don't have it at all.

    • I bought the 165mm circular saw from a previous deal and when I went in they didn't have it. I got a free upgrade to the 184mm pxc circular saw which was more than $100 greater value.

      Depending on how far away the bunnings is it can be worth a roll of the dice.

  • Just got 2 and at first they couldn't find them, but a little gentle encouragement worked.

    Thanks OP.

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    If people can't find them, they should arrive in store by Saturday when Aldi starts their tool sale. (I am not associated with Bunnings or Aldi but just saw tools on the Aldi notice board going on sale this Sat).

  • Finally had some at my local Bunnings, thanks for that.

  • Has anyone found an adapter to use these with Makita LXT tools? Tools still going strong, batteries not good any more after 14 years. Ebay replacement isn't particularly impressive, ok for drill, but lacks power for grinder and circular saw.

  • what is the normal price?

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      Black are the promotional version, but the standard red ones are $75.

  • Have never seen these on sale in my 2 nearest stores, and usually never any stock when a sale is on. We don't have any stores to price match, so they are smart enough not to offer them for sale here.

    • Okay! I've been moaning about these never being available ion my regional QLD citie's 2 Bunnings store because they have no competition from Aldi or anyone else. I just managed to order one with a delivery today (The first time it has been on the site in my stores). Here's hoping it actually turns up!

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    Anyone got a manufacture date on the sticker? Black version sounds sus to me it's either old stock or made cheap

    • These apparently go on sale all the time to price match when Aldi and others have a similar sale. The colour seems to only be to separate the stock as a sale item. You may be right, though. They may just keep a truck load somewhere sitting waiting for the next sale

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      Jan-2022 according to the one I got today.

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      Oct-2021 on mine I just picked up right meow

      Ozito's website seems to reference Promo only all over it for this battery so quite possibly is a limited sales run for any price matches they need to do with aldi etc

  • Is there an adapter for Makita existing at all?

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      On ebay yes

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      Used to be heaps of ads on eBay/FB/Gumtree for 3D printed adapters and still there are however all Ozito battery to Makita adapters seem to have disappeared.
      Perhaps message this seller and he'll be able to print you one.

      If you have a 3D printer then you can always print one yourself.

      Here is the STL: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4613979

      Einhell is the same as Ozito BTW

      • Thanks for sharing

      • Man I wish I had a 3d printer to printo some of the tool mounts etc !

      • I wish there was one for ozito to bosch but no one does them that I've found.

  • Got a text from Bunnings Epping:

    Hi, unfortunately we do not have the item you ordered in stock. Your order will be cancelled, and you will be issued a refund back to your account in the coming days. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you require further assistance, please contact Customer Support on 1800797586. Thank you for shopping at Bunnings Warehouse Rgds Bunnings Epping 0384017800. Please do not reply.

    • Try Click and Collect from another store.

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      Yeah Bunnings are really bad at maintaining "Actual" stock levels. Ignore what they show online as "In Stock" as chances are it is sold out (for popular sales items like this). During last Ozito sale, I had x3 seperate orders cancel regardless of showing as in stock. Best call to check and ask the person to "actually check" and not rely on what systems show.

  • Thanks OP!

  • I have 2x 1.5Ah batteries. Does this mean my batteries won't stay charged for as long as this 4Ah battery? Or is it more about torque?

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      Essentially Ah is the capacity of the battery. Assuming good fully charged batteries, given the same load a 4Ah battery should last twice as long as a 2Ah battery.

      A tool with a higher Ah battery may also produce more torque. Because of the lower internal resistance of the higher capacity battery it can allow a higher current drain than the lower capacity battery. This transpires to higher power and therefore may allow a greater torque, or with tools such as blowers can increase the fan speed and therefore increase blowing strength.

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        Agree with this, bigger battery gives more power AND lasts longer

        If I can't get lug nuts off, change to bigger battery and off they come.
        If my angle grinder pauses or struggles, change to bigger battery and that same steel is now butter
        If my rotary is taking too long, bigger battery and suddenly I'm making better progress through that concrete

        Only downside to bigger is heavier

      • Not exactly, higher capacity cells (of the same size) typically starts trading off higher current for capacity.
        For example, you'll notice 18650 cells around 2000mAh can push 20A+ wheres higher capacity (3400mAh+) typically can only push like 5A.

        To me this makes sense if you think about it, as at some point you have to start trading off the amount of active material for current carrying material.

        For your 4Ah and 2Ah comparison, the higher current is because the 4Ah packs are connected in 2S whilst the 2Ah is just 1S (hence why the 2Ah pack is half the height). So here the 4Ah pack has double the cells pushing out current, with an added benefit of it also raising the capacity of the battery pack as a whole.

        • I'm not so sure that's correct in general. Can't recall seeing normal cells or packs that provide less current when their capacity increases. Not forgetting that the ability to provide current is influenced by the cells internal resistance not their capacity. This is why cells in parallel are able to provide higher currents.

          Also these 18v packs are 2P (4Ah) and 1P (2Ah). They both have cells in 5S to make the ~18v pack.

          Technically there is more to it than this and I stand to be corrected but in practical terms @xlimit explained it well.

          • @moredealz: Yes sorry I meant Parallel not Series.
            That's my bad.

            I was speaking generally from trends I noticed with individual 18650 cells not the Ozito packs.

            Also yes you're correct that a cell's ability to deliver higher current is due to a lower internal resistance.

            However I just wanted to be more specific, that in this case (Ozito batt packs) it was due to 2P configuration and not the cells themselves, as higher capacity cells don't always correspond to higher sustained currents.

            I guess you might even be able to generalise a taller Ozito pack (2P) is the goto if you want decent current delivery.

  • Thanks OP

  • Bought one. Thanks

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    recip saw has finally reappeared as well:


    • +1

      That conveniently went missing of course at my locals while it was on sale like the other tools recently. I was spewing ,as it was the main item I wanted.

    • Snap. Got one. Thanks

    • how is that price compared to usual or past sales?

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    Picked one up today, rocked up and asked staff first young kid didn't have a clue. Girl behind the counter found it though.

    They were right next to the regular red version, and not price marked, she just scanned it and it came up 48 crackers.

    They are the exact same box guys, just the picture of the battery on the box has the black and white label on it rather than the red and white (as per picture above). They were mixed in with the regular red boxes which made it even harder to find. Good luck all.

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    bought! will pick up tomorrow.

    but this is battery only, still need a deal for the charger

    • +1

      I might have a spare charger lying around as I seemed to buy mine bundled with batteries when i didnt know any different!

  • Got 2 x 2.5Ah and 2 x 4Ah, all reds. Any benefit in me getting the blacks? Thinking why not cos I can, but when would I be using 4 - 6 batteries at once LOL.

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      I have 4x 4ah and chew through all of them when I go camping with the 36V brushless chain saw. Makes short work of firewood - in this instance it makes sense for me to have a few, but for you, it seems that it's not worth it especially considering that battery life on the 4ah is quite impressive on the standard tools (drill, circ saw, etc).

  • How long is this deal going for?

  • I got one just need a deal on a 5.2amp for my impact

  • Should i go for a 2.5Ah or 4.0Ah? Just doing some small works. How long could a 2.5Ah last?

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      That's like asking how far 4L of petrol lasts compared to 2.5Litres :-) It depends on the tool you are using and its power consumption.

      • That’s the example that came to mind (after “how long is a piece of string?”).

    • +1

      4Ah unless weight and size is a concern

    • If you mean drilling a few holes any size will do. Even doing several hundred screws into decking was ok on one charge with 2Ah.

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